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Why Crate Train Your Doodle Dog!

Why Crate Train Your Doodle Dog!

When you first bring a new dog into the home, you may look into different ways to crate-train your Doodle.

But, you may wonder if this is a necessary part of training for your dog and what the benefits may be.

We are going to explore why you should crate-train your Doodle dog. You will be shocked by how important it is.

Prevents Destruction

Anyone who crate trains their dog usually has one main goal: to prevent property destruction when you are away.

With any Doodle you bring home, no matter the age, you must learn good and bad playing habits.

Puppies will inevitably chew on furniture, shoes, or anything left out while you are away. Keeping them in a crate will prevent this from happening.

Also, you will want to keep this crate away from anything your puppy could reach and bring in to chew.

With nothing around, your puppy will learn better ways of preoccupying his mind while you are away with safe toys.

You will use this secure area until you are positive that your dog knows better than to chew out of boredom. Then you are free to let them roam the house while you are away.

All of these rules also apply to older Doodles that you have adopted. They might know the difference between right and wrong, but unfamiliar settings can make them nervous.

Until your new dog has grasped your routine well, it is best to crate-train them.

Helps Potty Train

Another great reason to crate-train your Doodle is that it can speed up the potty training process. To do this, you will need a crate that is just big enough to go in, turn around, and sit down.

Any space that is bigger than this could lead to potty accidents in the corner. This method works so well because by instinct, dogs do not like to lay where they have gone to the bathroom.

So with a smaller space, your dog is less likely to go. Since some Doodle breeds grow quickly, we recommended getting a kennel with a divider.

These crates are designed to expand with your dog and save you money in the long run.

But, it is also essential to remember your dog’s age when crate training this way. Depending on your dog’s age, they may not be physically able to hold their bladder for a full 8-hour work shift.

A great rule of thumb is that your puppy can hold their bladder for every month of age.

Provides A Safe Place

Crate training your Doodle from a young age can provide a safe place in emergencies. Crates are great tools in natural disasters, evacuations, or escaping something scary.

Waiting to use the crate for the first time in these events could lead to more confusion and heartache for your Doodle.

When you use a crate early on, they will see their crate as a safe room. They know that nothing will get them while they are in there.

It can also provide a safe place for loud noises, strangers in the house, thunderstorms, or noisy children. Your Doodle will see his crate as a haven.

But, to create this space as a haven, there are a few rules that you should follow. Never let anyone disrupt this safe space.

Kids should not be allowed in, and your Doodle should be left alone in their crate. The crate should also never be a punishment.

Once your Doodle associates punishment with a kennel, it breaks the illusion of a safe place.


This leads me to the next topic privacy. Since your Doodle will see his kennel as a room, it is also a space of solitude. Everyone has days when they do not want to be around people, and dogs are no different.

If your Doodle sees his kennel as a place to go for privacy, it is best to respect those wishes.

When your Doodle has an off day, they may want to relax in their kennel. And that is ok! That is what you want from your dog.

A dog that does not feel like they have privacy can become anxious and can lash out. Their crate is the equivalent to you curling up with coffee and a book to be alone.

It is best to respect those wishes and ensure children understand that.

Safe Travel

Crate training can also provide safe travel for your Doodle. While there are devices that attach to seatbelts for your Doodle to use, they are not as reliable.

Putting a crate in your car will give your dog a safe place to be in the event of a crash and make them feel more secure.

Being in a space that they have deemed a safe place can calm them. Using a crate is especially useful if your dog has anxiety about being in the car.

Putting a crate in the car is excellent for road trips, to the vet, or even the groomer. They will start an already stressful visit with something they consider comforting.

But look for signs that this stresses your dog out more. Since every Doodle reacts differently to different situations, this will have the opposite effect in some rare cases.

Always respect your dog’s haven with as much respect as you expect in yours.

Traveling with your Doodle shorter distances in the crate may be a bad idea if this makes your dog nervous about using the crate at home.

Watch for behaviors indicating your dog is now afraid of the kennel or they start avoiding it.

We always recommend using the crate instead of a dog seat belt on any long road trip. When adequately secured, the crate is more protective in accidents than a seatbelt.

This might make your dog nervous, but providing safe toys and comforting blankets will help.

It is easier To Board And Groom

Another great reason to crate train your Doodle is to make boarding and grooming easier. Most dogs that have never spent time in a crate have anxiety about any boarding facility or grooming.

Since boarding facilities use a large crate, this could be comforting to a crate-trained dog. They will not have separation anxiety and will not constantly bark like other dogs.

Your dog will happily go to his kennel without a second thought since that is what he is accustomed to.

Grooming can be challenging similarly. Most groomers use a crate with attached dryers to speed up the drying time of your Doodle’s thick coat.

If your dog spends time in a crate, it can make the drying process safer and quicker. And trust us, and your groomer will thank you! Your Doodle will be one of the most well-behaved dogs they have.

Can Reduce Anxiety

And finally, crate training your pup can reduce anxiety when you are away. Since this crate is a place where your dog will gladly go to escape the world and have alone time, it is also a place that is calming.

When properly trained, a crate can reduce anxiety from storms, loud noises, and separation anxiety.

Your dog knows that this crate is a place that will keep him safe. He knows he may get a special toy or treat to help the day pass. Remember that for this to work, the kennel must be respected, not feared.

You should never use the kennel as punishment or invade this space. The kennel needs to be kept away from all dangers and loud noises. Children and other pets should also be kept away from the crate.

Following these rules will make you notice a massive difference in your dog’s anxiety.

Your dog will no longer howl when alone, and your bond will become stronger. These are all very important to have when you own a Doodle.

In Conclusion

As you can see, crate training your dog differs greatly from what people say. You might have depicted it as cruel or pointless, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Crate training your Doodle is just as important to you as it is to your dog.

When you crate train your Doodle dog, you create a safe home, a powerful bond, and a special place for your dog. Just remember to train correctly and use positive reinforcement.

We hope you liked our list of 7 Reasons Why You Should Crate Train Your Doodle Dog, and don’t forget to follow our page for more amazing articles.

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