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Why are Cavapoos So Expensive? Price Breakdown

Why are Cavapoos So Expensive? Price Breakdown

The Cavapoo often comes with a high price tag, but why? However, it may help if you have some form of an understanding as to why are Cavapoos is so expensive.

So, that is what we plan on doing here. We know this may come across as frustrating to an individual who would like to own one, and yet their cost puts them out of their reach.

Breaking down the reasons behind the high cost may provide you with a new insight into what is going on with this particular breed. Perhaps it will even change your opinion on the Cavapoo?

The Answer

A number of different reasons contribute to the overall cost of owning a Cavapoo. Reasons include your location, the color of the Cavapoo, their pedigree, and even the generation. 

Each thing makes a difference to the potential cost. Not one has more of a pull than others. All have the ability to contribute to the cost, so we do need to delve deeper into each section to provide you with a better understanding.

Here is the key point. Even though different factors will change the cost, it’s often the case that various deciding factors are included in the cost.

For example, a black-colored male Cavapoo will have a completely different cost to a red female Cavapoo. We can be talking of $100’s of a difference, so it may turn out relatively significant.

Why are Cavapoos So Expensive?

The Color

One thing that does determine the cost is the color of the coat. The reason for this is that certain colors are not as common, and they are actually harder to achieve when it comes to the breeder. 

As an example, the color black is often viewed as the cheaper option when it comes to the Cavapoo. On the flip side, the color red comes with a higher price tag attached to it. This is due to the fact the red color is not as common due to the difficulty associated with getting that color combination.

But remember a number of different colors exist when it comes to a Cavapoo. So, if you see a variation in price, then check the color of the dog as a determining factor.

The Location and Popularity

The location of both the breeder and yourself can have an impact on the price. This occurs thanks to the Cavapoo having more popularity in some areas over others. 

It stands to reason that popularity and a desire to own one will then push up the price. If a breeder knows they have a list of individuals waiting to take ownership, then it does mean they can push up the price.

It goes without saying that it’s linked to demand, and the price is always linked to demand. If you even look at the rise in popularity of the Cavapoo over the last few years, then you will notice a rise in price.

That’s because the two are closely linked.

cavapoo in park

The Age

Another key point is the age of the dog. In general, a puppy costs more than an adult dog, that always happens. It’s due to the fact people want to pay more for a puppy as they then have ownership of the dog for the maximum length of time.

Also, a Cavapoo has a tendency to live for around 15 years, and that’s longer than most breeds. This extended lifespan compared to most does also push the price up. People willingly pay more for a dog that has the ability to live longer.

This is not unique to the Cavapoo. Every breed of dog will see a difference in the price between a puppy and an adult dog. The older the dog gets, the lower the price. 

The Breeder

The reputation of the breeder will also play a role in the overall cost of the Cavapoo. If a breeder has established a good reputation for the pedigree of their puppies, then it does mean they can charge a higher price.

An established breeder with a strong reputation will have documentation for the parents of the Cavapoo. They will show the pedigree, more on that later, and carry out various health tests on the puppies before they will even make them available for adoption.

You just do not get this with someone classed as a backyard breeder. You even have no possible way of knowing if the puppy has good health or not.

We do recommend spending time checking out the breeder before you go ahead and contact them. It’s better to buy from an established breeder rather than simply buying from the first breeder you come across.

cavapoo on bed

The Pedigree

We just briefly mentioned the pedigree of the dog playing a role, and this can completely change the cost of the puppy. Basically, a dog classed as having a better pedigree, which means better parents, can come with a higher price.

The pedigree shows the ancestors of the dogs, and records exist showing the lineage. If the lineage shows dogs that were champions, then the price is pushed up as a result.

So knowing the pedigree of your dog will not only have importance for the health of your dog, but also the price you need to pay to take ownership. If a breeder does not provide you with information on the pedigree, then do ask for it. 

The Sex

A female Cavapoo also comes with a higher price tag than a male, and this is all thanks to the potential for breeding. Now, not everyone who owns a female Cavapoo does so with the intention of breeding them, but it does open up that possibility.

But the difference is not always that large between males and females. For people not interested in breeding, then the male can prove popular as it does cost less to have them neutered when compared to the costs of having a female spayed.

Even though the difference may come across as minimal, it does add up if you also factor in other aspects as mentioned above. 

The Generation

We need to also address the issue of the generation of Cavapoo as this too plays a role in how much you pay. 

For those unaware of what we mean by the generation, it refers to whether you have an F1 Cavapoo, F1b, F2, or even an F3. But don’t think that as the F1 is the original that they are the best. That’s not the case.

Actually, the F1b generation is often the one with the highest price tag. The problem with an F1 Cavapoo is they will often have a number of genetic or health issues related to either parent.

An F1b, which involves a Cavapoo as one of the parents, has a drop-in those health issues. Those puppies have stronger genes and less of a health issue or worry connected to them. That pushes the price up.

The Cost Can Cause Problems

There’s no doubt that the potential cost can cause problems when it comes to purchasing a Cavapoo. Sadly, it can lead to people heading to puppy mills in the hope of getting their hands on a Cavapoo puppy without it breaking the bank.

But that’s not a good idea.

The problem with going to a puppy mill is the lack of checks and control. They do not care about the actual health of either the puppy or the parents. Instead, they only want to have as many puppies as possible.

People feel drawn into going there with the promise of owning a Cavapoo puppy for an often substantially lower fee than they would get elsewhere. 

But think about it from this perspective.

If you purchase from a puppy mill, you could easily find you take home a dog that has poor health. That alone could cost you a fortune over the duration of their life. Now, we aren’t saying you wouldn’t mind that, but it’s also not fair on the dog.

Keep in mind that dogs from puppy mills tend to live in poor conditions. They are never treated correctly, and that can have a profound impact on the health of the dog.

Please always seek to go to an established breeder rather than a puppy farm. It makes life so much easier for both you and the dog.

Overall Summary

As you can see, the Cavapoo can prove expensive thanks to a number of contributing factors. Whether its their age, where you live, or even the individual breeder, so many things can either increase or decrease the price.

The key here is to really spend time getting to grips with what you expect from the Cavapoo. How important is the color? How important is the pedigree to you? Are you willing to travel in order to take ownership of your new dog?

Most of these factors can be moved around. You can make slight changes to your expectations and reduce the cost accordingly.

However, there’s no doubt that the Cavapoo is indeed an expensive breed to own, but they are pretty wonderful breeds, so they could very well be worth the expense.

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