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Comparing a Whoodle and Goldendoodle

Comparing a Whoodle and Goldendoodle

Doodles come in all shapes and sizes. And every time you turn around, there is a new hybrid that is more fantastic than the last. What started with just the Labradoodle and Goldendoodle is now a billion-dollar industry. With so many options, it’s hard to narrow down what’s compatible with your lifestyle best. Today, we are going to talk about Whoodles. By comparing the Whoodle and Goldendoodle, you can see how they fit into your family. 


The most obvious difference between the Whoodle and Goldendoodle is their heritage. All Doodles are part Poodle and therefore share a few aspects. For example, most Doodles are hypoallergenic because of the Poodle’s curly coat. Doodles are intelligent and loyal due to the Poodle’s hunting background. 

But there is a second part to every Doodle that makes them unique. Whoodles are half soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. These dogs have a background in being the best farmhand a person could own. Not only did they herd, but they also protected their flocks and ran off pests. The Wheaten is known for their energetic and loving personalities. 

Goldendoodles are half Golden Retriever. Hunters purposely bred these dogs for their soft mouths and eagerness to please. They made the perfect dogs for duck hunting, and before long, people fell in love with their calm temperaments. 

Temperament Differences

When you bring home a Whoodle, you are getting a fun-loving dog like no other. These dogs love to play games and tricks on their owners. They have big personalities and even larger hearts. Your Whoodle will love you and your family with equal attention. You might even forget what it was like before getting a dog. 

Goldendoodles are even-tempered balls of love wrapped into a puppy package. And this temperament never goes away. Your Goldendoodle loves to do any activity you do as long as they get to go along. So no matter if you have an active lifestyle or you don’t get out a lot. Your Goldendoodle will mold itself to your likes and needs. 

Intelligence And Training

Doodles are known for their training ability and intelligence. These minds are ready for your training. Both of these Doodles learn quickly and love the challenge. Your puppies will potty train without a hitch and learn basic commands. In fact, they will come to love and crave that time with you. 

A positive reinforcement style speeds the training process up as well. The reason this style is the best is that it hones in on your dog’s temperament. Since both of these Doodles are eager to please, they willingly do tricks for affection. With a tasty treat and telling them that they are the best, you can get your dog to do anything. 

There is a small difference, though, in training a Whoodle. Whoodles can sometimes come off as high strung and hard-headed. With some patience and these useful training techniques, your Whoodle will learn quickly. 

But with this intelligence comes great responsibility. Dogs with higher intelligence also need more stimulation than other dogs. In addition to regular training sessions, you will need to invest in plenty of brain teasers. Puzzles chew toys, and interactive toys are great tools to have under your belt when you are away for too long. 

Energy Levels 

When looking at the Whoodle and Goldendoodle, energy levels are slightly different. Goldendoodles are moderately active. This means that they love to play and romp around, but they are just as happy hanging out at home. You can keep your Goldendoodle happy and healthy with a 30-45 minute walk daily. But since they are so loyal to their people, they are excited about being on the go if you are. 

Are Whoodles hyper by comparison? We wouldn’t say that a Whoodle is hyper-active. But they do require more activity than most dogs. Taking regular walks and plenty of one-on-one playtimes is in your future with Whoodles. 

If you start to think that your Whoodle is too hyper, it might be that they aren’t getting enough exercise. Dog’s technically can’t have ADHD. But if they aren’t burning off all their energy, it will seem like it. A dog that doesn’t get enough exercise might start developing anxiety, marking, chewing, and running away. So be prepared for lots of outings with a Whoodle. 

Coat Types

Doodles of all kinds are famous for their hypoallergenic coats. Each Doodle breed comes in three coat types: curly, wavy, and straight. Both the Whoodle and Goldendoodle more commonly have wavy to straight coats. 

But multigeneration crosses that have the signature curly coats that are deemed more hypoallergenic. If having a hypoallergenic dog is essential to you, talk with your breeder about your concerns. A reputable breeder can identify curly coats as early as six weeks old. They can also suggest the best generation and parents for a low shedding puppy. 

In addition to coming in different coat types, they also have several colors. Both the Whoodle and Goldendoodle come in every color imaginable. No matter what your dream dog looks like, you can find it in these Doodles. 

Grooming Requirements 

Because these dogs have similar coat types, they also have the same grooming. Their hypoallergenic coats are great for allergies and less shedding, but they are very high maintenance. Your Doodle will require daily care, as well as regular professional grooming. 

For daily care, you will need a few tools at home. We recommend having at least three different brush types for this job: slicker, comb, and dematting rake. The safest way to detangle your Doodle is to use a comb to find all knots. If the knots are too large, you can use the dematting rake to take them out. And then top it all off with a slicker brush for an excellent finish. 

Doodles also need to see a stylist every 6-8 weeks for a hair trim. They might even get a bath and nail trim at this time for a puppy spa day. When your Doodle gets out, he or she will feel like a million bucks. These treatments are not only crucial for hygiene but also mental well being too. 

Size And Lifespan

Since the Poodle comes in toy, mini, and standard sizes, you can have Doodles in multiple sizes. By breeding a female Wheaten or Golden Retriever with a male Poodle of different sizes, you can manipulate your perfect sized Doodle. 

The standard Whoodle size is anywhere from 20-45 pounds. But every breeder has slightly different size guides that they follow. Some breeders create medium-sized Whoodles that range closer to the 20-pound mark. And have even bred mini Whoodles that are under 20. 

Goldendoodles have a few more size options. Goldendoodles can come in mini, small standard, and standard sizes. The Mini Goldendoodle size is only 12-35 pounds and perfect for anyone who wants a smaller dog. The small standard weighs in at 40-50 pounds, and the standard at 50-90. These size variations make it easy for any Doodle owner to choose the perfect match. 

And the best part about these Doodles is that they have a long lifespan. The average Whoodle lifespan is 12-15 years, and Goldendoodles live 10-15. If you are looking for a dog with a longer lifespan, smaller breeds are your best bet. Smaller dogs live longer on average than giant breeds. 

Health Concerns

We all like to think that our puppies will live long and healthy lives. Unfortunately, in their old age, they become prone to common diseases. Some of these illnesses are the result of age and improper care. But some conditions are the result of genetics. 

Reputable breeders make it their mission to reduce the chances of genetic conditions. When you buy from a breeder, they might cost more. But they also come with a guarantee and DNA health analysis from the parents. 

Some common Whoodle diseases are:

  • Eye diseases
  • Ear infections
  • Hip dysplasia
  • And allergies

Goldendoodle health concerns include:

  • Heart conditions
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Joint issues
  • Skin ailments
  • And eye disease

While Doodles are known for their hybrid vigor, there technically isn’t such a thing. DNA doesn’t follow the rules that we always want them to. So even though there is a very slim chance of disease passing down, it is still possible. To keep your dog healthy and happy, keep up with routine vet checks.


And our final point of comparison is the price. The average Whoodle will cost you anywhere from $1,200-$5,500. And for the Goldendoodle, between $1,500-$2,500. At the lower end of the scale, these two Doodles are very comparable. But for rarer colors, you might spend more for a Whoodle. 

If you wish to adopt your Doodle, there are a few options. Most states have prominent Doodle or Poodle rescues. But finding a Whoodle is a little more complicated. Goldendoodles are very common in shelters. You don’t even have to go to a breed-specific rescue to find them. 

What Do You Think? 

Goldendoodles have won the hearts of many people all over America. But after comparing the Whoodle and Goldendoodle, you now know the Whoodle better. Have we turned you into a Whoodle lover too? 

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Comparing a Whoodle and Goldendoodle

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