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When Does a Labradoodle Stop Growing?

When Does a Labradoodle Stop Growing?

Whether you love or hate the puppy phase, we all wonder when it will end. And with mixed breeds, you might wonder what to expect with maturity. As you may know, dogs grow in stages. You can expect your puppy to reach maximum height first, then weight, and mental maturity last. So when does a Labradoodle stop growing? The answer may surprise you.

Labrador Retriever Growth

Before we jump into the question, “When does a Labradoodle stop growing,” we need to examine the parents. Since Labradoodles are a mixed breed in various sizes, it is best to look at how the purebred lineages grow for the best approximation. In the Labradoodle cross, the mother is usually the Labrador Retriever, and the father is the Poodle.

From the mother’s side, Labs can only come in one recognized size by the AKC. The typical Labrador will weigh 55-80 pounds and stand 21-25 inches tall. But it takes a while for them to grow. 

A Lab will reach its full height by a year old but might look thin and lean. By two years old, the lab will gain all the weight that she needs. Around this time, a female Labrador Retriever becomes fully mentally mature, but she will still love playtime as much as a puppy.

Poodle Growth

Poodles put the Doodle in our Labradoodles. And since they come in varying sizes, it also gives us multiple Labradoodle sizes to choose from. First, we will talk about Standard Poodles that give us the standard Labradoodle that we all know and love. 

The Standard Poodle’s full size is anywhere from 18-24 inches tall and 45-70 pounds. And like all puppies, they reach their maximum height before they are considered mentally mature. Full height is reached around one-year-old, weight by two, and mental maturity by 2-2.5.

Miniature Poodles grow at a much faster rate than standards. A mini only gets 15 inches tall, and 12-20 pounds, and most of this happens within a year. You will notice that the Mini Poodle reaches full height by 6-7 months old and maximum weight by a year old. You will also find that not long after a mini has stopped growing, it also reaches full mental maturity.

Finally, we have the Toy Poodle. These small dogs only reach 10 inches and 6-9 pounds. The growth rate of these little dogs is even faster. Maximum height is achieved by 6-7 months, and soon after height by nine months. You will see that the Toy Poodle is mentally more mature by a year old than other Poodle sizes.

So, When Does a Labradoodle Stop Growing?

Since Labradoodles are a combination of these two dogs, you need to find the average growth rates. And since Labradoodles come in various sizes, it will vary for each one. Below we have the best estimates from breeders on what to expect in the first year of life. While these are not an exact science, most owners find that their puppies grow to these expected Labradoodle growth stages.

Standard Labradoodles

The Standard Labradoodle is a mix of the Standard Poodle and Labrador Retriever. Both of these dogs have a similar growth rate, so you can expect the Labradoodle growth to be the same. Standard Labradoodles get 21-24 inches by a year old, and 50-65 pounds by two years old. At two years old, your Standard Labradoodle will also start to reach mental maturity.

Medium Labradoodles

A Medium Labradoodle size is achieved by breeding smaller Labrador Retrievers with Mini Poodles. Their maximum weight is 30-40 pounds and 18-20 inches tall. But here is where a little guessing and averaging is needed. Most medium sizes reach their full height by a year old, and weight by 18 months.

While they might take just as long as standards to reach their adult height, they gain weight quickly afterward. And in between all of this, they also hit mental maturity a little faster than standards. Medium sizes usually reach their mental maturity just after a year old.

Mini Labradoodles

A Mini Labradoodle full-grown is only 14-16 inches tall and 15-25 pounds. These smaller sizes are only possible through artificial insemination of a Lab and Toy Poodle. With a little more math, we can average that the Miniature Labradoodle size is reached by a year old. 

Most Mini Labradoodles even reach their full height by nine months old. And minis reach mental maturity faster than all of them. By a year old, your mini will have the wise mind of an adult dog.

When Does a Australian Labradoodle Stop Growing?

An Australian Labradoodle is a combination of a Cocker Spaniel, Poodle, and Labrador Retriever. The reason for this is to breed dogs that are consistent in low-shedding and size quality. These lines are sometimes considered the original Labradoodles and have amazing breeding lines from Australia.

But other than this, do Australian Labradoodles differ in growth? Australian Labradoodles come in the same three sizes as the American lines, standard, medium, and mini. 

These sizes are all identical to the American standards as well. So your Australian Labradoodle will grow at the same rates as the American Labradoodle growth charts. The small percentage of Cocker Spaniel doesn’t change any of the growth mentioned above.

How Can I Tell If My Dog Is Still Growing?

If your Doodle is getting close to maturity, you might wonder how to tell if your dog is still growing. The best way to know for sure is to have your vet examine your puppy for their growth plates. Puppies have growth plates in their bones that allow them to grow. 

These plates close up and fuse together when your dog finishes all of their growth spurts. Many breeders and show trainers do this for their dogs before rigorous training or breeding.

But there are also a few signs to know that your Doodle finished growing. For starters, you could keep an eye on your dogs weight. Small breeds will gain 5 ounces a week while larger breeds can gain up to 2.5 pounds a week. 

Your puppy will grow steadily at this rate until about a year old. After a year, larger puppies will continue to grow about 1.5-2 pounds a week. If you notice that your puppy is not gaining as much weight, they will likely come to an end of the puppy years.

Another sign that your Doodle is getting more mature is that they don’t eat as much. Puppies usually eat three small meals a day of high protein puppy food. Adult dogs switch to lower-calorie food with only 1-2 meals per day. 

If an adult dog stays on puppy food too long, they might not finish a meal or two. But if your adult dog is especially food motivated, they might start overeating the puppy food. In turn, this will begin making them overweight.

What Age Do Labradoodles Calm Down?

You might have noticed that when talking about growing up, we didn’t mention calming down. That is because although your dog might have reached physical maturity, it does not mean that they will quit acting like a puppy. As you well know, Labradoodles are a very active dog. They love to run and play and do activities with you, and most of them do these until they grow old.

But surely your Doodle won’t be hyper for life? Well, your right. There is a calming down moment for most dogs that doesn’t happen until a few years after reaching adulthood. You can expect that most Labradoodles come to full mental maturity by 1.5-2 years old. 

They understand more and use their training efficiently and don’t seem to get into as much trouble as before. But they don’t calm down until 3-4 years old.

So how can you tell the difference between puppy energy and the usual Labradoodle energy? For starters, your Doodle will have an obvious stopping point in playtime. Sure they will be excited and love every minute of the time they have with you, but they will want to stop. 

Instead of playing nonstop for hours on end, your pup will slow down and give apparent signs that they are tired. Though they might not stop if they know it will please you.

Other small signs are that they don’t knock you down as soon as you come in the door. But they will still excitedly greet you. Your Doodle might also show their excitement in different ways. Where your puppy might have bounced off the walls, your mature dog will jump in place and wag their tails excitedly. 

And finally, they will put their training to good use. Some dogs are so in tune with their owners that they know a command is coming before it is said. All of these are signs that your dog has finally calmed down.


So when does a Labradoodle stop growing? It really depends on the size of your Labradoodle. Most Labradoodles might be finished growing by 1-2 years old; it doesn’t mean that they still aren’t your little puppy. As long as you make them feel young, your puppy could be 15 years young.

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