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When Do Bernedoodles Stop Growing?

When Do Bernedoodles Stop Growing?

If you have been considering or currently own a Bernedoodle for your family, one of your main concerns could be how big they will get.

You might have noticed that they grow relatively large in a short amount of time. You may be wondering, “When do Bernedoodles stop growing?” 

Today we will look at the standard and mini Bernedoodle growth rates and what can affect them

What Determines How Fast A Puppy Grows?

While each dog grows individually, some key factors determine how fast your puppy reaches adult weight and height.

  • Size Expectancy: Larger dogs take longer to grow than smaller dogs. This is because small dogs do not have as much growth to reach full height.
  • Gender: Females reach full height and weight expectancy faster than males.
  • Nutrition And Exercise: A dog getting proper nutrition and exercise will grow more steadily and faster than a dog fed a poor diet that does not meet all of its needs.
  • Individual Breed Standards: Some breeds of dogs grow faster or slower than the average dog of the same size.
  • Litter Size: Larger litters tend to have smaller pups. Smaller litters have larger ones. Litter size can be a crucial factor in the growth rate in the first few months of life.

When Do Bernedoodles Stop Growing?

With Bernedoodles being a new Doodle breed, it is hard to determine precisely how long it will take them to reach full maturity. We can look at the parent’s average growth to get a rough estimate. 

Bernese Mountain Dog takes a lot longer to mature and grow than most other dog breeds. Because of their massive size, most Bernese Mountain Dogs are not considered fully grown until 2-3 years old.

The first 5-8 months will be the fastest and most noticeable growth period. Some Bernese Mountain Dogs will even reach full height by a year old.

They will be lanky and skinny until they have fleshed out and reached total weight expectancy. Standard Poodles are another breed that can take a long time to reach maximum height.

Standard Poodles will reach maximum growth from 18-24 months. The fastest time of growth for Poodles happens in the first six months, and most reach full height by 12 months old.

The next several months will have negligible growth in height. Also, more bulking and filling out weight-wise. With the parents of a Standard Bernedoodle maturing more slowly.

You can estimate that your Bernedoodle will take about 2.5 years to hit maximum weight and nearly a year to reach maximum height.

This is subject to each dog’s growth patterns and nutrition to keep up with growth.

The Complete Guide To Bernedoodles
The Complete Guide To Bernedoodles

When Do Mini Bernedoodles Stop Growing?

Mini Bernedoodles are bred with a Bernese Mountain Dog mother and a toy or miniature father.

The mother is always a Bernese Mountain Dog because a miniature or toy poodle female could not carry the Bernedoodle pups.

They have an expected maximum weight of 10-24 pounds and are 12-17 inches tall. These litters have only 5-6 puppies per litter, making them slightly more significant than other toy breeds when born. 

Miniature or Toy Poodles are fully physically mature around 7-12 months. This means they will reach full height and weight expectancy in a year or less.

Compared to the Bernese Mountain Dog, this is extremely fast. Most small breeds of dogs reach full maturity by 12 months of age.

But, combined with the slow growth genetics of the Bernese Mountain Dog, a Mini Bernedoodle can take 12-15 months to reach full height and weight expectancy. 

How Can I Tell If My Dog Has Stopped Growing?

How big do bernedoodles get

Keeping track of your Bernedoodle’s height and weight is an excellent reference to see when they have stopped growing.

At about a year old, you will see a stop or decrease in how much your dog has grown height-wise. Though just because your dog has hit full height, it does not mean they are done growing.

They will still need to gain a steady and healthy weight and mature mentally. So, if your dog is over a year old and has not gained any weight for several months, he or she may be done growing.

By this time, your dog will look healthy, filled out, and not like an awkward teenager learning to walk on his newly found legs and feet. 

Should I Worry About Stunted Growth?

Since Bernedoodles grow slower than most dogs, keeping them on puppy kibble for the first two years of their lives is recommended.

This ensures they get all the nutrition they need for growing bones and minds. Along with regular exercise, you cannot do much to ensure your dog is growing healthily

So, if you are ever concerned that your dog is not gaining weight or seems stunted in growth, it is best to seek a veterinarian’s professional advice.

Every dog has a different growth rate, so as long as they continue to grow steadily, there is nothing to be concerned about. 

Can I Predict My Dog’s Size?

Yes and No. With mixed breeds, it is always harder to predict precisely what traits it has gotten from either parent.

There are a few things you can do to get a reasonable estimate of how big your Bernedoodle will get or when do Bernedoodles stop growing.  Take a look at the parents.

Parent growth is especially true of Mini Bernedoodles. When a Mini or Toy Poodle father is a lot larger than average.  It would be assured that Mini Bernedoodle will also be larger than average.

But, if a more miniature Bernese Mountain Dog and a smaller-sized Standard Poodle are bred, you could get a smaller Standard Bernedoodle in return. 

You can do a rough calculation based on your dog’s height at four months old. Dogs at six months old are generally 60% of their total height.

So, to estimate how tall your dog will be, add 40% more to get the full adult height. This calculation is not always accurate.

Especially with slow-maturing dogs like the Standard Bernedoodle though it can hold for Mini Bernedoodles.

You can also estimate how much your Bernedoodle will weigh using the same calculations. The average 4-month-old puppy will weigh 30% of its adult weight.

So adding another 70% can give you a rough estimate. 

These ways of predicting your dog’s size are not guaranteed. Things like genetics, nutrition, and gender can all change how fast or how slow your dog will grow. 

Maturity In Dogs

Reaching maximum height and weight does not mean your puppy has fully matured. In most breeds, mental maturity in dogs is not reached until 2.5-3 years. 

You can tell if your dog has mentally matured if:

bernedoodle breeders

They stop seeking new sensory play – This means your dog will stop putting everything into his mouth to explore it, and stop chewing on everything.

It also means your dog will become less curious about the world around him.

Curiosity is a great way to get in trouble, and puppies don’t think or care about consequences.

Your puppy will have a decrease in energy

This energy decrease does not mean your dog has become a lazy couch potato. It simply means your dog won’t want to play for 23 hours daily.

They won’t bounce around with excitement every time he sees something new. Bernedoodles are known to have a healthy amount of energy, which is good and keeps them from being overweight.

If your Bernedoodle becomes lethargic for long periods, it is best to contact a veterinarian to rule out any illnesses.

A mature dog can entertain himself.

Your dog will still love to play with you. He or she will even crave attention at times. But a mature dog will be ok and can play alone without getting into trouble.

Your dog has reached sexual maturity

Reaching sexual maturity can happen as early as seven months in smaller dogs and 18-24 months in larger ones. Entering this phase changes a lot in dogs, just like in people.

They will go through an awkward teenage phase, which is only temporary. You will want to talk to your vet about spaying and neutering during this time.

Your dog has gotten all of its adult teeth

A dog losing all of its milk teeth is considered to be fully mature. However, this is not the best way of determining mental maturity, as some dogs will lose them earlier or later, depending on their genetics.

In Conclusion:

The question was: When Do Bernedoodles Stop Growing? Bernedoodles are somewhat of a wildcard when it comes to growth and maturity. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow your Bernedoodle grows.

You can keep him feeling like a puppy at all stages of life with proper nutrition, exercise, and words of affirmation. Telling your dog that he’s your little puppy will always make him feel great deep down. 

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