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What’s the Difference Between Mini and Toy Aussiedoodle?

What’s the Difference Between Mini and Toy Aussiedoodle?

Here we will look at the difference between the mini and toy Aussiedoodle. There’s no doubt that an Aussiedoodle comes with a high cuteness level attached to it.

However, as is the norm with Doodle dogs, you do come across different versions, and knowing the difference between those versions may prove important. 

That’s plain to see from the very moment you set eyes on them. But first, a quick reminder of the Aussiedoodle in general.

This breed is one that people have become more familiar with over the years, and its popularity has certainly led to it costing more to own a puppy.

The price tag does seem to go even higher when it comes to either a Mini or Toy Aussiedoodle, but we reckon this breed comes across as exceptionally cute.

So, we think the breed does represent value for money.

Difference Between Mini and Toy Aussiedoodle

What is an Aussiedoodle?

An Aussiedoodle is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, so it’s certainly a welcome addition to the world of Doodles.

Within the breed, you will also then find three main different sizes, and that’s what we will focus on today.

What you will see is that you have the standard size Aussiedoodle, as well as a mini version and finally a Toy Aussiedoodle.

As you would expect, each size does come across as vastly different, but we will clarify all of that shortly.

The Aussiedoodle really came to the attention of different breeders located in North America in the 1990s.

However, it wasn’t until the 2000s that their popularity started to increase.

That was thanks to it becoming obvious that this breed had a wonderful temperament, and was also slightly better for people from an allergy perspective. 

The Colors of an Aussiedoodle

One thing we love about the Aussiedoodle is the array of colors, and clearly this does not change when you move to a Mini or Toy Aussiedoodle.

The most common color combination with this breed is tricolor or merle. However, that’s not all.

You can also have an Aussiedoodle that’s blue in color, red, cream, chocolate or brown. In addition, their fur can be soft, or it can come with tight curls instead. 

But it doesn’t even end there.

With an Aussiedoodle, you will probably need to wait until your puppy has fully grown to see what color they are since it’s not unusual for them to change aspects of their coloring as they grow and develop.

However, they will constantly remain cute no matter how much they may change from a color perspective?

toy aussiedoodle

Checking Out the Toy Aussiedoodle

First, let’s begin with the smallest Aussiedoodle, the toy version. 

To even get a Toy Aussiedoodle, it means you must breed a Toy Poodle with either a Mini Aussiedoodle or a Mini Australian Shepherd. That’s the only way it can happen.

Now the size of a Toy Aussiedoodle can vary somewhat. An adult will often measure between 10 and 12 inches in height, and they will weigh between 10 and 20 pounds. 

They achieve this size thanks to incorporating a Toy Poodle into the equation.

You will tend to find a Toy Poodle measuring around 10” in height and weighing less than 10lbs, and that leads to the Toy Aussiedoodle really taking on this small size.

Checking Out the Mini Aussiedoodle

A Mini Aussiedoodle still comes across as substantially smaller than a standard Aussiedoodle. However, you will notice a difference between a Mini and a Toy Aussiedoodle.

Really, you can see a Mini Aussiedoodle as being in the middle when it comes to your Aussiedoodle options.

In order to get a Mini Aussiedoodle, you will need to cross a Mini Poodle with a Mini Australian Shepherd.

Basically, that means you manage to grab the genetics of both parents resulting in a Mini Aussiedoodle that certainly falls within a certain size range.

As a result, a Mini Aussiedoodle will often tend to measure somewhere between 12 and 17 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 20 to 40 pounds.

That means some real variety in size, and it’s thanks to some major differences in size between the two parents.

A Mini Poodle is only going to weigh a maximum of 20 pounds, on most occasions. However, a Mini Australian Shepherd will weigh anywhere from 20 pounds up to 40 pounds.

So, it’s obvious that the Mini Aussiedoodle tends to take its size more from the Australian Shepherd side rather than anywhere else.

mini aussiedoodle

Size is the Only Real Difference Here

Apart from the size, you will tend to find little in the way of differences between the Mini and Toy Aussiedoodle.

Their temperament will usually come across in the same way, and they run into the same basic problems no matter if you own the Mini or Toy version.

But honestly, we don’t think you will have any problem with them at all. The Aussiedoodle breed is generally known for wanting to please their owner, for a laid-back attitude to life, high intelligence, and very easy to train.

This all applies no matter which one of the three versions of the breed you own. 

Their Fur Remains the Same

Another point of similarity is their fur. It remains the same no matter if you have a Mini or Toy Aussiedoodle, and the color combinations will also not change.

This also then applies to their potential eye color. Basically, this simply strengthens the idea that the only thing that applies to a Mini and Toy Aussiedoodle with their differences is their size and dogs bred together in order to produce them.

What to Feed Them

But we should draw your attention to something else, and that’s how much you feed either a Mini or Toy Aussiedoodle, as there will be a slight difference.

This should not surprise you since it’s clearly common to have to feed different amounts depending on the size of the dog. So, it’s the same here.

If you owned a standard Aussiedoodle, then you would be looking at providing them with between two to three cups of food per day.

So, you need to start dropping that amount with both the Mini and Toy Aussiedoodle.

Clearly, the Mini Aussiedoodle can cope with a bit more food than a Toy Aussiedoodle, so you are looking at between one and two cups of food for a Mini and no more than one cup for a Toy Aussiedoodle.

But a quick word of caution.

You need to look at how much your dog actually weighs. Remember that earlier we stated how both of these dogs could weigh between two different numbers? Well, that still influences how much you feed them.

Obviously if your Mini Aussiedoodle is on the large side, then they require slightly more food than a Mini Aussiedoodle that’s more on the small side.

Giving your dog too much food is a very common issue today, and feeding your dog too much will result in an increase in potential health issues.

But never give them more food than what we mentioned above. It’s not worth it for their health.


An Aussiedoodle does love to get ample exercise, and this remains the same with both Mini and Toy versions.

Generally speaking, a fully-grown Aussiedoodle should have between 90 and 120 minutes of exercise per day.

However, you should break that time in half, which means taking them out for two walks per day, or allowing them to run around your yard to burn off some of that high energy.

Once again this remains the same if you have a Mini or Toy Aussiedoodle. That’s because the exercise issue will focus more on their age, rather than their size.

All it means is your Mini or Toy Aussiedoodle will cover less distance compared to a Standard Aussiedoodle.

Overall Conclusion

So that’s the difference between a mini and toy Aussiedoodle, and it may make a difference for you when deciding which Aussiedoodle you would love to own.

Honestly, either dog can prove a wonderful choice, as the Aussiedoodle does come across as a wonderful, fun breed to own.

It all comes down to how big you want your dog to be as to which one you then own.

However, we can assure you that both the Toy and Mini Aussiedoodle are really wonderful dogs, and they will make a fantastic addition to your home.

Also, we don’t believe you need to worry too much about the size aspect and the space required.

Such a small difference in size exists between a Mini and Toy Aussiedoodle that it’s not worth stressing out about it.

Basically, if you have space for a Toy Aussiedoodle, then you also have space to bring a Mini Aussiedoodle into your home.

All that’s left is for you to go out and get yourself a stunning puppy, and then enjoy all the fun they bring to your home.

We promise you will love that you ventured out and brought an Aussiedoodle home with you.

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