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What’s It Like To Own An Colliedoodle

What’s It Like To Own An Colliedoodle

Colliedoodle, Colliepoo, Cadoodle. No matter what you call the Collie Poodle mix, they are a fantastic breed that anyone would be lucky to have. You will find that the Colliedoodle is your best friend when you least expect it. And they are wonderful for people with families. Before you look for a puppy, let’s talk about what’s it like to own a Colliedoodle?

What's It Like To Own An Colliedoodle

What Is A Colliedoodle? 

A Colliedoodle is a companion dog designed for its hypoallergenic coat. These designer breeds are the best because being half Collie and half Poodle gives your Colliedoodle the best of both worlds. What are those traits, you ask?

Collies are a strong independent breed. The Scotts strategically bred the original Collies for their herding and protective abilities. It wasn’t long that people caught on to how bright and loyal these dogs were. Hence the transition into making them a family pet instead. 

Hunters bred Poodles for their loyalty and ability to chase waterfowl. With a little tweaking, they were able to create a dog with a waterproof, non-shedding coat. And that feature is what sparked the idea of makes the Doodles we know and love today. So what does this mean for the Colliedoodle? 

Colliedoodle Temperament 

This perfect combo makes the Colliepoo an excellent pet. They enjoy their families and adore every member. Your Colliepoo will be one of the most affectionate dogs you’ve ever met. No matter what you do, your Colliepoo will love spending time with you. 

Colliepoos are also very playful and energetic. They love games like fetch, frisbee, water play, and agility training. Their task-oriented parents have definitely passed down the focus traits to their pups. So if you are looking for a dog that is just as playful as they are loving, the Colliepoo is for you. 

What’s Their Intelligence Level?

As you can imagine, the Poodle and Collie are both intelligent dogs. So it only makes sense that your Cadoodle will be just as brilliant. In training classes, Cadoodles are often the first to learn new commands. With their working dog minds and eagerness to please, there are endless possibilities with these guys. 

The key to successful training with these puppies is to use positive reinforcement. Giving your puppy distractions instead of reprimanding coaxes your puppy into good behavior. And once they catch on to that specific actions get them praise, they do it more and more. 

But with high intelligence comes higher social needs. Cadoodles often develop separation anxieties if they are left alone for too long. They need lots of human interaction, one-on-one playtime, and toys to entertain them. So if you work longer hours, you might want to invest in a sitter or daycare. 

Exercise Needs

What’s it like to own an Colliedoodle? For one, it is having a moderate energy dog that needs daily walks. As puppies, they might need an hour-long walk daily, but this slows down around the 1.5-year mark. But no matter what your lifestyle is like, the Colliedoodle fits right in. They enjoy running and hiking just as much as being a couch potato.

 The Colliedoodle is also known for their lazy days. They will have bouts where they don’t want to be as active as they usually are. But don’t let them stay in those funks. Getting out for at least a 30-minute walk is recommended to keep them fit and healthy. If you allow your Colliedoodle to be lazy, they begin to gain weight and develop health concerns. 

Coat Types

We mentioned earlier that Colliepoos have a hypoallergenic coat. But what does that mean? For most Colliepoos, it means that they have very low shedding. And some Doodles don’t show any signs of shedding at all. However, it doesn’t mean that if you have dog allergies, you won’t be allergic to them.

Most Colliepoos have a wavy to curly coat type. But in some cases, straight hair is also possible. If having a low to non-shedding coat is essential to you, you will want to stay away from straight coat types. The curlier the Doodle’s coat is, the less it will shed. It’s also vital to talk to your breeder about these requirements. They can guide you in the right direction and help you choose a puppy. 

And not only do have three hair types to choose from, but there are also many colors. The most common colors are blue, black, white, and merle. But you can also find some Colliepoos in other beautiful colors. 

Grooming Needs

What’s it like to own an Colliedoodle? Hair, Hair, Hair. Even though a Doodle doesn’t shed much, hair is all you will be thinking about. Having a low shedding coat is excellent for keeping the house clean and for health purposes. But it is also a lot of maintenance. 

From the day you bring your puppy home, you should train it for good grooming. Daily brushing will be a life long task that a lot of first time Doodle owners underestimate. The reason daily brushing is needed is that your Doodle has fine hair that tangles easily. If it’s not brushed daily, tangles quickly form into matting. 

You might be thinking that matting just sounds like large knots. But that isn’t entirely the case. Matts form close to the skin and pull and your dog’s delicate skin. It makes it hard for them to move and run freely. And if the situation gets too bad, the only way to reverse it is to shave your dog. Brushing your dog daily takes about 20 minutes for long hair, and it prevents a lot of heartaches. 

The other concern for Doodle owners is paying for a groomer every 6-8 weeks. Since these dogs don’t shed, their hair grows continually like our own. Keeping the hair trimmed, brushed, and clean will give your Doodle a comfortable and healthy life. 

Colliedoodle Size And Lifespan

Most Colliedoodle adults weigh between 50-75 pounds. But there are a few breeders that have created their own mini versions. By using a mini or toy-sized Poodle, they can make smaller Colliepoo sizes. Currently, there are no standards on these mini sizes. And each breeder has their own size that they prefer and breed for. 

As for the life expectancy of a Colliedoodle, you can expect 13-15 years with your fur baby. Some people may even find that their dogs live a little longer than average. But how can you give your Colliedoodle the best chance of living a longer life? A large portion of this is genetics. Having a dog with superior genetics has a higher chance of living longer. The other part is a balanced diet and exercise. If you can keep up with that, all else will fall into place. 

Medical Concerns

Despite what we all like to think, every dog has a chance of getting sick. And some dogs are more prone to specific diseases over others. But there are a few things you can do to prevent some of these diseases. The first step is to educate yourself on what Cadoodles are prone to. Know the warning signs, and what it affects will help you identify any issues as soon as they present themselves. 

The most common Cadoodle diseases include:

  • Bloat
  • Allergies
  • Skin conditions
  • Addison’s disease
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Hip dysplasia
  • And heat exhaustion

Knowing the most common illnesses also helps you choose a reputable breeder. Your breeder should have a vet examine their dames and sires for the most common diseases. And if they want to go the extra mile, your breeder will DNA test their dogs as well before breeding them. That way, they can guarantee that if your dog gets sick, it’s not from bad breeding.

And, of course, knowing these illnesses will help you take care of your pups. Your dog will feel invincible with a diet that supports their life stage and exercise to keep immunities up. Combined with semi-annual check-ups, and your dog will have the best chances of living a long and healthy life. 


Finding Colliedoodle puppies for sale is no easy task. These Doodles have been around for years, but they go in and out of popularity. If you happen to look for a Colliedoodle puppy during a popular time, you can get your puppy for about $1,500. But you will want to research your breeders well. 

In some cases, you can get a Colliedoodle price as low as $800. But in many cases, this is a telltale sign of backyard breeding. Asking lots of questions and taking a facility tour will help you weed out unethical breeding quickly. 

You might even find Colliedoodles at your local shelters and rescues. But the waiting list can be a little lengthy. If you have your heart set on a rescue, check your local Collie or Poodle rescues. A lot of the time, these breed-specific rescues also take in Doodles. 

So What’s It Like To Own An Colliedoodle? 

Colliepoos are your best friends through thick and thin. Sure, there might be a few tedious aspects. But all in all, your Colliedoodle will bring so much joy and happiness to you and your family. A house is not a home until it’s filled with a dog’s love. So why not make that dog a Colliedoodle? 

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What's it Like to Own an Colliedoodle?

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