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What’s It Like To Own A Mini Sheepdoodle

What’s It Like To Own A Mini Sheepdoodle

Everyone loves Sheepdoodles. They are cute, fun-loving, and the most loyal dogs. But not everyone has the time and space for a 60-80 pound dog. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams of having one in your family. Instead, you should look at getting the Mini Sheepdoodle. What’s it like to own a Mini Sheepdoodle? Keep reading to find out. 

What Is A Mini Sheepdoodle? 

A Mini Sheepdoodle is half Old English Sheepdog and half Mini Poodle. These small Doodles are everything you love of the standard variety but in a smaller package. Some breeders call them a Tiny Sheepadoodle, Mini Sheep-a-poo, or even a Mini Old English Sheepdog. 

The Old English Sheepdog brings an enthusiastic, loyal, and intelligent spirit to the Mini Sheepadoodle. And the Mini Poodle brings a perfect companionship to the Doodled breed. The combination of these two makes the ideal breed for everyone. But let’s look at precisely what’s it like to own a Mini Sheepdoodle. 

Mini Sheepadoodle Size

The main difference in a Mini Sheepdoodle from a standard is its size. A Mini Sheepadoodle full grown will only get 25-45 pounds. That’s a 35-pound difference, which might not seem like a lot, but it does when you have small spaces. 

Plus, smaller dogs live longer than larger ones. The average Mini Sheepdoodle lifespan is 15 years, and some even live longer. With some extra care and love, your Mini could live as long as 16-17 years. 

Another advantage to the smaller full-grown Mini Sheepadoodle is that they cost less. This is especially true in the feeding and grooming departments. Your Mini will eat less than a standard, and groomers charge less for smaller dogs. So that is more money in your pocket to spend on toys and treats!

Mini Sheepdoodle Temperament 

Everything that you love about the standard you could also say for the Mini. Mini Sheepadoodles are goofy and fun dogs to have around. They have large personalities and a heart just as big. Your Mini Sheepdoodle will be by your side through thick and thin, and they adore everyone in the home. They especially have a soft spot for children. 

Sheepdoodles are also known for their perceptive abilities. People often train Sheepdoodles as therapy or service dogs because of these abilities. Your Mini will sense when you are in distress and come to your aide. Even if that means that all they can do is give you a little snuggle and kiss. 

Are Mini Sheepdoodles Intelligent? 

Doodles of all kinds are known for their high intelligence. And the Mini Sheepdoodle is no different. Your Sheepdoodle has the perfect combination of genetics that sets them up for success. On one side, they have long lines of herding dogs, and the other is filled with hunters. 

These genetics makes the perfect dog that is eager to please and learn. With the proper training techniques, your dog will learn any command or trick you want. All you need is a favorite treat, and don’t forget to bring your hype voice. If they sense your enthusiasm, they will try even harder. 

Energy Levels And Exercise Needs

What’s it like to own a Mini Sheepdoodle? You can expect lots of walks and plenty of play. No matter what size your Doodle is, the Sheepadoodle needs moderate exercise to keep them busy and healthy. But what does that mean? 

You will need to take your dogs out for at least a 30-minute walk daily. And they need playtime throughout the day to keep their minds busy. But luckily for you, the Mini Sheepdoodle has a smaller body that wears out quickly. Your dog will spend the rest of his day at your side, resting or examing what you do.

But more importantly, you will need to keep their minds sharp. Even though your Sheepdoodle isn’t hyperactive, they need lots of mental stimulation. You will need to have lots of toys and activities to do while you are away. If they don’t have enough, you will start to see adverse behaviors. Your dog will begin marking, digging, chewing, and running away out of boredom. 

Coat Types And Colors

The purpose of the Miniature Sheepdog is to create a hypoallergenic companion. Most Mini Sheepdoodles have a wavy to curly coat, though straight is also possible. The wavy and curly coat types are hypoallergenic because they don’t much shed, but they still produce dander. So if you are allergic to dogs, you might want to test your allergies first before committing to a puppy. 

As for straight coats, these dogs tend to shed more than average. Their hair tends to be a bit coarser than wavy and curly types. So if you want a dog that doesn’t shed much, talk with your breeder about your needs. A reputable breeder can predict a puppy’s coat type by six weeks old. 

And if you are looking for a Doodle that comes in different colors, the Mini Sheepdoodle is perfect. The most common coat coloring is traditional black and white. But you can get them in all black, creams, reds, and sometimes even merle. These give you a wide variety to choose from. 

Grooming Needs Of The Doodle

One thing that every Doodle owner should be aware of is the intense grooming. Neglecting the grooming of a Doodle could have serious consequences. If you don’t keep up with regular grooming, your dog will become so matted that it will damage the hair and skin. So if you get a Sheepadoodle Mini, be prepared for lots of grooming at home and in the salon. 

The cute factor in a Mini Sheepdoodle is their teddy bear-like appearances. The long hair in this look needs a lot of combing to prevent knots. You will have to brush your dog every day to prevent these knots from matting. Using a combination of slicker brushes, combs, and dematting rakes will keep your Doodle looking fresh. 

On top of daily brushing, you will need to take your Mini Sheepdoodle to the groomer. These grooming appointments are essential for a hair trim and bath. Since the Doodle’s coat doesn’t shed, that means it grows continually. So you should schedule a haircut every 6-8 weeks. Aren’t you glad you have a smaller dog now? 

Do Mini Sheepdoodles Have Any Health Concerns? 

Here is where we bust a few myths about the Doodle’s “hybrid vigor.” A common misconception is that Doodles are a healthy breed because they don’t inherit their parents’ diseases. But that is one of the biggest myths about Doodles out there. Any dog of any breed will pass down genetic defects to their offspring. What makes the difference is reputable breeders. 

A reputable breeder will not breed two dogs with known diseases. They even go that extra mile to DNA test all of their mating dogs for the best matches. Some of the most common medical concerns the Sheepdoodle is prone to are: 

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Bloat
  • Epilepsy
  • Allergies
  • Eye diseases
  • And chronic skin conditions.

So if you want a healthy puppy, you will want competent breeders. It is well known that puppies from backyard breeders and puppy mills are more prone to disease. But it goes a little further than that. Your care at home will keep your dog from developing these issues later in life. 

Keeping a balanced diet, along with exercise, will keep your Mini healthy for longer. When your dog feels good on the inside, it keeps them feeling and looking great on the outside. The other thing you should do is keep up with regular vet visits. Your veterinarian is skilled at catching the first signs of illness before they get out of control. 

How Much Do They Cost? 

We don’t think that you can put a price tag on our best friends. They are well worth any cost, and more. But it’s always a good idea to do a little research about the average price of a breed to be financially stable. And these babies aren’t exactly cheap. 

The average Mini Sheepdoodle cost is anywhere from $2,500-$3,500. This price can change depending on your location and what color variation you get. But this is only the cost of the puppy. You can expect at least another thousand on essentials. 

Of course, there are other options, as well. You could always try to adopt your perfect Sheepadoodle Mini. But you might find this difficult to do in shelters. Your best bet to adopting would be to look at Poodle rescues that take all kinds of Doodles. Another option is to look for Old English Sheepdog rescues. These rescues often label the Doodles as an Old English Sheepdog Mini, but there might be a waiting list. 

No matter how you get your puppy, only you know what’s best for your family. There are pros and cons to every situation, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. 

Are You Ready For A Mini Sheepdoodle? 

What’s it like to own a Mini Sheepdoodle? It’s having the cutest best friend around. They love their families and possibly make the best pets around. You can have everything you love in the Standard Sheepdoodle, all in a pint-sized mini version. 

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What's It Like To Own a Mini Sheepdoodle?

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