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What’s It Like To Own A Golden Mountain Doodle?

What’s It Like To Own A Golden Mountain Doodle?

You might think that you’ve heard of every Doodle mix. But have you ever seen a Golden Mountian Doodle?

These beautiful and unique puppies make some of the best companions. But what’s it like to own a Golden Mountain Doodle? Keep reading to find out. 

What Is A Golden Mountain Doodle? 

A Golden Mountian Doodle is part of Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Poodle. These unique mixes were first created in 2013 by SwissRidge Kennels.

SwissRidge specializes in Bernedoodles, but they realized stubbornness was an issue. To combat that stubborn streak, they added the eagerness to please Goldendoodle to the mix. 

By taking a female Bernedoodle and male Goldendoodle, the Golden Mountain Doodle was born. There isn’t a lot known about these dogs since they are so new. But what we do know will make you fall in love. 


Coat Type

Most people wonder how the coat types fair in these F2 crosses. Is the Golden Mountian Doodle hypoallergenic? Since these dogs are still 50% Poodle, they retain their hypoallergenic coats.

Your Golden Mountain Doodle will be low shedding and mostly wavy to slightly curly coats. But a straight coat is also possible. You might even see a variety of coat types within every litter. 

They also come in a variety of colors, including tri and parti-colors. The most common colors are black, gold, red, and cream.

But your Golden Mountain Doodle can come with the beautiful marking of the Bernese Mountain Dog. And when you mix this with the softness of a Golden Retriever, you get the best Doodle mix. 

You might also wonder what grooming requirements these dogs have. These Doodles are just like any other Doodle.

You will need to brush your dog daily with a comb and slicker brush to prevent tangles. On occasion, your Golden Mountian Doodle will get mats.

For this issue, all you need is a de-matting rake to remove them gently. The Golden Moutain Doodle also needs professional grooming every 6-8 weeks.

Since their hair grows continuously, they will get a haircut, bath, and nail trim at this time. These appointments start as soon as 12 weeks and last a lifetime. 

The reason these appointments are so crucial is that they prevent matting. Mats are giant knots that form near the skin.

At first glance, you might not even notice them. But these mats pull and rip at your Doodle’s skin, which makes it hard to run freely.

Between proper brushing and regular grooming appointments, your dog will live the best life possible. 


The Golden Mountain Doodle is the perfect blend of all three purebred dogs. You have the loyalty and intelligence of the Poodle.

Adoration and eagerness to please from the Golden Retriever. And the cuddly yet protective side of a Bernese Moutain Dog. 

You will find that your Golden Mountain Doodle is not only your best friend but a part of the family. They are very social dogs, and they have never met a stranger.

Golden Mountain Doodles love children of all ages. So no matter what your family looks like, they will fit right in. 

Your Golden Moutain Doodle will bring lots of laughs and joy with their goofy natures. Many even forget that they aren’t people because they seem to understand everything around us.

A Golden Mountain Doodle is so in tune with their families and surroundings that it makes them excellent pets for the first-time dog owner. 

Intelligence And Training

What’s it like to own a Golden Mountain Doodle? The original Bernedoodles are highly intelligent. But their Bernese roots made them have a stubborn little streak in their training.

They know and understand what you want, but don’t do it. The Golden Mountain Doodle, on the other hand, has the eagerness to please of the Golden Retriever.

Your Doodle will do anything for a tasty treat and approval. This perfect mix gives you all the fantastic qualities of all three dogs. 

Your Golden Mountain Doodle will potty train quickly and learn basic commands without a hitch. And with a positive reinforcement training style, you can train your dog to do all kinds of tricks.

So if you want a smart dog, the Golden Mountain Doodle is perfect for you. But with this high intelligence, your dog also needs plenty of mental stimulation.

If you are gone a lot for work, you might want to invest in a toy rotation. Giving your dog a specific set of puzzles, chew toys, and textured toys keeps your dog busy throughout the day.

And switching out the toys every few weeks keeps your dog interested in their busy toys. 


Energy Levels

A Golden Mountian Doodle is a moderately active dog. They need at least a 45-minute walk daily to keep them healthy. But they always welcome and enjoy more.

They love to run and do activities that you want as well. If you have an active lifestyle, don’t hold back on bringing your dog with you. 

And when it’s time to settle down to relax, your Golden Mountain Doodle will gladly comply. Your Doodle will be just as happy cuddling and lounging all day as they are active.

So what’s it like to own a Golden Mountian Doodle? It’s having a great sporting buddy along with the best weighted blanket. 

Health Concerns

Since the Golden Mountain Doodle is a new hybrid, it is hard to say what health conditions they are prone to.

It isn’t too far off to assume that the purebred lines will pass down all of their genetic diseases to their offspring. What we do know is that the Golden Moutain Doodle is prone to things like:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia 
  • Eye disease
  • Skin disease
  • Food and seasonal allergies
  • And cancer

What can you do to reduce these chances? The best way to prevent genetic conditions is to find a reputable breeder.

Your breeder should only breed the healthiest of dogs and provide a guarantee to support this claim. Genetic tests are an excellent way for breeders to make the best pairings.

If your breeder DNA tests their dogs, they can guarantee that they don’t carry genetic factors for these diseases. 

But that is only part of the story. You also need to take exceptional care of your dog to prevent some of these diseases.

Plenty of exercise and a healthy diet is another way to ensure your pet’s health. Dogs that are fed poor diets and become overweight increase their likelihood of disease. 

Regular checkups also keep your puppy healthy into old age. With regular teeth cleanings and semiannual exams, your vet will catch anything wrong quickly.

And the faster you can get a diagnosis; the more preventative measures can be taken to stop the spread. 

Sizes And Lifespan 

Since Golden Mountain Doodles are a relatively new breed, their sizing is still perfecting. Currently, a standard Golden Mountain is 70-90 pounds and stands 2 feet at the shoulder.

Some breeders even offer a Golden Mountian Doodle Mini. These minis are a crossbreed of the Mini Goldendoodle and the Mini Bernedoodle.

Generally, the mini weighs 25-50 pounds, making them a great option if you don’t want a giant breed. 

But these sizes are not a guarantee just yet. There need to be a few more years of breeding to fine-tune what the breed standards are.

If you are concerned about the size of your Golden Mountian Doodle full-grown, talk with your breeder. They will let you see the parents to get the best medium of what your puppy will be.

They might even have pictures of past litters to ease your mind. 

Now you might be wondering about the lifespan of these Doodles. Since they are so new, we don’t have an actual life expectancy just yet.

We project that your Golden Mountain Doodle will have a lifespan of 10-13 years or more. Mini Doodles especially live longer than larger breeds, and most live up to 15 years without any issues.

So that is something to look forward to in your fur baby. 

Average Golden Mountain Doodle Price

There are only a few Golden Mountain Doodle breeders at the moment. Since they are so few and far between, you can expect long waiting lists and higher prices.

Currently, the average Golden Mountian Doodle cost is between $1,500-$3,000 depending on your location. 

On a rare occasion, you might find the Golden Mountain Doodle in a rescue. Facebook pages to rehome Doodles and Doodle-specific rescues would be your best chance of this.

You could adopt an older Golden Mountain Doodle for a few hundred dollars, but it is unlikely. 

No matter where you get your puppy, just remember to keep an eye out for fakes and backyard breeders.

This breed is so new and so desired that many breeders wrongly label other puppies as a Golden Mountain Doodle. You wouldn’t want to find yourself buying another breed instead of a Doodle.

Or on the other side, you might find a breeder that doesn’t know how to breed healthy puppies.

Backyard breeding is widespread in all Doodles, and it’s already taking off with Golden Mountain Doodles. 

What’s It Like To Own A Golden Mountain Doodle? 

It’s pure bliss and love. You will have a best friend that understands your every emotion without speaking a word. Wouldn’t you like to have a pal like this in your life?

Training and Smart Doodle Breed

Watch the video below to see how the Golden Mountain Doodles can be trained and are super smart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Lifespan Of a Golden Mountain Doodle?

Golden Mountain Doodles are healthy dogs with a lifespan of 10 to 13 years. However, like other dog breeds, the number of years they live depends on various factors, such as health care.

Also, small-sized Golden Mountain Doodles tend to live longer than larger ones. 


Should I Get a Goldendoodle or a Bernedoodle?

Both the Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle are affectionate, playful, and friendly dogs. They are also intelligent dogs that are easy to train. Besides, they all shed less and are considered hypoallergenic.

While they have many similarities, Bernedoodles are slightly bigger than Goldendoodles.

If you are a fan of both breeds and you are undecided about which one to choose, you can consider the Golden Mountain Doodle, which is a mix of the two.

How Big Do Bernedoodles Get?

The size of Bernedoodles depends on several factors, such as the size of the parent dogs and gender.

The Standard Bernedoodle, which is the largest size of the Bernedoodles, weighs 70 to 90 pounds and can reach 23 to 29 inches at the shoulder.

Male Bernedoodles are usually about 10% bigger than female Bernedoodles.

Are Golden Mountain Doodles Stubborn?

Golden Mountain Doodles can be a bit stubborn because of their Bernese roots. However, you can easily do away with their stubbornness through early socialization and training.

They have the eagerness to please their owners, thanks to the Golden Retriever roots.

Which Is The Most Popular Doodle Dog?

The Goldendoodle is considered one of the most popular doodle dog breeds thanks to its intelligence, teddy bear appearance, and hypoallergenic qualities.

It is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Other popular doodle dogs are Bernedoodles, Sheepadoodle, and Labradoodle.

What Is The Difference Between a Goldendoodle and a Bernedoodle?

Bernedoodles have rust, black and white coats, while the Goldendoodle coats come in a variety of colors. It can be gold, red, chocolate, apricot, cream, or caramel.

For Bernedoodles, the coats can be wavy or curly. On the other hand, Goldendoodle coats may be straight, wavy, or curly. There is not so much difference in terms of personality between the two breeds.

Do Golden Mountain Doodles Shed?

The Golden Mountain Doodle is considered a hypoallergenic dog that sheds less. This makes them a perfect choice for individuals who suffer from dog allergies.

Since they tend to shed less, you will need to brush them regularly to prevent matting. 

What Is The Cost of a Golden Mountain Doodle?

The cost of a Golden Mountain Doodle ranges from $1500 to $3000. The price depends on several factors, such as availability, location, and breeder reputation.

You can also adopt a Golden Mountain Doodle at a rescue for a few hundred dollars. 


The Golden Mountain Doodle is a playful, friendly, affectionate, and intelligent designer dog that makes a great family pet. It is also hypoallergenic and low-shedding.

If you plan to add one to your family, you must purchase from a reputable breeder. 

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What's It Like To Own a Golden Mountain Doodle

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