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What’s All This Hype About Doodle Dogs?

What’s All This Hype About Doodle Dogs?

So, what’s all the hype about Doodle Dogs? If you have been following the media for a while, you may have noticed an increase of Doodles. Every month it seems like a new designer breed breaks the headlines, and people can’t keep their hands off of them. Even celebrities like Tiger Woods, Usher, and John Travolta have all fallen into the Doodle dog hype. But are they really that amazing? Does everyone in the world need to upgrade to only owning Doodle dogs?

First, let us say that Doodles aren’t for everyone. Today we are going to explore everything that makes them great. But also what makes them bad pets to own. 

Why Doodle Dogs Are Bad

The first thing we will discuss is what makes Doodles a bad pet to own. These are things that breeders stretch the truth on and myths about Doodles. 

Grooming Doodle Dogs

  • Doodle Dog Shaver Clippers

    Doodle Dog Shaver Clippers

    Most people get a Doodle thinking that they are extremely low maintenance. But, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Doodles need grooming every day. Daily brushing is necessary to keep their fur from matting. People wait too long to get their dog’s coat taken care of, and it results in painful matting that tears the dog’s skin. You can easily brush out tangles, but you need to cut out mats. 
  • They also need special trips to a groomer every 6-12 weeks. Most people think that they can do all the grooming at home, and for some, this is possible. But for most people who try to cut their dog’s hair, they end up butchering it. They cut it uneven, and they don’t have the skill or patience to finish. And the dog becomes more stressed out. 

Unknown Results

  • The fact about Doodles is that they are a mixed breed. They are not a real breed, but a hybrid of two pure breeds. This alone is not bad. But, it does make it harder to predict the litter’s characteristics. Out of a litter, you can get any combination of coat types, colors, medical conditions, size, and temperaments. It takes a very skilled breeder to predict any characteristics, and be right.
  • Nothing is guaranteed with Doodle dogs. And most breeders will have that in your contract. When you buy a Doodle, you are hoping for the best outcome. 

Doodle Dog Price

  • Most Doodles cost over $1,000. That is a high price to pay for a mixed breed that has no guarantee. In some areas, puppy mills drive up prices along with lies that force reputable breeders to increase their rates too. 

But there are a few things to make sure your money matters. 

  • Always make sure they are health screened by a vet. Maybe even go so far as to look up this vet’s reviews to see if they are legitimate.
  • Make sure all breeding pairs are health screened. This screening will provide you with the probability of your puppy developing a medical condition. 
  • Tour the facility. All dogs should be clean, and living quarters kept nice. Dogs should have enrichment activities and access to clean water. All dogs should appear happy and healthy. These dogs used for breeding should be kept in a way that you would keep your dogs at home. 
  • Make sure all dogs have been dewormed and vaccinated. 
  • Never choose a puppy from online pictures, see the puppy in person. 
  • Take a close look at the contract. If the breeder mentions taking back dogs to prevent them from going to a shelter, they are responsible and care about their dogs. 

If the breeder checks out on all of these points, it is worth it.

Separation Anxiety

  • Most Doodle dog breeds have one thing in common, separation anxiety. Because they are so social, your Doodle will need to have companionship for most of the day. If you do not work from home, or have someone home for most of the day, this could be a problem. Most Doodle owners resort to doggy daycare and pet sitters. These, of course, cost money, but they can be very beneficial for Doodles. 

Why Doodle Dogs Are Good

  • Now we will talk about all the fantastic ways that Doodles are good. These outweigh the bad almost one hundredfold. And while not everyone has to like the Doodles, it is crucial to keep facts straight and myths busted. 

Hypoallergenic Doodle Dogs

  • One of the main reasons Doodles are so popular is their hypoallergenic coats. Since Doodles don’t shed a lot, they can be of great benefit for people with allergies and asthma. They still produce dander, so people with severe allergies still cannot own a Doodle. Most Doodles with curly coats have virtually no shedding at all. The Doodle does require more grooming because of this coat, but it can be very beneficial to those who need it. 


  • Bernedoodles- A Head to Tail Guide

    Bernedoodles- A Head to Tail Guide

    Most Doodle dogs have a few things in common. They are intelligent, loyal, and have a love for life. All Doodles, by nature, have excellent temperaments that are a mix of what their parents are. It is not normal to get a Doodle that hates people or has a bad temperament. These are a result of bad breeding and genetic disorders. 

Great With Children

  • Most Doodle dogs are good with children by nature. All dogs need socialization to behave well with children, and Doodles are no different. But, they do learn faster than other breeds. And they also have a great sense to be gentle with little children. You will notice that your Doodle will even play with children differently than adults. 

Easy To Train

  • Doodles are known for their high intelligence and eagerness to please. When you combine both of these, you get a dog that can train quickly. Doodles tend to love a challenge and a task. Your Doodle dog will enjoy training as much as he loves playing and going for walks. Their mind and body must stay healthy. 

Size Variations

  • Another great reason to own a Doodle is all the size variations. While it might be true that you can’t predict exactly what size your Mini Goldendoodle will be you can get a rough estimate. And that’s not just for Goldendoodles. Almost all Doodles come in various sizes since Poodles come in toy, mini, and standard sizes. When you mix a large dog with a smaller one, you will get a significantly smaller dog. With careful breeding between F1 and a purebred Toy Poodle, you can get small F1B generations too. 

Intuitive To Emotions

  • Doodles can make the best therapy dogs because they are so in tune with feelings. Even without training Doodle dogs know when you are feeling down and will come to help cheer you up. They can tell when something is off and will try to make it better. They make excellent companions and service dogs because of this. 


  • If you want a dog that is loyal to a fault, you want a Doodle. Doodles will always stand by their owners, love, and protect them at all costs. They are genuinely, man’s best friend. Their loyalty is what keeps them going. It can have many advantages but also a few disadvantages. For instance, their dedication and social behavior can lead to separation anxiety. But it can also make it easier to train them. It all depends on your lifestyle. 


  • Not only are these dogs loyal, but they are so silly. Doodles have a great sense of humor that is almost human-like. They love to play games, and you can even teach them things like tag and hide-and-go-seek. They are great to have around and never seem to let anything get them down. 


  • While you can never guarantee a dog’s health, they are considered healthier than their purebred lines. This is because most of the lines crossed do not share the same medical conditions. So, this significantly reduces any chances of disease. But we always recommend that you take a closer look at your Doodle dog medical history. If both parents do share a common trait, the chances of your dog getting it are higher. 

So Many Types

      • The
    best thing about Doodle dogs
      is that there are so many different types. Since they are not a pure breed, you can get a Doodle that fits your needs. Don’t like Labradoodles? Can’t keep up with a large Pyredoodle? Don’t worry! There are so many different types of Doodles that you are bound to find one that fits you well. 


  • Ok, maybe this one is the best thing. Doodle dogs are downright adorable. Once you take a look into that bear face, your heart is won over. You can’t help but love the preciousness of their eyes and softness of their coats. If you are on the fence about if you like them, go see one. You will change your mind in a heartbeat. 

In Conclusion

There are so many more good things than bad about Doodles. Whether you buy into the hype or not, you can’t argue with the facts that Doodles are a great breed. Even if they are just “mutts.” Any dog can be a great dog to own as long as you do the research and don’t believe myths about hybrids

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