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What Makes a Straight Hair Labradoodle?

What Makes a Straight Hair Labradoodle?

When people think of a Labradoodle, they will often picture a dog with wavy hair thanks to the Poodle aspect in their heritage. While that is the most common way for things to occur, there are times when a Labradoodle is going to have straight hair.

Now, that doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your dog. Far from it. Instead, there’s something else going on that has led to your Labradoodle ending up with straight hair.

Also, you may want to know that a straight hair Labradoodle is also known as a flat coat Labradoodle. So, if you come across this term at any point, then at least you know what they are referring to.

It’s strange how we have these pre-conceived ideas as to what to expect when it comes to a Labradoodle. Anything different sort of throws us off balance, and we automatically think that something is wrong. 

So, why does it happen? Is there anything for us to worry about? Does it indicate that something is not quite right with our dog?

straight hair labradoodle

The Answer

So the answer is probably what you would expect to happen. It’s all thanks to your Labradoodle resembling the Labrador parent. You must remember that your Labradoodle gets half of its genetic component from the Labrador, and everyone knows that a Labrador has a straight coat.

In this instance, it simply means that part of the genetic component has come through in their coat more than the genetic part from the Poodle parent.

But it is a little bit more involved than that. Instead, what we have here is a story all about genetics and different generations of dogs when this could occur.

However, the good news is that it does not mean something is wrong with them. In fact, they will be just as healthy as a wavy hair Labradoodle. It’s just their hair that is different.

When it’s Most Likely to Happen

A straight hair Labradoodle is not going to be capable of happening at any moment. This goes back to the genetic side of things and how different generations of Labradoodles appear.

So, in the case of straight hair, this is likely to only happen when you have an F1 Labradoodle. For those that don’t know what that means, it simply refers to the fact there will be 50% Poodle and 50% Labrador genes in the dog.

Now you may think that surely this would apply across the board, but that’s not the case. 

You see, with an F1 Labradoodle, you have that straight even mix between both parents. However, that changes when you go to an F1b. 

At that point, you have a Poodle being bred with an F1 Labradoodle. That means the Labrador genetic component is no longer 50%, but rather it’s 25%.

As a result of this, it does mean there’s less chance of a Labradoodle with straight hair simply because genetic odds are against it happening. 

But the good news is that it does also apply to an F2 Labradoodle. With an F2, you still have 50% Labrador genes, so there’s a reasonable chance that it may lead to a straight hair Labradoodle.

However, do keep in mind that you have no absolute guarantee when it comes to a Labradoodle with straight hair. But at least you do increase your chances by half when you go for either F1 or F2.

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Avoid Any B Labradoodle

One thing we must stress is that you need to avoid any Labradoodle generation that has a b in the number. That’s because the B part stands for backcross, and this is where the odds of one with straight hair will drop considerably.

You see, with a backcross, what the breeder does is it takes the Labradoodle and crosses it with another Poodle. That is why the genetic component of the original Labrador drops so much as it is effectively watered down.

This applies if talking about F1b, F2b, or anything else. So, if owning one with straight hair comes across as an enticing prospect, then run a mile when you see that B part appearing in their heritage. It just won’t work out for you.

Are There Any Issues with a Straight Hair Labradoodle?

Aside from a straight hair Labradoodle looking different to what you would expect, should you know of any other potential issues related to them? Well, it turns out that you do need to think about a couple of problems before taking ownership of a straight hair Labradoodle.


Even though a straight hair Labradoodle does not shed as much as other breeds, they do shed more than a curly hair Labradoodle. However, it’s important to stress that we are not talking about copious amounts of hair ending up all over your home.


As a result of them shedding a bit more hair, it does mean they are not quite as hypoallergenic as the curly hair Labradoodle. Once again, we do mean such a small difference that the straight hair Labradoodle has significantly more hypoallergenic factors than most other dogs out there.

The reason for this is due to the components of the wavy coat. The wavy coat has non-shedding factors with a reduced level of dander that then spreads over the floor.

But the straight hair Labradoodle is still a good option for any individual searching for a hypoallergenic dog for thief family and home.

So Why Get a Straight Hair Labradoodle?

At times people simply want to own a Labradoodle, whether the hair is straight or wavy is just not important. 

But for others, the straight hair Labradoodle has more unique features than the wavy hair. People expect a Labradoodle to have the curly hair, so it just makes their dog stand out from the crowd.

But then you need to also remember the earlier point regarding the hypoallergenic nature and low shedding. Both of those points remain key for a lot of people.

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You Can Actually Do Genetic Testing

It is possible for you to have your dog undergo genetic testing to determine if they will end up with a straight or wavy coat. This testing remains the best way of understanding what your dog will look like when fully grown.

The main thing that genetic testing is looking at is a specific gene. This gene is called KRT71, it’s also referred to as the Cu locus. However, don’t worry about this too much, a breeder should have the information available to help you realize if you are going to own a straight hair Labradoodle.

The Cu locus is a specific gene related to the appearance of curly hair. If the gene is present in their genetic makeup, then it means your dog will indeed end up with curly hair.

However, the opposite will also occur. If the gene is not present, then it does mean your dog will end up with straight hair iIt really does just come down to this one single gene. That is how important it is in the grand scheme of things.

Where Do You Get a Straight Hair Labradoodle?

A straight hair Labradoodle is something that you may find some breeders focus on rather than the wavy hair. However, they have no guarantee of a litter-producing Labradoodles with straight hair.

That does mean you need to really shop around if you do plan on taking ownership of a straight hair Labradoodle. You can certainly go ahead and tell breeders of your desire, and they will certainly try to help you out.

Basically, you need to have patience and a willingness to really shop around different breeders in order to land a straight hair Labradoodle. Also, if you do go ahead and find one, then make sure genetic testing has been carried out to ensure they will indeed grow into an adult Labradoodle with straight hair.

So, the best way to get yourself a straight hair Labradoodle is to ask around and speak to breeders. 

Overall Summary

A straight hair Labradoodle is the result of genetics, and it occurs when the dog gets the genetic component for their hair from the Labrador parent. It usually only happens with an F1 or F2 Labradoodle thanks to the 50-50 split from a genes perspective.

These dogs are still hypoallergenic and non-shedding even with straight hair. It does look slightly different to what people expect when it comes to a Labradoodle.

But then, you do at least know that there’s nothing wrong with your Labradoodle. It’s just the way genetics have decided to operate in this instance. 

Your dog will still come across as the same wonderful pet with the same characteristics and personality. They will still love you the same way even though their coat is not exactly what you would expect from a Labradoodle.

At the end of the day, whether they are straight hair or curly hair, we can assure you that you will still love owning your Labradoodle. The joy they bring to you is something that you cannot even hope to describe.

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