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What Kind Of A Dog Is A Twoodle?

What Kind Of A Dog Is A Twoodle?

Of all the Doodles you have heard, we bet you have never heard something as unique as the Twoodle. These dogs are relatively new to the designer dog scene. But not many people know much about them. What kind of a dog is a Twoodle? And what kind of care do they need? Keep reading to find out. 

What Makes A Twoodle?

The Twoodle dog is a unique mix bred only by Smeraglia’s Teddybear Goldendoodles. At Smeraglia’s, they have dedicated their lives to creating only the best Doodles. And while talking to a particular client, they came up with a unique cross called the Twoodle in the late 90s. 

What makes these puppies unique is a precise cross of a Smeraglia Schnoodle and a Smeraglia English Goldendoodle. At Smeraglia’s Teddybear Goldendoodles, they don’t cross their dogs like many breeders. In fact, they have copyrighted all of their crosses. So you have to have Smeraglia Schnoodles and English Goldendoodles to make a Twoodle. 

According to their website, a Twoodle is 62.5% Poodle, 25% English Golden Retriever, and 12.5% Schnauzer. And the Twoodle meaning comes from the wow factor that these puppies will have on your life. 

What is the wow factor goal here? Smeraglia’s Teddybear Goldendoodles created the Twoodle to be the perfect companion. They are an ideal blend of all breeds to make a dog that is perfect for all. No matter what you are looking for in your pet, the Twoodle brings it home. 

Twoodle Temperament

Smergalia’s specifically bred this puppy for its fantastic temperament. Your Twoodle will be the best companion for all of life’s adventures. It doesn’t matter if you live a calm life at home or take memorable trips. Your dog will want to be by your side through it all. 

These puppies are loyal from the very beginning. They will love you and your family to a fault. They are known to fair well in families with kids and even do well for the elderly. They adapt well to all that life throws at them. Twoodles are also sensitive to your needs and have an amazing perception of emotions. Many people love these dogs are therapy or service dogs as well. What more could you want in a best friend?

Intelligence And Training A Twoodle

What kind of a dog is a Twoodle? One of the most intelligent dogs you have ever met. These puppies learn fast and crave the work. Smergalia claims that their personal trainers have never seen another dog learn as quickly as the Twoodle. 

Since these dogs are eager to please, they train well. All you need is a small treat and encouragement, and your Twoodle will learn quickly. This is another benefit of the Twoodle crossbreed. Schnoodle puppies are adorable, but the Schnauzer in them makes them a little hard-headed. Breeding the Twoodle gives you the charming combination with an easy to train demeanor. 

Along with this intelligence, you also have to worry about social needs. Smarter dogs need more socialization and companionship than others. If you work long hours or travel a lot, the Twoodle probably isn’t for you. Twoodles that are left alone for too long will develop separation anxiety and adverse behaviors. 

To combat this, most Twoodle owners hire a dog walker to come and let their dogs out. Another option is to find a local doggy daycare for days that you are gone for long hours. And of course, you should always have a toy rotation of busy toys and puzzles to do when you’re gone. 

Twoodle Energy Level

Twoodles are perfect for families that need low to moderate energy level dogs. These dogs are excellent for smaller homes and do well in apartments. With a 30 minute walk daily, your Twoodle will stay happy and healthy. 

But even though these dogs don’t need a lot of exercise, they still love activities. If you have an active lifestyle, the Twoodle dog won’t have an issue keeping up. They love to run, jump and play as much as you do. 

Twoodle Coat Type And Colors

At Smeraglia’s They pride themselves on breeding hypoallergenic dogs that fulfill all of your needs. And while no dog is entirely shed-free, the Twoodle is pretty close. These dogs typically have a wavy to loose curly coat. And they come in some extraordinary colors. You can get these puppies in about any color combo you can think of, from solid chocolate and champagne to phantom and parti colors. 

Grooming Your Twoodle

What kind of a dog is a Twoodle? One with a high maintenance coat, that’s what. Grooming any hypoallergenic dog is going to be one of the hardest parts of owning them. Twoodles need lots of maintenance daily to keep their coats clean and manageable. 

First, you will need to invest in a good set of brushes and combs. We recommend a metal wide tooth comb, a dematting rake, and a slicker brush. Every day you should use the comb to look for matts in your Twoodle’s fur. If you find a small knot, use the dematting rake to break it up for removal gently. And then, finish up by using the slicker brush to make your dog look smooth and silky. 

On top of daily brushing, your Twoodle dog will also need regular hair trims. You should make an appointment every 6-8 weeks with a professional groomer. During these appointments, your Twoodle will have a bath, nail trim, and cut at a minimum. You can always pamper your pup much more to keep them feeling fresh. 

Everyone loves a Teddy Bear Doodle dog, like the Twoodle. But keeping up with the grooming can take time and money. One trick that we like is to have the Doodle cut shorter than usual. Shorter hair is easier to clean and brush. Not to mention if you trim your dog’s hair shorter, they can go longer between haircuts. 

How Big Do Twoodles Get? 

Usually, when you have a multigenerational breed, their sizes are hard to predict. But since Smeraglia only uses their own dogs for breeding Twoodles, they are very predictable. Currently, they only breed small and medium-sized Twoodles, but who knows what’s in store in the future. 

A small Twoodle will be between 25-35 pounds. And a medium will get anywhere between 40-50 pounds. Your Twoodle full grown size will vary depending on the parents used. So no matter if you want a little dog or a larger, Smeraglia’s has got you covered. 

The best part about these dogs is that they have a long lifespan. The average Twoodle has a life expectancy of about 12-15 years. You will have a long and happy life with your best friend. 

Medical Concerns

When looking for Doodles, you might have heard about the hybrid vigor that prevents them from getting sick. But we all know that this hybrid vigor isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Doodles are known to have eye, joint, and skin problems at the very least. Some of these are due to bad breeding, and others from improper care.

When you buy your puppy from Smeraglia’s, they take great care to keep their puppies healthy. Since every dog that Smeraglia’s uses in the Twoodle breeding program are their own creations, it makes genetic tracing easier. All parental breeds are also checked for hip, eye, and heart defects. On top of this, they provide their superiority through DNA testing.

But this is only half the battle. You also have to ensure that you are giving your pup a healthy lifestyle. Feeding high-quality foods in proper proportions and exercise does a lot. Obese dogs are prone to many illnesses and joint problems, so keeping trim is the first step. 

You also will need to ensure that your dog is going for regular checkups. Professional vets so through exams to spot any abnormalities. They also recommend yearly teeth cleaning to ensure that your dog’s teeth and gums are always top-notch. 

Cost Of Twoodles

At the time of writing this article, all Twoodles cost $3,095. This includes first vaccinations, socialization from birth, DNA testing, and all the paperwork along with it. 

The only place to obtain a Twoodle dog legally is through Smeraglia’s. Since Smeraglia dogs are copyrighted, any other place that you find them are not true Twoodles. So if you find Twoodles offered by other breeders, they are likely backyard breeders. This makes the process of interviewing breeders to rule out unethical ones so much easier. 

It also isn’t very common to find Twoodles in shelters. Since Smeraglia has such an extensive application process, they never place a dog in a home unless it’s a good fit. Not to mention if you ever have problems or concerns, Smeraglia’s will take your dog back. 

What Do You Think? 

What kind of a dog is a Twoodle? One that we think deserves to be on everyone’s radar. No matter what your lifestyle is, these dogs are perfect for any home. So go out and get on that waiting list before all the slots fill up! 

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What Kind of a Dog is a Twoodle?

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