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What Is It Like To Own An Eskipoo?

What Is It Like To Own An Eskipoo?

One Doodle that not a lot of people know about is the Eskipoo. They are adorable, fluffy, and a big personality. So what is it like to own an Eskipoo? Let’s take a look together about everything there is to know. Seeing this Poodle mix from the inside out will help you decide if they are the best fit for your home.

What is it like to own an eskipoo


The Eskipoo is a hybrid breed of the American Eskimo dog and a European Poodle. This combo makes up every aspect of how your Eskipoo will act. 

American Eskimo dogs originally served the purpose of herding, guarding, and hunting. But they didn’t originate here in America as the name suggests. Instead, they come from Germany. But people elected to call the white Eskimo dog that we know today by the American title. These dogs are intelligent, social, and protective of their homes. 

European Poodles are also hunting dogs with intense loyalty. These dogs made fantastic waterfowl hunters with high intelligence; before long, they became a popular house pet worldwide. But the Eskipoo is specifically crossed with European Poodles because they tend to have a better shape than Americans. The chests are more pronounced, the jawline sharp, and the waist thinner. 

Eskipoo Temperament

So what is it like to own an Eskipoo? When you bring an Eskipoo into your home, you have a friend for life. No other dog will compare to the way your Eskipoo. They are sweet, loving, loyal, and social. Your Eskipoo will always want to be around you and get all the attention. They are all around good pets to have, even for kids. 

But they also have a streak of the protective American Eskimo dog. They will warn you of any signs of trouble, but don’t let the occasional serious moments fool you. These dogs are puppies for life. You bring any toy out, and they are bounding to play. 

Intelligence Level

When anyone gets a new dog, they wonder how smart they are. We are here to tell you that you will have no troubles with intelligence here. While your Eskipoo might have some silly ditsy moments, they are highly intelligent breeds. 

Eskipoos pick up on commands and house training quickly. In general, they are eager to please their owners. You can usually bribe them with a tasty snack and telling them how wonderful they are. But there is a catch. 

Some Eskipoos become stubborn as they enter the teen years. They will refuse to do tricks they once knew. Some will even act as though they have forgotten their training. But don’t let them fool you. Switch up the commands and stay consistent with your training sessions. Maybe even find irresistible treats. They will come around eventually. 

Energy Levels 

Eskipoos are a very high energy dog. So, when you ask yourself what it is like to own an Eskipoo, you should look at your energy levels. If you don’t have the time or energy to take your Eskipoo for a 45-minute walk daily, they might not be for you. 

But that’s not all that your Eskipoo will need. They also need lots of playtime with the family. And on top of all that, Eskipoos also need lots of mental stimulation. Puzzles, chew toys, interactive toys, and training are all required to keep your pets entertained. 

Coat Type

Everyone loves a good Doodle for their hypoallergenic coats, but is the Eskipoo hypoallergenic? Your Eskipoo will have either a straight, wavy, or curly coat. But not all of these coats are created equal. 

If having a low shedding coat is essential to you, you will want to stay with wavy and curly coat types. Straight coats will shed like the American Eskimo dog. Neither the wavy nor curly coats are completely shed-free. But the Eskipoo shed very minimally with regular grooming. 

Another great thing about the Eskipoo is that they also come in a variety of colors. You might have noticed by now that the white Eskipoo is the most popular among breeders. But since the European Poodle comes in multiple colors, so does the Eskipoo. Nothing will stop you if you want a black, cream, brown, or even grey Eskipoo. 


What is it like to own an Eskipoo? Grooming your Eskipoo is another large part of life with a Doodle. All of that glorious coat needs a lot of attention and can get a little pricey. For starters, you will need to brush your Eskipoo every day to prevent knots. Doing this will take about 20 minutes a day, starting as soon as you bring your puppy home. 

Salon visits are also essential to start as young as possible. You will need to get your Eskipoo groomed every 6-8 weeks. At these appointments, they will get a bath, nail trim, and Eskipoo haircuts. And they will need them for life. The sooner you get your puppies used to these appointments, the better they will tolerate it. 

All of this grooming is so important because your Eskipoos will have a very different coat type. It will mat easily and cause damage to the skin, and grows continuously. If these mats are left untouched for too long, it makes moving painful. The only way to resolve extreme cases of this is to shave them down almost to the skin. And no one wants to make their dogs naked due to lack of care. 

Eskipoo Size And Lifespan

An Eskipoo full grown will only get about 10-20 pounds. That’s great news if you live in smaller areas since these dogs don’t take up much space. It also makes them perfect for families with small children. Smaller dogs are less likely to knock over a wobbly toddler and cause accidents. And to top it all off, your small Eskipoo will cost less than large breeds. 

Another outstanding characteristic of the Eskipoo is that they have a long lifespan. The average lifespan is about 10-13 years. But for dogs with proper care and superior genetics, they could live as long as 15. And every year counts when it comes to man’s best friend. 

Health Analysis

The Eskipoo is one of the few Doodles that genuinely are resilient. They don’t have as many ailments as other Doodles, and you can prevent the few they do have. A few common problems with Eskipoos include separation anxiety, eye disease, and dental issues. 

Separation anxiety is prevalent in all Doodles, and it comes with the territory of intelligent breeds. But with Eskipoos, it’s worth noting that they become excessive barkers when left alone for a long time. They can also start to destroy the house if they spend most of their days alone. 

Now we understand that not everyone can stay home with their dogs. That doesn’t mean you can’t own an Eskipoo; it just means that you have to make a few adjustments. Lots of toys and busy toys are a must. They will also need a toy rotation to keep them from being bored. 

Another great option is a doggie daycare where your Eskipoo can run and play all day. This solution is a win-win. Your dog will get all the exercise they need, and you don’t have to worry about your dog’s sanity. 

You can prevent other diseases, like eye disease, through proper breeding. If the parents carry the genes for genetic mutations, then your puppy is more likely to get it. And then we come to dental disease. This is another easily prevented problem as long as your dog has annual teeth cleaning. So they aren’t as big of an issue as your dog’s mental health. 

Eskipoo Price

So if you have decided to get an Eskipoo puppy, you might be curious about the price. For a puppy, the national average is $700-$2k. But don’t let that price scare you. This price can change based on breeding lines, color, and even your location. If Eskipoos are common in your area, you might find that your puppy is cheaper to buy. But in rural areas, they cost a little on the high end. 

And of course, you have to worry about all of the extra costs. Most puppies from a reputable breeder come with shots, a small bag of food, and a blankie with their mom’s scent. But you will need to pick up some essentials along the way. All of your puppy’s basic needs will cost about another $1-$2k. 

But that is just the price if you are getting a puppy. It is possible to adopt Eskipoos in some circumstances. You might have luck looking at Poodle, Doodle, and even American Eskimo rescues in some states. You could adopt an older dog and sometimes even puppies for just a few hundred dollars. 

So What Does All Of This Mean? 

What is it like to own an Eskipoo? It’s having a fun, energetic ball of fluff right at your side always. They might seem a little high maintenance, but we think they are totally worth it. All you have to do is look into their eyes to know that is true. 

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What Is It Like To Own an Eskipoo?

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