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What Is It Like To Own A Newfiedoodle?

What Is It Like To Own A Newfiedoodle?

Newiedoodles are the hot Doodle to have anymore. They are sweet, intelligent, and everyone seems to want one. And we can’t blame them! They are like giant teddybears that we can’t get enough of. However, they can be a lot of responsibility. So before you head out to buy a puppy, you should ask what Is It like to own a Newfiedoodle?

What Its Like To Own a Newfiedoodle?

What Is A Newfiedoodle? 

The Newfiedoodle AKA: Newfydoodle is a hybrid designer dog that technically isn’t its own breed. When you own a Newfiedoodle, you have a dog that is half Poodle and half Newfoundland. 

From the Poodle, you get a dog designed for hunting. The Poodle is world-famous for its intelligence and eagerness to please. They are the perfect companion dogs. The Newfoundland is a helping breed that assists their owners originally in pulling nets and firewood. These dogs live to help their owners in anything they need. Most Newfoundlands even foresee what their owners need before the command comes. This combination has created the perfect companion animal. 

But why does a dog’s heritage matter? For one, it shapes every aspect of your hybrid. Knowing that your Doodle is a mixture of two working-class dogs helps you understand them. It explains what your dog’s purpose is and how they fit into your family. So let’s take a closer look!

The Newfiedoodle Temperament

The first thing we will look at is the temperament of your Newfiedoodle. Newfiedoodles are one of the most affectionate dogs you’ll ever meet. They love their families with all they have. Newfiedoodles are not only the perfect dogs for you but also for your kids. With their protective instincts and their gentle natures, your kids can’t be safer. 

So when you think about what Is It like to own a Newfiedoodle? A best friend should come to mind. And we aren’t just saying that because they are dogs. You will find that your Newfiedoodle will adore you and everything you do. You won’t get far without your Doodle by your side. 

The Newfiedoodle Intelligence 

When you get a Newfydoodle, you should prepare for how smart they are. Newfydoodles might look like big goofy dogs, which they are. But they are also intelligent and sensitive creatures. Your Newfiedoodle training is easy, and they pick up on your emotions. These qualities make them perfect for therapy dogs or as working dogs on a farm. 

There is no end to the possibilities for this Doodle. But it’s also worth mentioning that this intelligence also needs constant consideration. Your Newfydoodle puppy might become bored quickly. So you will need to have plenty of puzzles and toys to entertain them. 

It also means that your puppy will need regular training sessions to keep their minds sharp. You don’t have to teach your Newfydoodle every trick known to man. But it helps to have refresher courses several times a week for mental stimulation. And it fulfills your dog’s need for a task. 

Finally, this high intelligence also means that your Newfiedoodle is prone to separation anxiety. If your home is empty for the majority of the day, your Newfiepoo might start to feel left out. Without company, they begin to entertain themselves with destructive behaviors. Running away, tearing up the house, and digging in the yard are all signs that your Doodle is bored. So you will want to keep that in mind before buying a puppy. 

Energy Levels

It’s essential to get a dog that compliments your energy levels. If you aren’t very active or can’t get outside often, you might want to steer clear of the Newfiedoodle. Newfydoodles are a high-energy dog that needs lots of exercise. Most Newfiepoos do best with 60-90 minutes of exercise a day. 

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But Newfiepoos don’t need this all at once. You could break it up between walk in the morning and afternoon. It’s also possible to mix it up with walks around the park and taking them to a dog park. And don’t forget that one-on-one playtime also counts as exercise for our furry friends. 

Newfiedoodle Grooming Needs

Now we come to the topic that is probably the most important. No doubt that what first attracted you to the Newfydoodle was the hypoallergenic Doodle coat. But you should also consider that the coat is the most high maintenance part of owning a Newfydoodle. It requires lots of attention and money to keep it looking nice. 

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The first part of grooming Newfydoodles is to brush them daily. Keeping your Newfydoodle brushed will only take about 15-20 minutes a day. But your groomer will thank you for being so thorough. The reason for this is that the Newfydoodle has a delicate and silky coat. These coat types get knotted and matted to the skin easily. And if you aren’t careful, it could become excruciating. 

The next grooming requirement is bathing. Newfoundland dogs tend to have an oily coat that gives them waterproof protection. And unfortunately, that can sometimes pass down to the Newfypoo puppies. You might notice oil spots in areas where your puppy sleeps if you don’t bathe them enough. So at least once a month, you should give your Doodle a nice soothing bath. 

And finally, your Newfydoodle will also need hair trims every 6-8 weeks. Since your Newfydoodle won’t shed like short hair dogs, their hair grows continually. Some websites will tell you that your dog can go as long as six months without a haircut, but this is dangerous. The longer your Doodle’s hair is, the easier it mats. Before you know it, your dog will mat to the skin and require a complete shave. 

So as you can see, the Newfydoodle fur requires a lot of time. You will spend a little time every day tending to the hair. And it also requires a big chunk of change. Most groomers charge by size for their services, and Newfypoos aren’t so little. Hypoallergenic coats are favored for their low shedding, but they still require a lot of time. 

Newfiedoodle Size And Lifespan

Wondering what Is It like to own a Newfiedoodle? It’s like owning a giant hairball that just so happens to be your best friend. The Newfydoodle is a mix of standard Poodles and Newfoundlands, so these puppies grow to 150 pounds or more. That’s a lot of dog to love, but they also require a lot. The cost of owning large dogs is considerably more than smaller ones. It also means that they need more space. 

These large breeds aren’t for everyone. And that’s why some breeders have taken to creating a mini. These smaller Newfydoodles are an F1B cross that makes them about 50 pounds. But these mini sizes vary between every breeder. So it’s best to look at the parents and talk with your breeder about what to expect. 

But no matter what size of Newfiedoodle you get, they have a lifespan of 8-12 years. This is a long time for larger breeds, which typically only live 7-10 years. So you can consider yourself lucky on this point. 

Newfiedoodle Health

Not many people consider health when they think about what Is It like to own a Newfiedoodle? But health is essential to consider for many reasons. The first being to decide if you have what it takes physically and financially to care for your Doodle should they get sick. The second reason to consider health is so you can choose a better breeder. A reputable breeder will know these issues and health test all of their breeding pairs. So you know that your puppy isn’t predisposed to diseases. 

So what are Newfiedoodles prone to? 

  • Heart diseases such as dilated cardiomyopathy and subaortic stenosis
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Bone density problems that cause easy breaks
  • Thyroid issues 
  • Epilepsy 
  • Eye diseases such as glaucoma, progressive retinal atrophy, and cataracts
  • And diabetes 

So when you choose a breeder, you should ask them about the parental health history. A great breeder will have all of the vet paperwork ready, along with DNA analysis. So you will know that your puppy is the best you can buy. 


And lastly, we come to the Newfiedoodle pricetag. The average Newfiepoo puppy only costs $500-$1,500, which is relatively cheap compared to most Doodle breeds. With an additional $1,000 for supplies, you can bring your Doodle home for next to nothing compared to other breeds. 

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But keep in mind that as your puppy grows, it will cost more and more. These large dogs eat between 3-4 cups of food daily, which averages $55-$100 a month to keep them fed. Then you have to add in the cost of toys, treats, and other necessities. And don’t forget grooming and medical bills. When it’s all said and done, these large breeds can get expensive fast. 

Do You Have What It Takes? 

There’s a lot to love about the Newfiedoodle. And now that you know what Is It like to own a Newfiedoodle? What do you think? Can you imagine yourself cuddled up to a massive dog every night relaxing after a fun day? Can you see yourself loving every aspect of these incredible dogs, even the grooming? If so, then the Newfypoo might be perfect for you. 

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What Its Like To Own a Newfiedoodle?

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