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What Is An English Doodle Dog?

What Is An English Doodle Dog?

So, What Is An English Doodle Dog? With so many different Doodle breeds on the market, finding the right one for you can be tough.

Everyone gets an American Goldendoodle or Labradoodle, but you might want something different. A fantastic breed of Doodle that many have not heard of before.

If this is you, you may want an English Doodle Dog. But what is an English Doodle dog? Let’s explore these fantastic creatures together to see if they are just what you want.

What Is An English Doodle Dog?
English Doodle Dog


First, let us explain what English Doodles are. The English Doodle is a crossbreed between an English Cream Golden Retriever and a Poodle.

These Doodles are also called English Cream Doodles or Teddy Bear Doodles. They get the name Teddy Bear because they typically have a large, more boxed head than their American counterparts.

These adorable dogs were first bred in the USA in the ’90s. These dogs are more laid back and calm compared to the American Goldendoodle.

The English Doodle was initially a great therapy companion and service dog. But, they have since risen to popularity and are the up-and-coming next top designer breed.

Once people caught wind of the hypoallergenic breeds, these Doodles have risen in the ranks.


When you bring an English Doodle home, you should know how much joy and happiness it will bring. The English Doodle is the most relaxed and calm breed of any other Doodle.

These Doodles are lap dogs by nature and love people. They enjoy being the center of attention and following you on any possible adventure.

Since these Doodles were bred for therapy dogs, it is easy to see how attached they become to their owners. They are loyal and very intuitive to your feelings.

They always know when you feel a little blue or under the weather. And they know what the doctor ordered to get you feeling better again.

Though these Doodles are relaxed, they are not couch potatoes. They love being a part of the fun and playing with you daily—some love to do everything that their American counterparts love to do also.

They love to play, run, and romp around after all the fun and games every dog loves.

What Is An English Doodle Dog?

Energy Levels

The Teddy Bear Doodle is known for its calm demeanor. They love to cuddle just as much as they enjoy a great game of fetch.

These Doodles are so popular because they do not require all the extra exercises that others do. These dogs do just fine with low to moderate exercise daily.

30-60 minutes daily is OK to keep them healthy and happy.

What these dogs lack in energy, they make up for in intelligence. The higher the intelligence in dogs, the more mental stimulation they need.

So be prepared to not leave them alone for extended amounts of time. And, when they are left alone, it is wise to have someone drop by and check up on them.

Busy toys and puzzles are another great way of providing mental stimulation.


With high intelligence comes exceptional training abilities. You can train your English Cream Doodle in record time and do almost anything.

These dogs love to please their owners, and that works to your advantage with training. Your dog will be happy to do anything you ask and for as little as a small treat.

Owners have raved that their English Doodles have trained faster than other breeds. And that they can train their companions to do amazing things.

Your dog will love training sessions with you. Since they love mental stimulation, training programs provide them with plenty to do. Your dog will love having tasks and the feeling of accomplishment after.

This training ability makes the English Doodle so great to have as a therapy dog. They learn how to read your emotions and what to do in different situations.

They can also be trained as service dogs to fetch medication, guide you, or perform small tasks.


Like all Doodles, the English Doodles are considered hypoallergenic. Hypoallergenic means that they are little to no shedding dogs.

This low shedding can be great for people who have allergies or asthma. But, with this significant aspect comes great responsibility.

Before getting an English Doodle, be prepared to brush your Doodle regularly. You will want to invest in a great set of brushes to keep their fur tangle-free.

You must also be prepared to take your dog to the groomer every 6-12 weeks. This grooming appointment is for a good bath and haircut.

These haircuts are needed because since their hair does not shed, it grows continually. Cutting their hair keeps it healthy and mat-free.

Coat Types

English Cream Goldendoodles have three main coat types. They usually have a wavy or curly coat type. And in rare cases, you will have straight hair.

Most people love wavy or curly types because these types are little to non-shedding. And, since these are a hybrid breed, getting a straight-haired pup in the mix is not uncommon.

These curly and wavy coats give them classic teddy bear looks.

Color Variations

With these English Goldendoodles, you may think that they only come in one color. But, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Since these mixed breeds can have any color of Poodle, you can have almost any color of English Doodle.

They generally come in creme, apricot, black, and chocolate. But, there are some rare color variations like the red doodle dog or the black and white parts.

Remember, though, that the more unusual the color is, the longer you will have to wait for these puppies to become available.

Since individual color variations are hard to predict, it can be up to six months before they are available again.

Size and Lifespan

One of the fantastic things about the English Doodle is that they come in several sizes. You will have your choice between small, medium, and standard.

Smaller Doodle dogs generally do not do well in apartments because their energy levels are the same as a standard Doodle.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth with an English Doodle. Since they are so laid back, they are perfect for apartment living.

Small Doodles grow to be 12-15 inches tall and 18-30 pounds; This is great for people who want all the qualities of a Doodle in more minor living situations.

There are also Medium English Doodles that are 16-19 inches and 30-50 pounds, making them a great middle ground. And lastly, some Standards grow to 19-23 inches and 50-85 pounds.

These lovable Bear Doodle dogs will be with your family for years. These companions live 10-15 years, with smaller varieties living the longest.

With a healthy diet and exercise, it isn’t uncommon for your Doodle to live longer and healthier lives.

What Is An English Doodle Dog?

Health Concerns

Generally, these Doodles are very healthy in all regards. But, these breeds are still relatively new to the Doodle group, and therefore it is hard to tell what conditions they will be prone to getting.

Most Goldendoodle varieties are prone to hip dysplasia, eye disease, and cancers. When choosing a breeder, you must get all medical records from the parent dogs.

These records should show DNA testing and the likelihood of your puppy developing a disease later in life.

While these tests are not 100%, it is a way to ensure that your breeder hasn’t bred two dogs together that carry a genetic trait for a disease.


Since the English Doodle is relatively new to the designer game, it can be hard to find a breeder for them. Since breeders are not as common as other Doodle breeds, you will likely pay a steep price.

Depending on size and color variations, a reputable breeder will charge anywhere from $1,500-$5,000. These breeders will also have a long waiting list of about six months.

But, when you purchase from a reputable breeder, be assured that this money is well spent. These breeders have dedicated their lives to making the breed better.

That means your dog and its parents are tested and bred to be healthy. You will not get poorly bred dogs needing medical attention later in life.


Do you think the English Goldendoodle is the right pet for you and your household? These fantastic dogs make great companions you will love for years.

They will be part of your family and never leave your side. These dogs will mold right into your lifestyle and add a little extra spark at the end of the day.

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