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What is a Pyredoodle?

What is a Pyredoodle?

So, what is a Pyredoodle? A Pyredoodle is a hybrid of a Poodle and a Great Pyrenees. You might look at these charming Doodles and might want to get one yourself. However, before ever getting a pet, you may want to look into the pros and cons of owning a Pyredoodle. You may find that, although cute, they might not fit well into your home.

Furthermore, this is precisely what we are going to do today. We are going to see all the fantastic aspects of owning a Pyredoodle and the downside. This will make it easier to decide which one is best for you.

Pros Of Owning A Pyredoodle

First, we would like to take a look at the pros of owning a Pyredoodle. Each of these aspects is excellent reasons you would want to own a Pyredoodle. These are parts of the breed that will fit well into your life and make owning one enjoyable.


The best pro for owning a Pyredoodle is that they are hypoallergenic. Since Pyredoodles is half Poodle, they tend to have little to no shedding at all. This is an excellent pro for anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma. It can also mean less cleaning up the hair around the house.


A Pyredoodles temperament is one that every family would love. They are kind and gentle to all the people in their families. They are incredibly loyal and have a fantastic ability to judge the characters of all the people they meet.

While they can be shy, they are also protective of their families. These Doodles are a true friendly giant.

Good With Kids

This temperament is what makes them great with kids. They are a calm and collected dog that kids will not be afraid of. Pyredoodles also has such a soft heart for children, and genuinely enjoy their company. They can be shy at first, but early socialization can help with their openness to kids.

Activity Levels

Everyone who has ever seen a Doodle often wonders if they all are so energetic. Lucky for you, the Pryedoodle is not. Your dog will only need moderate exercise to keep them healthy and fit.

However, do not let this fool you into thinking they do not love to play. Your Pyredoodle will enjoy activities during on weekends and relaxing throughout the week.

Easy To Train

One of the marvelous pros to a Pyredoodle is that they are easy to train. With intelligence coming from both breed lines, Pyredoodles catch on quickly to tasks and perform well. Since they are eager to please, positive reinforcement is the best training option. With a few treats and praise, your Pyredoodle will follow any command you give them.


Pyredoodles have a strong instinct to protect their loved ones. With a little training and socialization to give them courage, your Pyredoodle will protect and guard your home for you.

They rarely bark, but when they do, their booming voices will ward off anyone. No one will want to mess with a dog of their size and confidence. Nevertheless, socialization is vital. Not every Pyredoodle has the courage and may even run to hide in the event of intruders.

Not Common

Pyredoodles are a newer Doodle breed that has a somewhat muddled history. These Doodles have only been around since the ’80s, and therefore not as well known as other breeds.

Since they are not as common, they are less likely to come from puppy mills and backyard breeders. They do not suffer from illnesses that other breeds do from being overbred and inbred from greedy breeders. Though this is not entirely impossible, it is just less likely to happen.


The Pyredoodle is a large breed that can top over 100 pounds fully grown. However, some breeders have a Mini Pyredoodle as an excellent option for those who do not want a larger breed. These minis can be hard to find, and even harder to guess their exact size. To get a better idea of how small your puppy will be, view the parents in person. Your Mini Pyredoodle will not be larger than the mother (the Pyrenees) or smaller than the father (the Poodle.)

Colors Available

One thing most people do not think about is the color variations available. Some Doodles only come in just a few colors, but the Pyredoodle comes in many. The most common are cream, white, brown, and black Pyredoodles.

Furthermore, the best part is that these different colors will not cost you any more money. This is not very common in most Doodles because different color variations are harder to plan and predict. However, with the Pyredoodle, they are almost guaranteed to be a specific color and purposely bred for that color.


You would think that since the Pyredoodle is not as common, that you would not be able to find and rescue one. Nevertheless, that is actually the opposite. You can usually find Pyredoodles on breed-specific rescues.

If you wish to adopt, be on the lookout for Pyredoodle rescues, Doodle rescues, and the Pyrenees rescues in your area. Rescues can be great for families that love the designer breed but want to help save a life instead.



Everyone loves the non-shedding coats, but many find the upkeep to be too much. Pyredoodle grooming done by a professional will be needed every 6-12 weeks. This added cost can steer owners away from wanting any Doodle at all.

However, did you know that they required daily grooming as well? How to groom a Pyredoodle depends on their coat type and length. Most Doodles will need to be brushed daily with a slicker brush and combed to prevent matting. For some, this can be too much time and money.

Medical Concerns

All breeds have medical conditions they can be prone to, and you should consider these before purchasing. Pyredoodles can be prone to obesity, heart disease, eye conditions, skin ailments, and epilepsy, to name a few. They are also very prone to bloat, and exercise after eating a meal can intensify this risk. While some of these can be eliminated with good breeding, they are not avoidable.

Shy Personalities

Pyredoodles can be known to be outgoing and very confident, but they were not born that way. It takes a lot of socialization early in life to bring about this behavior and will take practice every day. Without socialization, your Pyredoodle may become withdrawn, shy, and scared of the world.

Shorter Life Expectancy

Most large breeds do not have a long lifespan, which is true for the Pyredoodle. Pyredoodles live 10-12 years, which can be a big downfall for people wishing to have their best friends around for longer.

It may be possible to have a Mini Pyredoodle live a little longer, but it is not much is known about them. So lifespan can be harder to predict in minis.


One pro is that Pyredoodles are only moderately active. However, one con is that they can become couch potatoes quickly. Since Pyredoodles do not need much exercise, with age, it can be hard to get them moving at all.

They may be more likely to sleep and cuddle all day rather than play. This lack of mobility can quickly lead to an obese dog, and obesity can lead to heart, lung, liver, and joint damage.


The Pyredoodle can cost anywhere from $680- $2,400. When you buy from the lower end of this scale, you risk purchasing a poorly bred puppy.

Cheaper puppies are more likely to come from backyard breeders that do not health screen their dogs. Nevertheless, on the higher end, you are getting a dog that is bred with care.

Space Needs

Another con of owning a Pyredoodle is that they all need larger houses. Even though they are calm and quiet, fitting a 100-pound dog into a small space doesn’t work well. Even Mini Pyredoodles need a decent amount of space and a yard to roam in.

Not Common

And the last con is that they are not common. As you can see above, this can have many perks. However, it can be problematic, as well. Finding a breeder may be hard in some areas, which drives the price up. You may even have to be on a waiting list for a while before getting your puppy.

Furthermore, if you cannot find a breeder in your area, you will also have to pay for transportation fees. These fees can come from delivery, meeting halfway, or even flying your puppy to their new home. All of these reasons could be reasons why you would not want a Pyredoodle.

In Conclusion:

If you are still with us, you may have already decided that a Pyredoodle is the best choice for you. If so, congratulations! Owning a Pyredoodle can be one of the most rewarding things in the world.

You will have a best friend that is just as cuddly as they look. They bring joy to all the love and are willing to please at all costs. There might be some cons to every dog, but our love outweighs them all.

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