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What Is A Newfypoo’s Lifespan?

What Is A Newfypoo’s Lifespan?

Newfypoos are a blessing to anyone who has them. They have so many outstanding characteristics. Unfortunately, many prospective owners bypass these large dog breeds because they don’t think they live for long.

But that isn’t the case for our Newfypoos. So what is a Newfypoo’s lifespan? And while we are at it, let’s talk about what care they will need their entire lives. That way, you can decide if they are the perfect match for you.

What Is A Newfypoo’s Lifespan?

These designer dogs are a hybrid of the massive Newfoundland dog and the Poodle. So when you are calculating the age of these Doodles, you have to look at both parental lines. Then you can guess the average of these dogs.

The Newfoundland is a large dog with a short life expectancy of only 8-10 years. But the Poodle has a considerably longer lifespan of 12-15 years. So by looking at the parental breeds, we can guess that the Newfypoo will live between 8-12 years, which isn’t bad for a dog that weighs between 70-150 pounds.

But don’t forget there are Mini Newfypoos. Instead of a Standard Poodle, breeders use a Mini Poodle to create a Mini Newfydoodle that weighs between 35-65 pounds. And these smaller Doodles can live between 12-15 years, sometimes even longer.

And since we have been breeding Newfypoos since the 80s, this has held true for the most part. If your dog is in good health and you take great care of them, they could live longer.

Does Newfypoos Have Health Problems?

One of the biggest factors in the Newfypoos lifespan is their health. And if you know what your dog is prone to, you can do everything you can to prevent them. Here are some of the most common health issues a Newfypoo dog can have:

  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Thyroid disease
  • Skin allergies
  • Bloat
  • Heart conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • Joint and bone damage
  • And diabetes

Not all of these health problems are life-threatening. But they can age your dog beyond their years if these diseases get out of hand. So keep up with a proper diet, regular exercise, and vet checkups to prolong your Newfypoo’s lifespan.

Joint And Bone Health

One of the biggest problems with large dogs is poor joints and bone support. And it is also the most expensive health condition. But your Newfypoo will have a double whammy here since it’s genetic on both ends of the purebred dogs. So what can you do to protect this?

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  • DNA testing from the parents to show that they are not genetically predisposed to joint problems.
  • Keeping your dog fit.
  • Waiting to spay and neuter your dog until after 18 months old.
  • And keeping rigorous activity to a minimum until their bones and joints develop around 18 months old.

How Much Should I Feed My Newfypoo?

You’ve heard the saying that you are what you eat. And the same thing is true for our dogs. If we feed them low-quality foods and lots of treats, they can’t be their best. So how do we combat this? Feeding top-quality foods with limited and wholesome ingredients.

And portion control is just as crucial as the quality of food. Since Newfypoos are prone to bloat, it’s important to spread out their meals between 2-3 times a day. In total, most Newfypoos eat between 4-6 cups, depending on their size.

So they can get expensive over their lifetime. However, if you want to cut costs, you can get a Mini Newfypoo that eats 2-4 cups daily.

Can Newfypoos Become Overweight?

Any dog could become overweight if you aren’t careful. And when asking what is a Newfypoo’s lifespan, weight is a significant factor. Obese dogs have more heart problems, a higher risk of diabetes, and shorter lifespans. So it’s essential to feed your dog according to your vet recommendations and the food directions.

Are Newfypoos High Energy?

No matter if you have a standard or mini, the Newfypoo is a moderately active dog. They aren’t a hyper dog that never settles down, but they do need regular daily exercise. And if you keep your dog in good health, they might not slow down until they are seniors.

How Much Exercise Does A Newfypoo Need?

You can expect a Newfypoo to need an hour of exercise daily. This means rigorous activities such as brisk walks, playing, fetch, running, and other outdoor activities. So before bringing your puppy home, ask yourself if you can keep up with them for the next 8-12 years.

Are Newfypoos Playful?

The great news is that getting your Newfypoo won’t be a chore. These gentle giants love to play and are up for anything you want. They are even great around young children to play in the appropriate ways.

Most owners find that it’s a good idea to break up playtime, and walks throughout the day work best. Doing this keeps your dog entertained and worn out. So you can maximize cuddle time in the evenings.

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Can Newfypoos Swim?

One great exercise for dogs is a swim in the pool or lake. And your Newfypoo will have a blast swimming. Since this hybrid dog comes from a long line of excellent swimmers, your Newfypoo will pick it up quickly.

And once they get into the water, you might find it challenging to get them out. Just remember to dry them thoroughly when they get out of the water to prevent skin conditions and ear infections.

Do F1 Newfypoos Shed?

Something that most people don’t consider when they bring a dog home is the grooming involved. And since F1 Newfypoos don’t shed much, they are very high maintenance in the grooming department.

Your Newfypoo will need daily brushing to keep its thick coat tangle-free. And they will also need professional grooming every 6-8 weeks to get a bath and haircut. Otherwise, their hair will continue to grow. But one thing to consider when it comes to grooming is a large size could be an issue.

With larger dogs, you will spend more time daily brushing. And if they get mats quickly, then it could take even longer than small dogs. Groomers also often charge for haircuts according to how large your dog is. So the larger your dog, the more expensive it is.

You could cut back on grooming by getting a Mini Newfypoo. And by using a few tricks like shaving your Newfypoo to go longer between cuts. But in the end, grooming will be a part of your life for the next 8-15 years either way.

Another way to cut back on grooming is to get a straight-haired Newfypoo. The curly and wavy coat types are all non-shedding. But straight hair will shed like the Newfoundland parents. While you won’t have the benefits of a hypoallergenic coat, it will save you on grooming costs.

Do Newfypoos Bark Alot?

One of the best things about Newfypoos is that they don’t bark much. That doesn’t mean they don’t ever bark, though. Your Newfypoo will grow up to have a deep and low bark. And if they sense trouble or intruders, they aren’t afraid to use it.

So if you want an excellent watchdog, the Newfypoo is perfect for you. You won’t spend up to 15 years with a yappy dog. And they still protect the homestead.

How Much Is A Newfypoo?

And finally, we come to one loaded question. How much does a Newfypoo cost? Well, buying a Newfypoo puppy is the cheapest part of this journey.

Breeders in the United States typically charge anywhere between $500-$1,500 per puppy. These puppies should come from DNA-tested parents and health cleared by a vet. But there is more to the cost of just the puppy.

You can also figure about another $1,000 for all of the start-up supplies. And you have your upkeep costs of food, toys, and grooming every month. Most Doodle owners spend anywhere between $2-4k on all of these necessities. So do you think you can handle these costs for your Newfypoo’s lifespan?

Does The Price Of A Puppy Affect The Lifespan?

There are lots of ways to cut back on the costs of owning a dog. But one area you never want to skimp on is the price of the puppy. You really do get what you pay for with a designer dog.

There are a lot of backyard breeders out there that want to make a quick buck. And since Doodles are in high demand, everyone thinks they can become a breeder. Unfortunately, this thinking has flooded the market with ill-bred dogs prone to many health issues at lower prices.

However, you shouldn’t assume that higher prices automatically mean better breeding. You will still want to do your research and interview breeders. If the breeder DNA tests their dogs and temperament tests, then your Newfypoo has a higher chance of being healthy.

Are You Still Up For The Newfypoo?

What is a Newfypoo’s lifespan? A long and joyful 8-12 years for a standard or 12-15 for a mini. So you will have plenty of time with your best friend. But that also means a long commitment. Are you up for that challenge?

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What is a Newfypoo's Lifespan?

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