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What Do I Look For When Boarding My Doodle Dog?

What Do I Look For When Boarding My Doodle Dog?

What Do I Look For When Boarding My Doodle Dog? We would all love to take our Doodles with us on our vacations.

But it may not always be possible, especially in the event of family emergencies or when leaving the country.

In these cases, having a backup plan is still a great idea. A kennel can be your dog’s home away from home.

When I look for the right boarding facility for my Doodle Dog, it is essential to choose one that is right for your dog and will make them feel as comfortable as possible.

You may be wondering what to look for in a kennel. Let’s take a look!

Size Of Kennels

When you take tours of kennels, it is always important to ask about all sizes available in kennels. Most boarding facilities will have a stand size but have upgrades available at an additional cost.

These larger kennels can be worth the money for larger breeds of Doodles. Since Doodles are known to have separation anxiety, small enclosures can worsen the symptoms.

You will want a large kennel that your dog can walk the length and width; this will vary depending on the size of the Doodle.

If the boarding facility happens to have indoor/outdoor kennels, this same rule applies to the inside portion.

Even if the enclosure is indoor/outdoor, you will want to focus on the interior part more.

You will want to ensure enough space because your Doodle will likely be shut in at night to adhere to noise ordinances.

Also, your dog will spend most of his time inside in extreme heat or cold.

What To Bring

Many Doodle dog kennels will allow you to bring as much or as little as you want to keep your dog comfortable.

Generally, pet parents across the USA bring bedding, blankets, treats, and food. They may offer things such as bedding to prevent the destruction of your belongings.

Bringing items that your Doodle knows and loves is the better option.

Since dogs use smell to identify their surroundings, bedding that smells of other dogs may stress them out.

You may even want to bring their favorite bedtime snacks or toys that are their favorites. All of these are great for keeping your dog feeling right at home.

If any kennel does not allow these objects, stay away from them. These kennels are not welcoming and knowledgeable of dog psychology.

Fabulous kennels might label your belongings to ensure they all return home safely.

They will even wash any soiled bedding before you pick it up, which means one less thing to do when you get home to unpack.

Feeding Times And Medications

Every boarding facility has its feeding schedule. You may want to ask about these feeding times, and if your dog eats more frequently, ask if they can add feedings.

These facilities do have many dogs in their care every day, so their feeding times may vary slightly from your regular feeding times.


But generally, they feed all the dogs every morning and every night. If your dog only eats once a day, don’t worry. Just let them know what meal times your dog has so they can follow it.

If your dog takes a specific medication, during the tour is a great time to ask if they can medicate.

Most facilities can give pills, but not all are trained to administer insulin shots. Also, if your dog has a condition requiring special attention, now is the time to discuss it.

Depending on the severity of the disease, they may not be able to give your dog the care he requires.


All boarding facilities give each dog individual playtimes. There are a few things about this playtime that you will want to ask questions about.

Play Areas

While touring the Doodle dog kennels, you will want to view and inspect the play areas. These areas should be clean and well-managed.

If the play areas are outdoors, they must be well-kept and have plenty of space. You must notice if the play area is fenced and free of doggie poop.

In some areas, playtime can be in a group with other dogs or alone. You will want to ask how many people supervise these dog groups and how large the groups can get.

A great rule of thumb is one person per 15 dogs. If your dog does not get along with others, ask if they can accommodate playtimes outside of group play.

Amount Of Playtime

Another great inquiry would be how much time your Doodle will spend outside the kennel.

Some will look for a boarding facility for your Doodle Dog with free all-day doggie daycare for everyone who boards with them, while others will have to pay extra.

Even if daycare is extra, there should be some outside play daily. In most cases, this playtime is at least an hour.

Time outside the kennel is essential to your dog’s stay. These playtimes allow them to socialize with other dogs and get affection from people.


Another great thing to look for in a kennel is what vaccinations are required. A great Doodle dog kennel will need all guests to have rabies, bordetella, and parvo vaccinations.

These vaccinations are to protect all dogs that stay on the premises. Any dog allowed to visit without these vaccines can potentially threaten your Doodle.

All states require rabies vaccines, even if you do not board your dog. But vaccines like Bordetella and parvo are sometimes by request only.

These vaccines are just as necessary, though! Bordetella is widely spread throughout kennels across the country. It can cause great respiratory distress to your Doodle that can require hospitalization.

The vaccine can protect against most strains and prevent the spread of what is commonly called “Kennel Cough.”

The Parvo vaccine is just as important because this disease alters a dog’s brain that can cause irreversible damage.

A dog that carries parvo can spread it into the ground through feces. Once this happens, that soil is contaminated for years unless treated with strong chemicals.

Choosing a facility that requires all these vaccinations is better to protect your Doodle.

Bad Weather And Emergencies

When you look for a boarding facility in your area for your Doodle Dog, you may want to ask about what they do in emergencies.

Every facility will have action plans in case of natural disasters or medical emergencies.

They will also have access to a 24-hour vet if something happens and they cannot contact your vet.

These emergencies are rare, but they will know how to handle them correctly. They care just as much as you that your pets come home safe.

They will have evacuation plans and always notify you and all emergency contacts of anything happening.

Also, there should be a backup plan for any outside playtime in heat waves or cold fronts. Most Doodles enjoy the cold weather, but not so much to be out in it all day.

And since most Doodles have thick, lush hair, they can quickly overheat. A great boarding facility will have events planned when outside play is not an option.


Lastly, a great thing to watch out for is cleanliness. The facility should be clean and dry and be free of foul odors and excessive waste in kennels where the dogs sleep. 

Cleanliness is one aspect that can quickly get out of control when you care for too many dogs. If the staff cannot keep the areas clean, they may not have the time to care for your Doodle.

Cleanliness is especially crucial for Doodle dog boarding because smells can become trapped in their fur.

Once a scent and any dirt from group playtime are trapped, it can be hard to get out. Dog kennels that go above and beyond in their care will give your Doodle a complimentary bath.

This bath is if your dog has stayed there for an extended time or if it got muddy. These kennels take pride in caring for dogs and their owner’s satisfaction.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there is much more to consider when boarding your pet than price alone. All of these tips are great things to watch out for in what to look for in a kennel.

If you can find a facility meeting your expectations, hold on tight. These are the types of boarding facilities that the workers will make your dog feel at home.

They will be happy to see your dog at each visit and get to know them as well as you.

Your dog will even love going there so much, and they may temporarily forget about being at home. Temporarily, of course.

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