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What Colors Do Cavapoo Dogs Come In?

What Colors Do Cavapoo Dogs Come In?

Welcome! You are here because you want to learn everything about the colors that Cavapoo dogs come in. Keep reading to learn more.

The Cavapoo is a cross between a Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This adorable designer dog inherits the best traits from its parents.

It is an excellent pet known for its friendly, playful, obedient, and intelligent personality. Because of their intelligence, they are easy to train.

Considering that both the Poodle and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel come in many colors, you can expect Cavapoos to come in many colors too.

The coat color possibilities are so widespread that you may not even realize two Cavapoos are the same breed.

If you consider adding a Cavapoo dog to your family, you have come to the right place.

Black Cavapoo

Black is a standard Poodle, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel color depends on the parents’ genetics used in breeding.

A Cavapoo can be born with an all-black coat that remains the same as the dog ages. A solid black Cavapoo coat does not include any splashes of color.

While black is a standard color in the parents’ DNA, it is typically a recessive gene from the Poodle and is therefore considered rare for the Cavapoo breed.

If you breed two black Cavapoos together, the entire litter will not be guaranteed to be black.

Red Cavapoo

Cavapoos do not only inherit the best personality traits. They also inherit the physical traits from both parent breeds.

The Poodle comes in ten colors: silver, white, grey, cream, brown, blue, black, and apricot.

On the other hand, the American Kennel Club (AKC) accepts Cavalier King Charles Spaniel colors: black and white, black and tan, ruby, and Blenheim. 

A Red Cavapoo coat can be solid, dark, or light-colored. These Cavapoos come in various hues, such as strawberry blonde, chestnut, and red.

A red Cavapoo coat is standard for this mixed breed because of the ruby-colored King Charles Spaniel.

When you mix a ruby-colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with an apricot-colored Poodle, you will likely get a red Cavapoo puppy.

As with most other coat colors, a Red Cavapoo will often have white spots throughout its coat. The white spots can be on their paws, faces, legs, or backs. 

White Cavapoo

To get a White Cavapoo, you must cross a King Charles Spaniel with a white Poodle. In most cases, a Blenheim-colored King Charles Spaniel produces a white Cavapoo. 

Although a white Cavapoo is possible, it is very rare for a Cavapoo to be completely solid white with no other color mixed in.

White Cavapoos tend to have other colors mixed in, with white being the majority. The other colors may include apricot, tan, black, and red. 

Tan Cavapoo

Tan Cavapoos come in solid coat colors or may have a hint of colors, such as apricot, black, and white. It is one of the most common Cavapoo colors drawn from their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s parents.

King Charles Spaniel can boast black and tan coat colors. You can also mix apricot or cream Poodles to produce Tan Cavapoos.

Regardless of where their color comes from, these dogs have a beautiful shade and can look extra beautiful with a tuft of White on their paws or nose.

These Cavapoos are a lot lighter in color when compared to red Cavapoos.

Apricot Cavapoo

Apricot Cavapoos are often confused with those with a tan coat. However, they have more of a peachy hue to them.

This coat color combines a golden tone and peach, creating a beautiful color combination. Apricot Cavapoo dogs often have white patches on their paws, chest, and face. 

You can expect an Apricot Cavapoo with a ruby-color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

You can also get an Apricot Cavapoo puppy if one of the parent dogs is an apricot Poodle. It is rare to get a full litter of the same apricot coat color.

Gold Cavapoos

Gold Cavapoos have solid dark coats that appear gold in the sun or light. The gold color covers their entire bodies and is sometimes completed with White on the forehead, chest, chin, nose, and toes.

They tend to have a similar appearance to the Apricot Cavapoos.

Chocolate Cavapoos

Chocolate Cavapoos have a chocolate color coat that usually appears in solid form throughout the body but often includes white on the forehead, chest, and toes.

A chocolate coat is a unique appearance for any dog breed. Chocolate is similar to black in that it is considered a recessive gene to its rarer than a red Cavapoo or Apricot Cavapoo. 

To breed a Chocolate Cavapoo puppy, you must include a black or brown Poodle. Even then, the litter’s outcome is not guaranteed. 

Phantom Cavapoos

Phantom coat color includes black, brown, and tan around the tail’s legs, nose, cheeks, chest, and underside.

Some puppies with this coloring tend to have white abstract markings on different body parts. To be considered a phantom, the Cavapoo should have specific markings on the exact areas of its body.

This color is often inherited from the Poodle side. Although phantom is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a standard color for Poodles, some breeders use phantom Poodles to breed because of their unique coat color. 

Sable Cavapoos

Sable Cavapoo color combines tan and black markings on the entire coat. Brown and silver flecking may appear on the coat as the dog ages.

Sable Cavapoo coats are relatively rare and are a unique color because the coat tends to lighten over time. 

Tri-Color Cavapoo

Tri-color coats include black, white, red, tan, and apricot. These colors can be found on different areas of the dog’s body and may sometimes appear as patches of color.

The coat colors depend on the genetics that a particular Cavapoo inherited. Cavapoo puppies in the same litter may sometimes come out with various colors.

Most tri-color Cavapoos tend to have black as the primary color. They will also have several white spots on their stomach area and chest.

In addition, you will see apricot or tan markings on their eyebrow, mouth, and feet areas. Tri-color Cavapoos are unique and relatively rare.

You must cross a multi-colored Poodle with a multi-colored Cavalier, King Charles Spaniel, to breed them.

Bi-Color Cavapoos

Bi-color coat Cavapoos can have a combination of red and white, apricot and white, tan and white, black and white, or any other two-coat color combinations.

Since the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has several tri-color traits, you can expect to see several Bi-color Cavapoos at the dog park.

You will likely get a bi-color Cavapoo puppy if you breed a Poodle with a bi-color Cavalier, King Charles Spaniel.

The dog’s body will typically be tan, white, or black. You will also notice different colors on their chest, feet, eyebrows, under the tail, and inside the ears. 

Why Are There So Many Cavapoo Colors

Breeding and mixing genes between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle creates so many Cavapoo coat colors.

The Poodle comes in 10 different coat colors recognized by the American Kennel Club, while the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel comes in 4 standard colors.

Therefore, a cross between the two will result in Cavapoo puppies in various colors.

Are Cavapoos Hypoallergenic?

Cavapoos are considered hypoallergenic dogs thanks to their non-shedding coats. They inherit the Poodle’s soft fluffy coat that is often curly to some degree.

Because of their hypoallergenic and non-shedding qualities, they are excellent for people with dog allergies. However, it is important to note that no dog is 100% hypoallergenic.


Cavapoos are intelligent dogs with outgoing personalities. These adorable dogs are created by crossing a Poodle with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Considering that both parents come in a wide variety of colors, the Cavapoo too comes in many colors, such as chocolate, tan, black, white, phantom, apricot, bi-color, and tri-color.

If you are considering adding a Cavapoo to your family, purchase your puppy from a reputable breeder.

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