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What Colors Do Bernedoodle Dogs Come In?

What Colors Do Bernedoodle Dogs Come In?

If you plan to add a Bernedoodle dog to your family, you have come to the right place. This article will discuss everything you need to know about what colors a Bernedoodle comes in. Keep reading to learn more.

The Bernedoodle is an adorable designer breed created by crossing a Bernese Mountain dog with a Poodle.

They have become popular and a favorite for many dog lovers because of their loving nature, friendly temperament, and beautiful non-shedding coats.

These adorable dogs combine the best qualities of their Poodle and Bernese Mountain parents. They have sweet, clever, fun, and loyal personalities.

This makes them great family pets. They are also intelligent dogs and love to please their owners. Their high intelligence makes them easy to train. 

Since they inherit the Poodle’s non-shedding coat and a combination of the Bernese Mountain dog coloring, they come in various colors.

Most of the color variation in their coats can be attributed to their Poodle genes since they are found in various colors. 

Bernese Mountain Dog Colors

The Bernese Mountain dog does not come in a wide variety of colors. They usually come in their signature tri-colored coats. Their coats feature a solid black background with white and rust or tan markings. 

The rust and tan markings are mostly present under the tails, on each side of the chest, cheeks, legs, and eyes.

The white markings are usually found on the chest, paws, neck, muzzle, and between the eyes. 

Poodle Colors

Unlike Bernese Mountain dogs, Poodles come in a wide variety of colors. The American Kennel Club (AKC) lists ten Poodle colors on its website.

The colors include White, Silver Beige, Gray, Silver, Red, Cream, Brown, Blue, Black, and Apricot.

They can also come in color combinations, such as black and tan, black and brown, brown and white, and other standard solid colors.

Bernedoodle Colors

Genetics play a big role in your dog’s color when they are born and adults. Since Poodles come in various colors, you can expect your Bernedoodle to come in various color patterns, too. 

Here are the standard Bernedoodle colors.

Black and White Bernedoodle

The Black and White Bernedoodle is one of the most popular Bernedoodle color variations. These Bernedoodles have a solid black dominant color and small spots of white on their face, chest, and neck.

Sometimes, they may have white spots on their feet and paws. This makes them look like they are wearing boots.

Some Black and White Bernedoodles belonging to the same litter may have white spots on different parts of their bodies. It all depends on the genes passed along to the puppy.

The black color is typically a recessive gene. That is why you will often come across multi-colored or tri-colored Bernedoodles.

Black Bernedoodle Color

These Bernedoodles are unique but very rare. They have an all-black coat. A solid black coat originates from a recessive gene in one or both parents.

The black Bernedoodle coat is rare; most of the time, it is found in just one puppy out of an entire litter.

To get a black Bernedoodle puppy, the parents of the Poodle and Bernese Mountain dog should carry a recessive black coat gene. It is rare to come across a pure black Bernedoodle.

In most cases, they will have white-colored spots on the bottom of their feet.

Merle Bernedoodle Color

The merle Bernedoodle coat is inherited if one of the parents holds a recessive gene or has the same coloring.

While Merles’ coloring varies from dog to dog, you often see Bernedoodles with white, brown, red, and black markings. 

Many dog breeders avoid mating two merle Bernedoodles because of the dominant genes that cause hereditary defects.

Most Bernedodles whose Bernese Mountain dog and Poodle parents have a merle-colored coat are often born with hereditary defects, such as deafness and blindness.

The merle Bernedoodle coloring is rare, although its popularity has grown as many pet lovers seek merle-colored dogs.

However, this coloring is not part of the Poodle or Bernese Mountain dog family. 

Tricolor Bernedoodle Color

Tricolor Bernedoodles are unique and can include various colors. Bernedoodles with this color often inherits it from their Bernese Mountain dog parents.

Tricolor Bernedoodle coats can include several colors, such as black, brown, white, apricot, cream, red, tan, and sable. 

A combination of any three colors is possible, although it all depends on heredity. Dogs with this coloring are unique and adorable.

These Bernedoodles are by far the most sought-after by Bernedoodle lovers. The white color is usually on the dog’s chest, snout, or chest areas.

The rest of the body can be a combination of darker colors black, apricot, and brown. When people think of a Bernedoodle, they probably think of tricolored black, brown, and white coloring.

This coloring comes from the Bernese Mountain dog.

Phantom Bernedoodle Color

Phantom Bernedoodles are also rare. They feature two colors in specific body parts. The color placement in Phantom Bernedoodles is often compared to other dog breeds like the Yorkie.

They usually have a primary color covering the majority of the body. The second color is found on the muzzle of the nose, near the eyes, and on the lower parts of the legs.

Many phantom Bernedoodles have a color combination of black and tan, although it can be different because the coloring depends on the ancestry of the Bernedoodle’s line.

Phantom Bernedoodles puppies are born with color markings that do not never change as they mature. Therefore, if you are interested in one, you can pick them out as early as during the puppy stage.

Sable Bernedoodle Color

Sable Bernedoodles are born with either a solid black or a dark coat. Therefore, you may be disappointed if you choose your Bernedoodle puppy, thinking it will remain the solid color its entire life.

Sable coats will appear as your puppy ages and the solid colors fade away. The original coat coloring can be seen around the dog’s ears as the rest of the body starts to fade into lighter shades of coloring.

If you are interested in a sable Bernedoodle, you must ask your breeder about the color coats of both the Poodle and Bernese Mountain dog parents.

You should also ask for any lineage information they have to ensure that your puppy will end up with a sable-colored coat once they are fully grown.

You can do a hereditary test to determine whether your furry friend has sable-colored genetics.

Chocolate Bernedoodle Color

A Chocolate Bernedoodle features a rich mahogany color solid on the entire body. This color is possible because of a recessive silver gene in either Poodle or Bernese Mountain dog parents. 

Chocolate-colored Bernedoodles tend to retain their coat color throughout their entire life. Some may have small spots of other colors in various body parts.

However, these small color patches will be visible during your Bernedoodle’s puppyhood stage. Therefore, you will know precisely what your dog’s coat will look like from their puppyhood stage.

What is the Most Popular Bernedoodle Color?

The tri-color Bernedoodle is the most popular variety of the Bernedoodles. This coat pattern originates from the Bernese Mountain dog.

It features black, white, and tan but can also be a combination of three other colors: apricot, tan, white, black, sable, cream, red, or brown.

What is the Most Expensive Bernedoodle Color?

The merle Bernedoodle coat is rare and one of the most sought-after. It is challenging to breed merle Bernedoodle, and breeders must be careful as it can cause blindness or deafness.

These Bernedoodles are the most expensive because of their rarity and difficulty in breeding.


Bernedoodles are intelligent, friendly, affectionate dogs created by crossing a Poodle with a Bernese Mountain dog.

These adorable dogs inherit the best features from their parent breeds, including their non-shedding and hypoallergenic qualities. They also inherit their parent’s colorful coats.

The Bernedoodle comes in several colors, such as phantom, chocolate, black, sable, and tricolor. If you are looking for an adorable Bernedoodle, you can consider one of the options on our list.

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