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What Colors Do Aussiedoodle Dogs Come In?

What Colors Do Aussiedoodle Dogs Come In?

If you are considering adopting an Aussiedoodle, you have come to the right place. This article will discuss the colors Aussiedoodle dogs come In. Keep reading to learn more.

Aussiedoodles are intelligent, affectionate, and fun-loving dogs who love to play and be with their owners.

This designer dog breed is created by crossing a Poodle with a Poodle and an Australian Shepherd. The breed gets the best traits from its happy and loyal parent breeds.

They are friendly and obedient dogs that can significantly add to any family. These adorable dogs also love to please their owners.

Because of their high intelligence and easy-to-please personalities, they are highly trainable. Besides, these dogs tend to shed less and are considered hypoallergenic.

This makes them excellent for people with dog allergies. Since the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd come in various colors, their offspring can have many different coat colors.

Choosing the right Aussiedoodle puppy for your family can be daunting since they come in various colors. Many pet lovers tend to choose their desired pet based on coat color.

Black Aussiedoodle

Black Aussiedoodles are very rare. However, it is possible to come across one at the dog park. These adorable dogs are solidly black and often have a coat of curly hair like their Poodle parents.

They will often have a mixture of other colors on their bodies. However, most of them will have smudges or brown or white patches.

The brown smudges on Black Aussiedoodles are often found across their chest and above their eyes. You also spot patches of brown on their paws.

Those with white patches are also referred to as Black Tuxedo Aussiedoodles.

Black and White Aussiedoodles have white patches on their neck and chest, making them look like they are wearing a tuxedo.

Apricot Aussiedioodle

The Apricot Aussiedoodle is one of the most sought-after Aussiedoodle varieties. They are adorable and offer a vibrant view.

These adorable dogs may have other colors on their coats, such as white, black, and dark brown. These color blend into the apricot coloring, giving the dog a smooth and uniform appearance.

An Apricot Aussiedoodle dog may also have a patch of white hair on the front of its chest, making it look regal.

The color combination is reminiscent of a tuxedo pattern familiar with cats or Black Tuxedo Aussiedoodles.

However, these adorable dogs are rare, and finding a solid-colored Apricot Aussiedoodle dog can be challenging.

White Aussiedoodle

White Aussiedoodles are created by breeding a white Australian Shepherd with a light-colored Poodle. They can also be created by crossing a merle Australian Shepherd with a light-colored Poodle. 

These Aussiedoodles are mostly white, although their coats may have other color splotches. Your Aussiedoodle is considered white instead of bi-color if most of its body is white-colored.

They may have champagne, beige, and tan splotches mingled into their coats. 

A White Aussiedoodle may also have a patch of another coloring around its eye. However, the patch is too small and does not draw much attention away from its stunning white hair.

White is a more genetically rare color for Aussiedoodles as their bodies are not typically a solid white.

Blue Merle Aussiedoodle

To get a Blue Merle Aussiedoodle, you must breed a blue merle Australian Shepherd with a Poodle. In most cases, a light-colored Poodle is used in the mix.

You can use a cream or white Poodle. Also, you can successfully breed a Blue Merle Aussiedoodle by having an apricot or light grey Poodle in the mix.

The blue merle coloring from an Aussiedoodle is a dominant trait.

If you breed with a blue merle Australian Shepherd, you will see this color pattern pull through as the dominant color in your Aussiedoodle puppies.

The trait will typically surpass the Poodle color because it is dominant.

Blue merle is a mixture of tan, white, and gray or white colors intermittently in patches over the coat. However, there is no guarantee of where or how the coloring will be spread on your furry friend’s body.

The Blue Merle Aussiedoodle is the most sought-after color for this breed. It is also the easiest to guarantee if you use a blue merle Australian Shepherd in breeding.

If you are thinking of breeding your Aussiedoodle with another Aussiedoodle dog, there are strict recommendations never to breed two blue merle Aussiedoodles.

Breeding two merle Aussiedoodles can lead to severe health issues like blindness and deafness.

Red Merle Aussiedoodle

The red merle coat color is also popular among Aussiedoodles. The color is typically achieved by breeding a light-colored Poodle with a red merle Australian Shepherd.

A white or cream Poodle is recommended in the mix, although you may also achieve the results by using an apricot Poodle in the breeding process.

Like the blue merle Aussiedoodle puppies, the red merle coloring is a dominant trait that surpasses any Poodle coloring and passes to the puppy for coloring.

A red merle Aussiedoodle coat combines tan, white, and red colors. 

There is no guarantee of how these colors will present themselves or how they will be patterned for the Aussiedoodle puppies.

However, you can typically assume that your Aussiedoodle puppy will have a red merle coat if a red merle Australian Shepherd is used in the breeding process.

Not all the puppies in the litter will come with a red merle coat. You will often see tri-color red merle Aussiedoodles, double red merle Aussiedoodles, or solid-color Aussiedoodles.

Chocolate Merle Aussiedoodle

Chocolate merle Aussiedoodles have light brown and chocolate brown colors mingled together. This color on an Aussiedoodle is reminiscent of a marble cake with chocolate and vanilla swirls.

These dogs tend to have spots, splotches, and stripes of light brown and dark brown. 

A chocolate merle Aussiedoodle may have some places on its body where solid colors are present and others that are a wild mixture of tones.

Bi-Color Aussiedoodles And Tri-Color Aussiedoodles

Tri-color and bi-color coats are also standard in Aussiedoodle dogs. However, since the merle blends are the most sought-after, bi-color and tri-color do not get enough credit.

However, it is possible to find an Aussiedoodle that has two or three coat colors without a merle pattern.

You might find splotches of white or the 2nd or 3rd color in areas such as paws, neck, head, or across your furry friend’s body.

With tri-color Aussiedoodles and bi-color Aussiedoodles, it may not be possible to predict how their coloring will be affected.

In most cases, it is done by crossing various Poodle colors with different color shades of the Australian Shepherd, apart from the merle shepherd coloring.

Why Are There So Many Aussiedoodle Colors?

Aussiedoodles come in many colors because their Poodle and Australian Shepherd parents come in a wide variety of colors.

The Poodle comes in 10 standard colors recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

These colors include black, cream, apricot, red, grey, etc. On the other hand, the Australian Shepherds are known for their tri-color and merle-colored coats.

Are Aussiodoodles Hypoallergenic?

The Aussiedoodle is considered a non-shedding and hypoallergenic dog. These adorable dogs inherit their non-shedding coats from the Poodle side.

Because of their non-shedding and hypoallergenic qualities, they are ideal for people with dog allergies. However, it is essential to note that no dog is entirely hypoallergenic. 


The Aussiedoodle is one of the most adorable designer dogs. This hybrid breed inherits the best traits from its Poodle and Australian Shepherd parents.

It is a friendly, playful, loyal, and affectionate dog that loves to be with its family. Besides, the Aussiedoodle is an intelligent dog that is easy to train.

Considering that the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd come in a wide variety of colors, the Aussiedoodle also comes in many colors.

Standard Aussiedoodle colors include white, apricot, black, red, blue, and chocolate merle. If you want a healthy and quality Aussiedoodle of your desired color, visit a reputable breeder. 

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