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Warning Signs Your Doodle Dog May Have Cancer!

Warning Signs Your Doodle Dog May Have Cancer!
The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

The Dog Cancer Survival Guide

So, what are the warning signs that your Doodle Dog may have cancer? Anyone who has had a dog knows that finding out that they have cancer can be the hardest thing to go through. Often more times than not they find it too late because knowing the warning signs can be hard. There is also the fact that when it comes to dogs, such as doodles, the warning signs will often look very similar to other issues that are very common among dogs.

Here are a few dog cancer symptoms, specifically doodle breed types. When it comes to dogs like doodles, their coats and basic body traits will often mask the warning signs because they have a thick coat and are generally on the leaner side. So just make sure that you keep an eye on them for strange things that were never there before or behaviors that they have not expressed a lot as well.

Physical Symptoms

  • Weight Loss: What are the warning signs that your Doodle Dog may have cancer? Top on the list is going to be weight loss. When it comes to this, dogs will often just start dropping weight out of nowhere. It will be unexplainable and seemingly sudden because their body is focusing more on stopping cancer rather than taking care of the body.
  • Vomiting or Diarrhea: With some types of dog cancer the dog’s body will start rejecting all forms of nutrients. This can be to starve cancer, though it will end up starving the dog as well.
  • Lumps and bumps: Cancer can show up as lumps and bumps on the skin. This is just one of many common dog cancer symptoms. It shows up generally around the area that the cancer is at because the cancer cells are pushing the skin outward. It can be scary especially when you are searching for things like dog cancer symptoms skin because it can manifest in a lot of scary ways.
  • Physical Pain: Another aspect of dog cancer symptom is going to be things like extreme pain as the cancer presses on nerves. While this is big sign that shows up a lot it can be attributed to injury or things like arthritis.
  • Distended abdomen: This will show up with some of the most aggressive dog cancer, which is stomach cancer. Stomach cancer in dogs is often something that they cannot come back from because they will stop eating or drinking altogether.
  • Abnormal Bleeding/Discharge: If you see things like bleeding or discharge that is not normal for your dog, bring them to the vet right away. Sometimes this can be a symptom of other issues as well. However, with it being a common symptom of dog cancer it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you should see any of these signs a dog is dying of cancer, Check with a well-qualified Veterinarian for a more in-depth diagnosis!

Behavioral Symptoms

Dog Cancer - The Holistic Answer

Dog Cancer – The Holistic Answer

  • Lethargy: Next on the list of what are the warning signs that your Doodle Dog may have cancer is they may be becoming lethargic and sleeping a lot more. This can be a major sign of cancer. If you find that your energetic dog is not nearly as hyper it is best to bring them in to get checked out.
  • Depression: They may start getting depressed because they can sense what is happening. When they have a dog cancer symptom like this then it may be a fact that they may have a more aggressive form of cancer. If that is the case still bring them in so that the vet may help them become more comfortable.
  • Hiding: Dogs form bonds with their owners that are very strong. They can sense our pain and will often hide from us so that we do not have to watch them go through it. They may begin hiding under beds or other places around the house. If you are noticing that they are doing this more often bring them in quickly.
  • Aggressiveness: There are some that will develop aggression that they never had before. This is seen most often in dogs who have brain cancer. This is because cancer could be pressing down on parts of their brain that affect their moods. They could also become aggressive due to the pain that they are experiencing because of cancer.
  • Cuddling: Just like with the hiding aspect, they may start cuddling a lot more with people they care about. This is to get comfortable and to also comfort you with what is going on. Sometimes people will attribute this to old age or separation anxiety.
  • Other behavioral changes: There are a ton of other changes that they may experience as warning signs for cancer. Just be sure to take note of sudden, unexplained changes to their behavior. If the changes seem odd always bring them in to get checked out just to be on the safe side.

If you should see any of these signs a dog is dying of cancer, Check with a well-qualified Veterinarian for a more in-depth diagnosis!

Other Symptoms

The Cancer Cure Diet for Dogs

The Cancer Cure Diet for Dogs

  • Seizures: This is a common answer to the question, what are the warning signs that your Doodle Dog may have cancer? These are commonly seen in dogs that are older. Cancer may be affecting their spine or the brain in a way that the seizures pop out of nowhere. However, if you do have a dog that has always had seizures, keep an eye on how many. This symptom in those dogs will manifest as an upswing in frequency or even a sudden drop.
  • Appetite changes: This is the main one that you must look out for. This one will pop up mostly towards the end of cancer’s growth. They will stop eating and drinking when their body starts to really feel those effects of cancer. Bring them in to get checked out and comfortable just in case.
  • Strong Odor: They can develop cancer in the mouth or other parts of the stomach. Cancer can really make their breath smell bad. If you are finding that your dog has a strong odor from the mouth that you have never noticed before taking them to a vet.
  • Weird Gum Color: This one is not as easy to notice but if you are finding that gradually your dogs’ gums are changing color bring them in. This can be a sign of types of dog cancers such as leukemia or even stomach cancer. Abnormal gum color can also be a sign of a lack of oxygen as well.
  • Skin Lesions: They may be a sign of cancer as well. There are many types of dog cancers that do include dog cancer symptoms skin has. If they have skin cancer, the lesions may not be visible through their coat. Check their skin often to make sure there is nothing that was not there before. Skin Lesions may not necessarily mean that they have cancer. Have them checked out just to be safe.
  • Enlarged Lymph Nodes: These can be felt when petting, playing, or even washing a dog’s fur. Their lymph nodes, like humans, can swell up in response to cancer as well as other issues too. If you feel one call your vet to get an appointment immediately.
  • Genital irregularities: When it comes to reproductive cancer in dogs, especially males, it can be obvious what is going on. If you are seeing abnormalities in your dog’s genitals bring them in because they can become life-threatening very quickly so time is of the essence.

If you should see any of these signs a dog is dying of cancer, Check with a well-qualified Veterinarian for a more in-depth diagnosis!

In Conclusion:

Cancer in dogs is something that often goes undetected because the symptoms are so like other things. The best thing to keep in mind is that if you have the feeling that it is cancer get them in. It does not matter if your gut feeling is wrong, that is ok.

Make sure that you keep an eye out for things that are strange and unusual about them throughout their life. Most people are under the false impression that only dogs who are up there in age can get cancer easier. This may not be true!

When it comes to doodles the biggest thing to keep an eye on is their skin. The reason behind this is because their fur makes it hard to see things like lumps, bumps and lesions. This type of breed skin cancer is one that goes unnoticed to most of the time. Doodle owners do not think about checking their skin all the time. Make sure that you are taking your dog in for regular checkups and physicals.

If cancer is something that you are concerned about then do not hesitate to call the veterinarian. Your veterinarian cares about your dog just as much as you do. Their love of animals is their biggest drive to become a veterinarian. Contacting your veterinarian often is crucial to ease your mind.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is not intended nor implied to be a replacement for professional medical opinion, diagnosis or remedy. All content, including graphics, text, images and information, contained on or available through this article is for general information purposes only.

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