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Toys For Doodle Dogs That Are Left Alone

Toys For Doodle Dogs That Are Left Alone

We have created a list of 9 toys for Doodle Dogs that are left alone that we know your dog will enjoy too.

Everyone wishes they could stay home all day and be with their Doodles. After all, they are some of the most loyal and cuddly dogs you have ever met.

It makes it all the harder when we have to leave them for long periods to go to work, run errands, or spend some time with other family members.

When we leave our beloved pooches, we may be wondering if there is anything we can do or give them to make them not feel lonely.

Hyper Pet LickiMat Buddy

The LickiMat is an excellent busy toy because you can put virtually any treatment inside the grooves.

Similarly, you can place smaller pieces of food for your dog to get out, cheese designed for dogs, cooked vegetables, or any other healthy snack.

Furthermore, this mat is handy for younger dogs soothed by the licking motion. This mat will deter them from licking furniture or even their fur for comfort.


  • Great for any soft or hard treat
  • ReusableCan be used with frozen treats
  • It gives hours of fun
  • Great for nervous lickers


  • Not a good toy for heavy chewers
  • It can be challenging to clean

Classic Kong Toy

Classic Kong is a great distraction toy. This toy works by placing a soft treat like Kong butter or cheese inside the hole for your dog to lick out.

In addition, you can even add a little extra fun by adding a few small pieces of training treats to the Kong butter. The added chunky surprise will add a little excitement to an already fun toy.

Kong even makes a variety of soft “cheese wiz” type treats that are safe and healthy for your dog called Kong Easy Treat.

You can purchase cheese, peanut butter, pepperoni or bacon, and cheese flavor at any pet store or online.

These treats are safer for your Doodle than any other human-grade peanut butter and are super easy to use. All you do is squirt the treat directly into the hole at the bottom of the Kong.


  • Can use a variety of treats
  • Kong makes treats in lots of flavors for these toys
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Great for chewers and nervous lickers


  • Can be difficult to clean

Idepet Dog Toy Ball

Next on our Doodle Dog Toys For Dogs Left Alone is the Idept Dog Toy Ball. This ball is impressive all around because it gives a fun treat, and dogs love to chew it.

The soft yet durable natural rubber is a great enrichment toy for puppies who are continually chewing on surfaces of your home. This ball gives them a safe place to chew, stimulating their gums and teeth.

This ball is durable and used in all settings. You can use it for fetch, brain-stimulating puzzle treats, or a teething toy. It is for every dog and no matter what the size is.

Your Doodle will love chewing the strange yet satisfying outer layer of it.


  • Can be multi-functional
  • Easy to clean
  • It can be used with any treat
  • Made for all sizes


  • Made from natural rubber and have a strong scent of it
  • Not for aggressive chewers

PetSafe Sportsmen Bristle Bone Pet Chew Toy

The Bristle Bone Chew Toy is a great toy with a long-lasting treat on the ends. The treats are refillable and available at most pet retail stores.

Therefore, your dog will love spending hours getting to the treats on this chew bone. So, you will love that your shoes are no longer being chewed on.

These bones are great for dogs who enjoy chewing on various surfaces. Also, the Petsafe bone has three textures that give your dog the stimulation he needs to keep busy.

These bones are durable and help to keep their teeth clean. Consequently, your dog will love spending hours with this chew toy while you are away.


  • Durable
  • Refillable rings are sold everywhere
  • Made in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Some dogs get frustrated with the treat rings

Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is next on our list of Doodle Dog Toys For Dogs Left Alone. This ball is made of sturdy plastic, and when your dog picks it up or pushes it with his nose, it makes a giggle sound.

Also, the Wobble Wag Ball is not battery-operated but works with special sound effects tubes. Nevertheless, this is an excellent toy for dogs who love to play with interactive toys and love to chase.

Your Doodle will love picking it up and rolling it along for some fun exercise while you are at work. Moreover, this ball will quickly become one of your dog’s favorite toys.

Also, it even has special clutch pockets designed to make it easy for any dog of any size to pick up.


  • No batteries required
  • Hours of fun and exercise
  • Made from hard plastic
  • A great alternative to treats while away


  • Not for heavy chewers

Outward Hound Casino Puzzle

We all know that Doodle breeds are brilliant dogs. As a result, that is why they tend to destroy things when we are gone, not to be bad but because they are bored.

So, entertain your Doodle with this Casino Puzzle by Outward Hound. This puzzle works by placing small treats or pieces of food inside the drawers.

Next, twist the bones to lock all the drawers and give them to your dog. The goal is for your dog to test the bones and puzzle until he can open them himself.

Consequently, this puzzle is a great game for dogs to play and can keep them busy for a long time. Once your dog knows how to use it, he will be obsessed with trying to find more hidden treats.


  • Made for intelligent dogs
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for older dogs


  • Not chew proof

This feeder is an excellent toy for dogs who eat out of boredom. It provides mental stimulation while they slowly get a meal while you are away.

It’s also great for older dogs to keep their minds sharp. Though this puzzle is not tall enough for larger breeds, it is still a great toy for the smaller Doodle breeds.

Ito Rocky Treat Boredom Dispensing Slow Feeder

This slow dispensing feeder is an excellent puzzle for small to medium-sized Doodles. This food dispenser holds their food while they try to twist and turn it to get it to fall out of the holes.

It has an adjustable height for taller dogs and has a maze at the bottom. Therefore, this maze holds their food and makes it just a little harder for them to get.


  • Hours of fun
  • Keeps mind sharp

Interactive Dog Food Puzzle Toy

This Interactive Dog Food Puzzle Toy has the same concept as the previous food dispenser but is for larger dogs.

Your large breed Doodle will love turning the bone-shaped dispensers around to get his reward. In addition, this puzzle even comes with two difficulty levels to keep your dog on his toes.

Hence, this will give your dog a great way to stay busy and can prevent separation anxiety. There is even an option to get the food dispenser with an added mat.

Consequently, this mat will hide the food and prevent it from getting everywhere. It can add more activity with a search and find once the kibble drops.


  • Comes in all sizes
  • Easy to us
  • An additional mat is available


  • It can be difficult to assemble

Mega Elk Antler Dog Chew

Last on our Doodle Dog Toys For Dogs Left Alone list is for aggressive chewers.

However, These are the Doodles that can’t be left alone with anything for fear of chewing up plastic or rubber bits in a matter of minutes.

These Elk Antler dog chews are the perfect size for larger dogs, and they love the taste. These chews last longer than your average hoof or rawhide.

That is because the elk’s antler is all-natural and made from a part of the animal stronger than other rawhides.


  • All-natural
  • It lasts a long time
  • Large size


  • It can be a little pricey, but it is worth the money

In Conclusion:

With all of the toys on our Doodle Dog Toys For Dogs Left Alone, we recommend trying them out under supervision first for safety.

Yet, no dog toy or treat is completely chew-proof, and accidents can sometimes happen. Therefore, we recommend trying them for several hours before leaving your Doodle alone with them.

Check them before each use for any defects. So, With these toys, your Doodle won’t be pining after you all day long anymore, but they will still be just as happy that you are home.

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