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Top Miniature Doodle Breeds

Top Miniature Doodle Breeds

Maybe you want to hop on to the Doodle bandwagon, but don’t like the idea of a large breed. That’s ok, because did you know that there are a lot of miniature Doodle Breeds? That’s right; you can have one of your favorite breeds in a smaller compact form. Today we are going to check out some of the most popular mini Doodles. You will find your ideal dog by the end of this list.

Mini Doodle Breeds
Mini Doodle Breeds

Why Get A Miniature Doodle Dog?

There are many reasons to want a smaller dog.

  • Require less room
  • Great for apartments and smaller houses
  • Cost less to groom in most cases
  • Great for kids (reduces risks of being knocked over)
  • Better lap dog companions
  • Cheaper to feed
  • Some breeds need less exercise than larger ones
  • Longer lifespan
  • Easier to travel with
  • And so much more

Having a small dog has many perks. Maybe even some personal reasons for wanting a little dog.

Cautions With Mini Doodles

Some backyard breeders will try to pass off their stunted pups as being a mini. Before purchasing any dog, always see both parents and ask for their medical records and testing. Many people all over the USA are duped by breeders who pass off runts, poorly bred, sick, and deformed pups as minis for more money. 

Doing your research on breeders before you make a deposit is key to getting your money’s worth. 

Mini Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever & Poodle)

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America’s heartthrob is Goldendoodles. Everyone seems to either want one or owns one. But, did you know these Doodles also come in mini versions? The mini Goldendoodle full grown will weigh 15-30 pounds. You won’t lose any of the cuteness or energy of a standard. They still have that goofy, loving personality that we all know and love. They are loyal and prefer to do whatever activity you wish to do.

Mini Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog & Poodle)

Bernedoodles are becoming more popular every year. These hypoallergenic dog breeds tend to get massive. But, the mini only grows to 25-49 pounds. Or you can get a toy Bernedoodle that will max out at 24 pounds! There are so many options with this breed that virtually everyone can have these velcro dogs. You will love having the loving and admirable Bernedoodle cuddled into your lap at the end of a long day. 

Mini Irish Doodle (Irish Setter & Poodle)

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Our next mini Doodle is the Irish Doodle. These minis only grow up to 35 pounds. So you can enjoy a fun social dog such as the Irish Doodle. They are intelligent and easy to train. They enjoy the outdoors doing anything you would love to do, but they are also snuggly. Your dog will love to cuddle up on those rainy days for warmth while you enjoy their company. 

Mini Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever & Poodle)

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Of course, what list would this be without the mini Labradoodle? Labradoodles are your hype dog that will think anything you do is the best thing since bacon. They are always glad to see you and have such an optimistic look at life. Your mini Labradoodle will weigh anywhere from 16-25 pounds, but they don’t lose an ounce of energy. 

Maltipoo (Maltese & Poodle)

The Maltipoo Poodle mixes are generally tiny. They only weigh up to 20 pounds, but some breeders can get smaller with toy breeds. If the Poodle parent was smaller, you could get a Maltipoo as little as 5 pounds. Talk about a purse puppy. Maltipoos are known for their dynamic personalities and affectionate behavior. You will never have a dull moment with these little balls of energy. 

Bolonoodle (Bolognese & Poodle)

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The Bolonoodle is a tricky little dog that has incredibly high intelligence. They love to get into trouble, so they need a lot of interaction and mental stimulation. But, when they aren’t looking for their next stunt, they are very warming and affectionate. Bolonoodles only get 5-10 pounds so that you wouldn’t expect such a large personality from a small Doodle. 

Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel & Poodle)

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The Cockapoo can be a fantastic dog for the right owners. These dogs are very attached to their owners and love to be as close as possible at all times. They are funny and smart but don’t always seem like it. Cockapoos can weigh anywhere from 12-24 pounds. 

Mini Sheepadoodle (Old English Sheepdog & Poodle)

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If you have ever seen a Sheepadoodle, you can see the allure of them. They are calm, intelligent, and fun to be around. But, they can get so large that most people back out of getting one. What most people don’t know is that they also come in a mini size. A mini Sheepadoodle weighs 24-45 pounds, which doesn’t seem as small. But, compared to the standard at over 80 pounds, this can seem like a great bargain. 

Pomapoo (Pomeranian & Poodle)

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Pomapoos are another hypoallergenic designer dog breed that people love. They are friendly, very social dogs, and very faithful to their owners and will protect their homes. Since Pomapoos only get up to 15 pounds, they are perfect for those looking for a smaller Poodle mix. 

Schnoodle (Schnauzer & Poodle)

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Schnoodles are another Doodle breed that comes in smaller sizes. Schnoodles are very devoted and obedient to their families. While they can be strong-willed at times, they are also very loving and sensitive. Toy Schnoodles range from 6-10 pounds, and minis get 13-20 pounds. These Doodles are perfect for an experienced owner who has the time to give special care to this breed. 

Peekapoo (Pekingese & Poodle)

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A Peekapoo is perfect for someone who wants a complete lapdog. These small dogs will always be at your heels, craving your attention. They are a joy to have around the house to lift your spirits. Peekapoos can weigh as little as 4 pounds and as much as 20. They are utterly adorable mixes that everyone enjoys. 

Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles & Poodle)

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Cavapoos is one of the mini doodle dogs that everyone would enjoy. No matter what lifestyle you have, these Doodles will fit in. Cavapoos are loyal, playful, and friendly. Cavapoos think that all people are there for their amusement. Your Cavapoo will only get 12-25 pounds, which makes them fantastic for small children and apartments alike. 

Mini Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd & Poodle)

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Aussiedoodles are your go-to Doodle for a great play buddy. They love to move and exercise with you. No matter where life takes you, your Aussiedoodle will be the perfect companion. They love outdoor playtimes and adventures across the country. They love training sessions and have a focus like no other. And, the fantastic thing is that Mini Aussiedoodles weigh 20-30 pounds. 

Mini Whoodle (Wheaten Terrier & Poodle)

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Another mini Doodle is an excellent Whoodle. This mini Doodle dog full grown only weighs 8-20 pounds. Whoodles are a great family dog that loves to play. They are calm and easy-going at all times. They love to play and cuddle at the same time. Life is never boring with a Whoodle in the home. 

Mini Bordoodle (Border Collie & Poodle)

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Bordoodles are incredibly intelligent creatures that have strong bonds with their families. They are a focused working dog who has a lot of energy and loves training. Mini Bordoodles, on average, weigh 20-30 pounds, packing so much excellent into a small package. These Doodles are all-around outdoor types that enjoy hiking, swimming, and agility training. 

Mini Pyredoodle (Pyrenees & Poodle)

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If you are looking for a Doodle that is not only energetic but also able to control themselves, the Pyredoodle is your guy. These dogs know just how to compose themselves while still being a light-hearted and energetic soul. Typically when you think of a Pyredoodle, you think of a large dog breed. But they also can come in mini sizes. It is harder to determine their size because most breeders have different standards. To get a better idea of how small your Pyredoodle will be, take a look at both parents to see an average. 

Bidoodle (Bichon Frise & Poodle)

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Bidoodles are adorable teddy bear dogs that are as cute as they sound. This mix is an up and coming designer breed that is sure to steal your heart. They are smart dogs who loves to make new friends. Your Bidoodle will like to play and spend all of their time with you. This cuddly small Doodle grows up to be 6-18 pounds. 

Mini Newfypoo (Newfoundland & Poodle)

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If you want a small Doodle that is not only loyal but protective, Newfypoos are for you. These dogs love their owners with intensity. And although they are goofy and fun to play with, they can also be serious. A mini Doodle dog gets 25-50 pounds depending on how small the Poodle was for breeding. It is a lot smaller than standards by comparison at 75-150 pounds. 

In Conclusion: Did You Find Your Next Doodle?

With so many mini Doodle dogs, it is hard to decide which one is the best. We are sure no matter what you choose, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made. 

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