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Top Doodle Dog Calming Products

Top Doodle Dog Calming Products

Let’s talk about Doodle dog calming products and how they work to make your dog calm down. Everyone loves a Doodle for their positive outlook on life. This attitude sometimes comes off as being overly hyper. And, while every puppy goes through this stage, there are some things you can do to calm your dog down.

Agility Training Equipment

PawHut 5 Piece Outdoor Game Dog Agility Training

PawHut 5 Piece Outdoor Game Dog Agility Training

  • This is the first of our Doodle dog calming products. If you have a hyperactive dog, the best way to combat this is through more physical exercise. The more hyper your dog seems to be, the more exercise he will need. We recommend this Pawhut 5 Piece Outdoor Agility Equipment Training Set. Your dog will love to play and learn how to maneuver the equipment. Also, it will burn a lot of excess energy. You will see a complete turn around in your dog’s behavior after using this set for a few days.
  • Since things like ADHD don’t naturally occur in dogs, your dog likely has a lot of built-up energy. This energy can seem to explode at the most inopportune times. It can lead to damaged property, accidents, or even your dog running away. A great place to start calming down your Doodle is to give them the exercise their bodies crave.

Snuffle Mat

AWOOF Snuffle Mat Pet Dog Feeding Mat

AWOOF Snuffle Mat

  • The next of our Doodle dog calming products. Another way is a way to calm down a hyper dog is to give him something more mentally stimulating to do. The AWOOF Snuffle Mat is an excellent toy for engaging your dog. All you need to do is hide his favorite treats inside of the mat’s flaps, and let your dog go on a hunt for them. This mat is fun and can provide hours of stimulation for your dog. Since Doodles have a strong background in hunting, this toy works at calming your dog and satisfy his need for hunting.
  • These mats are great for when you have a lot to do, and your dog needs some attention. It can keep them busy and out of the way long enough for you to get things done. Once they have found all of their treats, you will be ready to spend some quality time with them.

Chuckit! Ring Chaser

Chuckit! Ring Chaser Launcher Dog Toy


  • One great way to bond with your Doodle and relieve some hyperactivity is to play with this Chuckit! Ring Chaser. Your dog will love the quality time and the ability to chase the ring for long distances. It is best to use this toy in an open field, as it can be tossed easily 100 feet away. It is one of the most durable toys that your dog will love for years to come.
  • These toys are great at a park or even in the water. Your dog will love the feel of running with the breeze and being able to stretch his legs. This Chuckit! is just what the doctor ordered for “restless legs.”


Thundershirt Dog Jacket for Anxiety

Thundershirt Dog Jacket for Anxiety

  • While some dogs seem hyper because they need more activity, sometimes it can be related to stress. If you notice that your dog only becomes hyper during specific occasions, this might be the case for your dog. A great tool to calm down your dog could be a Thundershirt. These shirts are recommended by pet caretakers nationwide. They are like a big hug for your dog during stressful situations.
  • To use a Thundershirt, all you need to do is put it on your Doodle during stressful situations. This shirt will calm him down, and you will not see any hyperactivity anymore. One word of caution, though, do not use this product all the time. Your dog does need breaks from using it to get the full effects of the jacket.

Calming Collar

Calming Collar for Dogs

Calming Collar for Dogs

  • Another great way to calm down a hyper dog is to use this Calming Collar by Fedciory. It uses pheromones that are proven to help relax your dog. A great situation to use this is when you are away at work. It will keep your dog calm and at ease while you are away. And, once you get home, your dog will be excited to see you without being overly hyper.
  • These collars last up to a month and are great for puppies too. You won’t have to worry about being trampled by your excited dog again when you combine collars like this with exercise and training.

Zesty Paws Calming Treat

Zesty Paws Calming Bites for Dogs

Zesty Paws Calming Bites for Dogs

  • Maybe you have a dog that handles stress by becoming overly excited about everything. This Adaptil Calming Spray for Dogs deals with situations like grooming, vet visits, or having company can sometimes be too much to handle with a bouncing dog. These Zesty Paws Calming Treats use the magic of hemp and natural herbs to soothe your pet. And since these treats are non-drowsy, you won’t have to worry about overdosing or drugging your pet.
  • Give these treats to your dog an hour before an activity that excites him. You will notice that your dog will naturally start to relax. Everyone will see the change in behavior without missing out on the joys of your dog’s presence.

Hemp Cares Pet Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats

Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats

  • Next on our list of Doodle dog calming products is a pure hemp oil from HempCares. This oil is in the highest concentration available for pets on the market. This oil will help to put your Doodle at ease. It is excellent for travel or any situation that you would need for your dog to be calmer for safety reasons. While it is safe to give this oil all the time, it will not permanently cure your dog of hyperactivity.
  • This hemp oil is a great temporary calming agent to relax your dog in stressful situations. It will relax the muscles and calm the mind with its natural properties. All you need to do is give it over food or directly in the mouth to achieve its abilities.

Calm Home Diffuser

Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser for Dogs

Adaptil Calm Home Diffuser for Dogs

  • Another great way to calm down a puppy or hyperactive dog is to use this Calm Home Diffuser by Adaptil. This diffuser emits a calming aroma in the air that will soothe your puppy while you are away. This diffuser plugs into the wall and works just like every other diffuser on the market. It is 100% pet safe and has a light, pleasing aroma.
  • This diffuser is a great way to calm your puppy’s nerves while you are gone. They will naturally feel soothed until you can come home and give them all your love. When you combine this product with one-on-one time and more exercise, you will see that your puppy was just acting like a healthy puppy. He was never overly hyper; to begin with, he just had special needs.

Travel Calming Spray


Adaptil Calming Spray for Dogs

Calming Spray

  • If you need a calming spray to be used anywhere you and your puppy go, this Adaptil Travel Calming Spray works like a charm. It uses the same pheromones that are found in the home diffuser to calm your puppy naturally. These pheromones are the same ones that a mother dog produces to calm her pups.
  • You can spray this on blankets, kennels, or even in your car. It is entirely safe for use indoors. And can significantly calm a hyper pup when on road trips. You can also use this spray on anything that you bring to boarding facilities to help relax your puppy while you are away. The possibilities are endless with this portable calming spray.


iCalmDog 5.0c Portable Speaker + 5-hrs Clinically-Tested Calming Music

iCalmDog-Clinically-Tested Calming Music

  • Have you ever listened to a song that calmed your soul? Well, did you know that music has the same effect on dogs? With the iCalmDog Portable Speaker, you can give your dog 5-hours of continuous calming music. These portable speakers are great to travel with or to use around the house. All of the songs included have proven calming effects on hyperactive or stressed dogs.
  • A lot of the most well-known kennels in America use classical music to calm their guests. This music can help relax a dog and let it clear it’s mind just like a spa. You can bring this same level of relaxation to your dog anywhere you go with the iCalmDog. It even comes with a USB charger and a carrying case.

Orijen Regional Red

High-Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Quality Meat, Dry Dog Food


  • If you have tried all other calming methods out there to no avail, it may be time to evaluate diet. A kibble dog food that is high in carbs means that it is also high in sugar. When carbs break down, they eventually turn into sugar. This sugar can leave your dog feeling anxious and hyper with no way to burn the extra energy.
  • Switching to a low carb food like Orijen Regional Red can help lower their sugar intake. This is a sure-fire way to calm your dog down. When changing diets, always remember to transition slowly to prevent an upset stomach. And you will want to give the new food a few weeks to take effect. Sugar does not process in dogs the way it does humans, so it stays in their system longer.

In Conclusion

This is a brief summer of  Doodle dog calming products. The best way to calm a hyper dog is to give it more exercise. When you have exhausted all other efforts to calm down a puppy, you can then start exploring other efforts. It can be exhausting to have a hyper dog. But, know this, they are just excited about life and want you to be apart of it. It is a phase, and they will relax more in time.

In the meantime, we hope you found how to calm your dog with this article.

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