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Top 12 Doodle Dog Harness For Car Seat Travel

Top 12 Doodle Dog Harness For Car Seat Travel

At some point or another, we all have to travel with our Doodles. Whether we are making a trip to the groomer, vet, or dog park, there are certain precautions we should take. Not only for the safety of our dogs but also for other passengers. Let’s talk about why you need safety harnesses and how to use them properly. Then we will give you our recommendation of the top 12 Doodle dog harness for car seat travel. 

Why Do You Need A Dog Harness?

Having a durable harness for your dog is just as important as wearing a seat belt. In fact, some states are now requiring that dogs wear restraints within a car. Right now, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Rhode Island are the only states that require them, but there will be more soon. 

A dog harness could keep your dog from ejecting from the car in case of a crash. A dog without a harness could also hurt someone else in an accident. Since they are moving about the car freely, they could collide into another passenger. In all of these scenarios, serious injury could happen to both you and your dog. 

But there are other benefits as well. A dog harness could prevent your dog from running away as soon as you open the door. And have you ever tried to drive with a dog in your lap? It can be impossible to see, move, let alone drive. That is an accident waiting to happen. A dog harness for travel could keep your dog safe in their own place. 

How To Use Harnesses For Travel

When choosing a dog harness, you will want to make sure that it is compatible with your vehicle and fits your dog. Each harness will have weight limits and sizing on the package. Generally, you measure from around the neck and chest for the best fit. These are straightforward steps to take, but your dog’s safety lies more in where they are seated. 

You should always keep your Doodle in the back seat, never the front. And your dog should sit in the middle and not next to the windows. Most cars have airbags in the front and sides for all passengers in a car wreck. These airbags can be deadly to a dog, so seating your dog where they are least likely to come into contact with them is best. 

If you have to use a crate for travel, the back seat of a sedan is excellent. But if you drive an SUV, the cargo area is suitable for crates as well. And in the case that you drive an SUV with passengers in the back, the third row is safest for your dog. 

In addition to having a dog harness, you will also want to make sure that all child locks on the doors and windows are on. Dog owners all over the world have horror stories of their dogs opening windows and trying to jump out. And on rare occasions, doors get opened while you are driving. These distractions alone are enough to cause a collision. 

Top 12 Doodle Dog Harness For Car Seat Travel

Now we can move on to a few dog harness for the car recommendations. These harnesses all have great reviews and are crash tested to make sure that your dog is safe. We have a variety of styles and sizes for every need. And a few other travel accessories that are worth mentioning to make your ride as safe as possible. 

1) Vastar Adjustable Pet Car SEAT BELT

The Vaster Adjustable Pet Car Seatbelt is for any dog of any size. This seatbelt buckles right into any car seatbelt buckle. It also extends anywhere from 19-32 inches, so a dog of any height can use it. The end of this seat belt also clips to any of your favorite dog harnesses, but never clip it to a collar. In accidents, collars snap and cause more damage than using harnesses that go around the chest. 

2) Lukovee Dog Safety Vest Harness with Seat Belt

The Lukovee Dog Safety Vest Harness is very similar to the seatbelt above. But this seatbelt comes with a dog harness in case you don’t use one already. The harness comes in various sizes that can even fit larger Doodle dogs. This harness is breathable and comfortable for long trips and with a leash. 

3) Petech Car Seat Cover

When using a back seat cover for dogs, safety can be a concern. You want to keep your car protected from scratches and mud, but some of these covers are unsafe. They don’t always give you the all-around protection and ability to use a dog harness. But the Petech Car Seat Cover gives you the protection you need for both your dog and car. This cover is full coverage and allows seatbelts like the ones above to be used. 

4) Kurgo Rover Booster Dog Car Seat

For smaller dogs that are hard to fit for dog harnesses, this Kurgo Rover Booster is a great option. This booster attaches to your seat securely and has an additional tether inside to keep your Doodle inside. These boosters help keep your puppy off your lap, and still allows them to look outside. TThe Kurgo Rover also comes in so many colors and is machine washable. 

5) Kurgo Car Safety Dog Harness

Another great product from Kurgo is this car safety harness. This large dog harness for car has a specially designed loop that you can put a car seat belt through. Any time you use your breaks, the seatbelt will prevent your dog from falling forward. In the case of an accident, it keeps your dog safe and sound. 

6) Mogoko Chew Proof Dog Car Seatbelt

Some dogs will try everything they can to get out of a dog harness for car. For these determined pooches, we have this Chew Prood Dog Car Seatbelt by Mogoko. This seatbelt can be used with any dog harness that you know and love. It buckles into the belt and provides the utmost protection without the fear of your dog chewing through it while driving. 

7) TRUE LOVE Dog Harness

One of the best dog harness for car seat belt is this one by True Love. This harness is excellent for everyday wear and has a spot to place your car seat belt for travel. The True Love dog harness comes in five sizes and four sizes, making them great for anyone. And since this harness is so durable, your dog will have a safety harness for years to come. 

8) Elbert Mountain Dog Harness

For the adventurous family, you need a harness that can pull double duty all over. The Elbert Mountain dog harness is excellent for hiking and outdoor activities. It is sturdy enough to be used as a dog harness for carrying, and as a seatbelt. 

9)Sherpa Auto Buckle Pet Harness

The Sherpa dog harness is great for long drives and a walk in the park. This versatile harness is heavyweight and can fit the largest of Doodles. It comes with a durable buckle to use with any seatbelt buckle and is ultra-comfortable. You will love the feeling of safety with this large dog harness for cars. 

10) Rabbitgoo Dog Car Net Barrier

As an added precaution, you might want to invest in a carnet barrier like this one from Rabbitgoo. These barriers can help keep your dog in the back seat if they come out of their harness. And in the case of an accident, keeps your dog from moving into the front of the cab. When you use a net barrier along with seatbelts, your Doodle and passengers will be safer. 

11) IOKHEIRA Dog Seat Belt 3-in-1 Adjustable

The IOKHEIRA dog seat belt is perfect for SUV owners. Your Doodle can safely be restrained in the cargo of your SUV thanks to the multifunctional safety belt. This dog harness can either be used with a seatbelt buckle or with a clasp. Now you don’t have to worry about your Doodle moving around in the cargo area while you drive. 

12) EzyDog Drive Safety Travel Dog Car Harness

This harness is the Cadillac of top 12 Doodle dog harness for car seat travel. The EzyDog Drive Safety Harness is for impact. While most of these dog harnesses will keep your dog safe, this one protects their bodies. Scientists designed this harness to protect your dog from serious injury while being comfortable. And while the price is steep, this dog harness for car seat is not used for anything else. So you won’t have to worry about it breaking while on a walk or during a weekend outing. The EzyDog harness staying in the car and never wears down. 

Seatbelts Are Important

No matter if you are human, or a dog, seatbelts save lives. Many owners don’t give dog harnesses much thought, but spreading awareness could help prevent accidents. No matter if you are driving down the street to your local pet store, or on a cross country trip, your dog needs a seatbelt. That is why we created the top 12 Doodle dog harness for car seat travel. 

Below is a Pinterest friendly photo…. so you can pin it to your Doodle Board!!

Below is a Pinterest friendly photo…. so you can pin it to your Doodle Board!!

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