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Top 10 Most Common Eye Problems In Doodle Dogs

Top 10 Most Common Eye Problems In Doodle Dogs

This is not just for dog owners that have a Doodle breed, (a cross between a standard poodle and another breed), but for almost all dog breeds too. You know how important it is to keep their eyes clean and safe. But despite all of our efforts as a pet owner, your Doodle will still experience some eye trouble in its lifetime. So what are the top 10 most common eye problems in Doodle dogs? And how do we go about treating and preventing them? Keep reading to find out.

Eye Infections

First on our top 10 most common eye problems in Doodle dogs are bacterial infections. Eye infections are one ailment that isn’t breed-specific and the most common treatment. So what causes bacterial eye infections in dogs? Your dog can get an infection from debris that causes bacteria build-up or fungus to grow. This debris can be anything from dirt to sand and even larger objects like sticks and pieces of grass.

What Does Dog Eye Infection Look Like?

In most cases, these types of eye conditions will become red and inflamed. You might even notice green and cloudy discharge from the tear ducts. And in severe cases, your dog might not be able to open his eye.

How Can I Treat My Dogs Eye Infection Without Going To The Vet?

The first step is to flush the eye well. Using a saline solution to clear the eye will help dislodge any debris. Now you can buy saline made for dogs or use a saline solution made for contacts to clean the area. Whichever one you have on hand or get the fastest is safe to use.

How do I clean my dogs infected eye? The easiest way is to get someone to help hold the dog. Very gently hold your dog’s head and from above squirt the saline into the eye. This downward direction will flush everything out and away from the eye.

These infections also require an antibiotic ointment or drop to heal the area. You can get these drops from your vet, or if you catch the condition early, you can use Terramycin over the counter. Terramycin is the same thing most vets will give you, but you can get it without the hassle of making an appointment.

Can A Dog’s Eye Infection Go Away On Its Own?

Since Doodles are prone to so many eye issues, we don’t suggest waiting to treat an infection. In most cases, it won’t heal on its own and can cause blindness.

Dry Eye

Another typical dog eye problems include a condition called dry eye. This condition is when your dog doesn’t produce tears that keep the eye lubricated. And the terrible part is that in most cases, this is an auto-immune response passed down genetically.

What Are The Signs Of Dry Eye?

Most Doodles who develop dry eyes will have a noticeable yellow discharge and film across the eye. The eyes are also red and inflamed most of the time, and your dog will have a hard time keeping them open. And it’s almost always in both eyes to rule out eye infections.

How Do You Treat Dry Eye In Dogs?

Since dry eye is an auto-immune response, you will want to talk to your vet about treatment options. In most cases, they will prescribe eye drops that will help your Doodle produce tears again. They will also lubricate the eye and protect them from further damage.

Are Human Eye Drops Safe For Dogs?

We don’t recommend the use of human eye drops in your dog’s eyes. Most of these drops are made for the anatomy and chemistry of the human eye. Using them in your dog’s eyes could cause worsen the condition or permanent damage. With such a sensitive area, it’s always best to consult a medical professional.


Pollen, dust, and pet dander don’t just afflict humans. Many dogs have as many environmental allergies as people. And just like us, it could cause your Doodle’s to have runny, itchy eyes.

Common Allergenic Breeds :

  • Basset Hound
  • Shih Tzu
  • Cocker Spaniels
  • Labrador retrievers
  • golden retrievers
  • Saint Bernards
  • Chow Chow

How Do You Treat Allergies?

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If your dog has a mild allergic reaction the best option is to use drops like the Vetericyn Plus All Animal Eye Wash. These drops can clear debris from the eye and relieve itching, and they can help prevent eye infections. However, if your dog experiences severe allergies accompanied by bald spots, excessive scratching, and itchy ears, you will need to consult a vet. These are all signs of a more significant issue.


Cataracts, Glaucoma, And Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Why does my dog’s eye look cloudy? The 5th, 6th, and 7th on our list can all cause cloudy eyes as your Doodle ages. These conditions are primarily hereditary, but the signs could manifest early due to damage to the cornea on occasion.

What Are The Signs Of These Dog Eye Problems?

Cataracts, glaucoma, and PRA cause blindness in your dogs. What are the signs of a dog’s vision loss? After the eyes start to cloud over, dogs will slowly realize they have vision problems. You might notice that your dog can’t see well in the dark, loses depth perception, and has a hard time keeping up.

How Do I Stop My Dogs Eye Form Being Cloudy?

Unfortunately, with these three eye diseases, there isn’t much you can do. If you suspect any of these could be genetic diseases, you will want to talk to your vet. With cataracts, medication and surgery may slow the progression of the disease. And if your dog has glaucoma, they could prescribe a medication to slow the spread. But currently, there are no treatments for progressive retinal atrophy.


Some Doodles are a hybrid of dog breeds that have naturally droopy faces. Think along the lines of Hounds, Mastiffs, and Pugs. If your dog has a naturally droopy face, typical dog eye problems include entropion. But what is it? This condition is when the eyelids roll and fold into the dog’s eyes making the eyelashes rub the corneas.

What Are The Signs Of Entropion?

Entropion affects puppies more than adults because of the extra loose skin that puppies have. If you notice that your puppy scratches his eyes, has chronic eye infections, and chronic tear stains, entropion might be to blame.

How Is Entropion Treated?

In most cases, entropion fixes itself as your puppy ages. But in extreme cases, the cornea gets scratched, it could develop corneal ulcers and surgery might be the best solution. If you are concerned about your puppy’s eye, it is best to talk about a treatment plan with your vet.

Retinal Dysplasia

#8 on our top 10 most common eye problems in Doodle dogs is retinal dysplasia. Retinal dysplasia is a genetic mutation that prevents the eye from developing correctly. These problems are present at birth and, in extreme cases, could cause permanent blindness.

And unfortunately, there is no current treatment for this disease. To prevent it, the best you can do is choose a reputable breeder. A hybrid dog breeder with a passion for Doodles will screen all breed dogs to stop this disease from being further passed down.

Retinal Detachment

Another dog eye problem is retinal detachment. This detachment occurs in most Doodles as a result of severe injury. And depending on how destructive the detachment is, there are differing degrees. But there are also cases of an underlying condition that can cause it. So determining the cause will factor into the treatment plan.

How Do I Know My Dog Has Retinal Detachment?

The most common signs of retinal detachment are dilated pupils with pus and discharge coming from the eye. Your dog will also have trouble seeing and might have partial blindness. So if you notice any of these symptoms, you will want to seek medical attention immediately.

Is There Treatment For Retinal Detachment?

For Doodles with an injury to the eye, your doctor might decide to reattach the retina using surgery. But if the damage is superficial, they might decide on rest and medications to heal the eye independently. However, there is always the chance that your Doodle is experiencing an illness that results in eye damage. In these cases, it is best to heal the underlying issue before addressing the eye.

Collie Eye Anomaly

And finally, the last dog eye problems is a genetic disease passed in Collie breeds called Collie eye anomaly. This anomaly is a recessive gene that causes small sunken eyes. Collie Eye Anomaly is the most common in F2 Collie mixes, and most dogs can live everyday lives. But in severe cases, it can cause blindness. Unfortunately, the only way to prevent CEA is to test your breeding stock to prevent transmission genetically.

When Should I Worry About My Dogs Eye?

With all of these issues, it might leave you feeling paranoid. Every time your dog squints or has an eye booger, you might feel a little anxious. But you shouldn’t worry too much. If your dog can see, and any drainage doesn’t last more than three days, your Doodle should be fine. As long as you keep up with check-ups, diet, and cleaning, you shouldn’t have any problems.

How Do I Clean My Dog’s Eyes?

Should I clean my dog’s eye boogers? And how do I do this? Cleaning the eyes of all discharge is always a good idea. It prevents staining, eye irritations, and infections later. So what is a good eye wash for dogs? We love these fantastic brands:

  • Miracle Care Eye Clear Sterile Eye Wash
  • Vetericyn Plus Eye Wash
  • And Vet Worthy Eye Wash for Dogs
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What is good homemade eyewash? If you want a DIY wash for your dogs, it’s effortless. All you need are:

  • 1/2 teaspoon of non-iodized table salt
  • And 8 oz of distilled water
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Mix these ingredients in a sterile glass container to prevent further infections. We like to use the Marbrasse Olive Oil Dispenser Bottle because it is easy to use and pour into your dog’s eye. Use is as often as needed, and remember to dry the area with a clean lint-free cloth. And you are done!

And That’s All

These are the top 10 most common eye problems in Doodle dogs. And while these are common, there are still so many more issues that can arise. If you ever are concerned for your dog’s health, remember to call your vet for any health issues. They can get your dog feeling better in no time.

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Top 10 Most Common Eye Problems in Doodle Dogs

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