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Top 10 Bernedoodle Rescue Picks

Top 10 Bernedoodle Rescue Picks

Are you considering adopting a Bernedoodle? Then you need to read our top 10 Bernedoodle rescue picks. These are the best rescues from across the country. They treat their Doodles well and have superior ethics. When you adopt from any of the agencies from this list, you will find the best match for you and your family. Without further ado, let’s have a view. 

Do Bernedoodles Like to Swim

Doodle Rescue Collective Inc. 

One of the best Bernedoodle adoption picks is the Doodle Rescue Collective. This website dedicates its lives to saving as many Doodles as possible. Now, they actually take Doodles of all kinds. So getting a Bernedoodle might take a little longer than you initially thought. But the payout of adopting is so rewarding. 

With over 800 rescues across North America, you will find the perfect Bernedoodle for you in no time. And since the Doodle Rescue Collective isn’t a first-come, first-serve establishment, it gives you better chances. Instead, Doodle Rescue Collective shifts through each applicant for the best match. 

Another reason this is one of our Bernedoodle adoption picks is their dedication to pets. They want the best match for every dog that they care for. That’s why they have such an extensive application process. You might think this is a bad quality, but it shows us that they only want the best pairings for new homes. It makes getting a new dog easier for you and the Bernedoodle. 

IDOG Rescue

For another online option, you should check out IDOG. The accessibility of these online rescues is terrific. Each dog lives with a foster family across America. There are also a few cases of families who need to rehome their beloved pets for various reasons. 

IDOG has an application process that asks about your family and what you want in a dog. These questions help volunteers match you with the right Bernedoodle. No answer is marked wrong, and they take everything case by case. That ensures that every dog they adopt goes to the perfect family. 

Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue 

Now we know what your thinking. This rescue is for Golden Retrievers. But they recently have expanded into rescuing Doodles of all kinds. Delaware Valley has an excellent adoption process that gets excellent reviews. Your Bernedoodle match is guaranteed to be perfect. 

Delaware Valley also has so many resources. If you are asking yourself, “How do you rescue a Bernedoodle?” They have all the answers with guidance on everything from the adoption process to adjusting to a new home life. You will feel like you have the smoothest transition possible. Delaware Vally also holds events to meet the dogs and other owners. 

And one of the best parts of Delaware Valley is that they don’t serve just Delaware. They also help families from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey. But if you happen to live outside these states, it’s still possible to adopt from Delaware Valley if you are willing to make the drive out. 

Doodle Rock Rescue

Next on our top 10 Bernedoodle rescue picks is Doodle Rock Rescue of Texas. This Doodle rescue and rehome hasn’t been around for long. But they have made a lasting impact on their city and across the nation. Most of the Doodles that come to Doodle Rock are in critical condition or need special attention. They are the complex cases that shelters can’t take on. 

But that’s not the only reason to love Doodle Rock Rescue. The adoption process is smooth and easy in most cases. All you have to do is apply for the dog that has captured your heart. If your application seems like a good match, you should get a call within three weeks. It’s as simple as that. 

Doodle Dandy Rescue

If you’re in Texas, we have more Bernedoodle adoption picks like Doodle Dandy. Each of the dogs for adoption here has impressive profiles. You won’t get a generic bio that says the same old thing. Instead, you get adorable pictures, an extensive history of the dog, and cute videos. You feel like you know the dog before you decide to apply for one. 

Once you apply for a dog, you could hear back in as little as a week. But there is a downside. If you don’t live within a five-hour Dallas/Fort Worth radius, you aren’t eligible for their program. This distance requirement is for the safety of the Doodle. In case something were to happen, or you needed help adjusting, being close assures you that volunteers are there when you need them.

Doodle And Pooch Rescue Of Florida

Where can I adopt a Bernedoodle in Florida? The best Bernedoodle adoption is Doodle And Pooch. Doodle And Pooch is a rescue that relies solely on foster care. Each of the dogs lives in a home where they are loved and learning before they head off to their forever home. 

At Doodle And Pooch, they also take everyone’s past and current situations in mind. They want great matches to reduce the likelihood of dogs returning to the rescue. Doodle And Pooch will have you fill out a complete questionnaire. You will tell them all about home life and what your ideal dog would look like. From there, they match you with the perfect Bernedoodle. And if you have questions about how to care for a Bernedoodle, they are happy to guide you. 

Labs And More

For our West Coast readers, we bring you Labs And More as our Bernedoodle adoption picks. We love everything about this rescue and what it stands for. They want every dog to go to a forever homemade for them. Labs And More helps you prepare your home and family for a new pet.

To make this process easier, Labs And More assign “Adoption Coaches” to guide you. They get to know you on a personal level that you can’t always see on paper. From here, they give you the best matches they have for your family. This unique process ensures better fits and happier families. And who can argue with results like theirs? 

Sugar Pine Doodles

Sugar Pine Doodles makes our top 10 Bernedoodle rescue picks for one reason. They are a responsible breeder who also cares for rescue work. There is nothing better than reputable breeders who also know that they have a responsibility to ALL dogs. Not just caring about the puppies that created, but any dog who needs to find a home or is at risk. 

Sugar Pine has an application like any other puppy they have for sale. They will make sure that your home is suitable for the rescue and schedule a meet and greet. But if you are looking for a Bernedoodle fast, you might want to look somewhere else. 

Sugar Pine Doodles get their rescues by word of mouth. So they don’t always have rescues available. But when they come across any dog in need, they are sure to help. 

NorCal Poodle Rescue

One place everyone forgets to look is Poodle rescues for Doodles. The NorCal Poodle Rescue takes all types of Poodles and mixes. NorCal Poodle Rescue makes it their mission to rescue every Poodle and Doodle. Between regular adoption events and Poodle Days, every dog in their care doesn’t stay long. 

All you have to do is go online to fill out the application. Once you are approved, you will have a phone interview and possible matches discussed. We also love that all of the prices for their adoptions are listed right on their website. They price their Doodles based on size. 

And they don’t discriminate against seniors. NorCal Poodle Rescue has the perfect solution for the elderly that need companionship. The senior for senior program places dogs 10 and up with people 65 and older. There really is a suitable match for everyone. 

Carolina Poodle Rescue

Where can I rescue a Bernedoodle? You should check out Carolina Poodle Rescue. This rescue is unlike anything else you have ever seen. Carolina Poodle Rescue doesn’t take just Poodles. They also accept dogs of every breed and cats, and they can have up to 150 animals in their care. 

Where do they put these dogs? On their farm, of course! Dreamweaver Farms are where this rescue operates, so you know these pets are spoiled. So how do you get a Bernedoodle from here? Once you fill out an adoption form, you will then have a phone interview. If all goes well, you will head over to the farm to see the dogs. 

You will be able to meet any dog you want and have a little one-on-one time with them. If everything goes well, you will bring your new dog home that day. Do you live out of state? No problem. Just call Caroline Poodle Rescue to see what affiliates they have in other states. Or you can make a road trip to pick up your Bernedoodle from the farm directly. 

That’s Our Top 10 Bernedoodle Rescue Picks!

From this list, you will find the best of the best from all over the nation. But don’t worry if you don’t see a rescue near you. All you have to do is search for Bernedoodle for rescue near me, and you will get tons of results.

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Top 10 Bernedoodle Rescue Picks

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