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Tips To Stop Your Doodle Dog From Digging!

Tips To Stop Your Doodle Dog From Digging!

We are here to show you tips to stop your Doodle dog from digging. These tips have been proven to correct the action and to give your dog positive reinforcement.

Most dog owners have run across the issue of digging at some time or another. This digging can be caused by boredom, anxiety, or just because your Doodledog seems to enjoy it.

You may be exasperated, trying to get this bad behavior to stop.

Tips To Stop Your Doodle Dog From Digging!

More Enrichment

A lack of enrichment is one of the tips to stop your Doodle dog from digging. This enrichment could include playtime, walks, busy toys, or more one-on-one time with their owners.

Doodles are known to be highly intelligent. And with this intelligence comes more need for stimulation.

They crave attention and tasks to do. If you were to leave your Doodle alone all day without enough activities, they could dig up your yard.

To increase the amount of enrichment and physical stimulation, your Doodle is getting, try giving them more walks around the neighborhood.

Taking different paths will relieve excess energy and excite your Doodle. A busy and tired dog will forget all about digging and other unwanted behavior.

Also, try playing with your dog without distractions to make it more personal. Your Doodle will love the attention and stop most attention-seeking behaviors.

Lastly, give your dog more enrichment with toys. Keeping a rotation of toys your dog loves will cure boredom; no one likes playing with the same old toys daily.

The best way to rotate toys is to keep sets put away that you switch out every couple of weeks.

Bringing out these toys will be like brand new toys for your dog all over again. You can even do this with particular sets of toys they only get when you are away.

Cats/Dogs Digging Deterrent Mats for Outdoor and Indoor

Does your dog seem only to want to dig up your flower beds? Then this Indoor/Outdoor Repellent Training Spike Strip is just what you need.

It provides a barrier around any area you prefer your dog to stay away from.

These spikes will not harm your dog as they are not sharp enough to cut them. Your Doodle will

not like how they feel and be deterred from your garden.

And since these mats are thin and flexible, you can put them anywhere. You can put them along fencelines or trees or cut them to fit in smaller spaces.

If you notice that your Doodle is only digging in one area, this can be a great way to correct the behavior temporarily.

These Spike Strips are durable and transparent, so they won’t be an eyesore to your lovely home. Many users rave that the behaviors are corrected in no time.

Provide A Dog House

Another tip to stop your Doodle dog from digging is to provide a dog house. In cases where your dog may be outside for long periods, your Doodle may be digging for comfort.

They are making themself a nice place to lie down and relax. Dirt is also cooler than grass, so on hot days, they could be seeking relief.

To stop digging for comfort, provide your Doodle with a dog house for shelter. We love this Internet’s Best Outdoor Dog House.

This dog house is large enough for most Doodles and has built-in vents to keep your pet cool on a hot day.

With its raised base, you will never have to worry about mud and water seeping into the house and on your dog.

This plastic design is durable and easy to assemble. It never overheats and is easy to clean. Therefore, your Doodle will appreciate the comfort it provides while you are away.

Along with your dog’s house, you will also want to provide fresh water and food to keep your dog cool and comfortable. On hot days you can even provide a cooling mat like The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

This mat is perfect for keeping your pet cool on the hottest days. Since it is gel-activated, you won’t have to worry about keeping it wet like other mats. And since this mat is extra durable, it will last years.

Bringing Your Doodle Inside

The next tip to stop your Doodle dog from digging is to bring your Doodle indoors more often. Doodles, by nature, do not make good outside dogs. They love attention and thrive in a family setting.

If your Doodle is left alone for hours every day outside, behaviors such as digging and chewing will occur. If your dog is digging to escape or to seek attention, he could have separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is standard behavior in Doodles. They prefer to be inside and around the people, they care about the most.

When you bring your Doodle inside, you can give more attention and affection to them. It makes them feel safe and wanted.

Being indoors also helps them be more enriched by being a part of everyday life. They do not like being on the outside of their daily activities. Your Doodle wants to be in the mix and the center of attention.

All Natural Animal Repellent

Another tip to stop your Doodle dog from digging fence lines and in the garden is an All Natural Animal Repellent. This repellant uses natural habanero, onion, and garlic to create a barrier for your dog.

If your dog tries to dig in the area of this spray, he will get the unpleasant scent in his nose to deter him.

It also lasts a long time if there is no rain, so it is more effective if your Doodle continually returns to the same areas.

But do not fear. Though this spray creates a burning effect in your dog’s nose, the scent only lasts for a few minutes, and then it goes away.

It will not harm your dog or your grass or gardens. One caution to this product is not to spray it where kids will be present. If you are not careful, it is potent enough to get into human eyes and noses.

Check Your Yard For Rodents

Since Doodles are always half-Poodle, they have an instinctive behavior to be hunters. They are excellent trackers with incredible noses.

If you have tried everything possible to stop dogs from digging, it may be time to check your yard for rodents. Especially burrowing rodents like moles can be the cause of your dog’s digging habit.

The best way to do this is by looking for entrance burrows or tunnels. If you notice your dog digging under objects like raised decks, there might also be rodents or snakes.

There could be many reasons rodents are attracted to your house; in most cases, it is best to contact a pest control agency to remove them.

Some easy steps to keep rodents away are keeping all trash out of sight and using barrier sprays like All Natural Animal Repellent.

Place mothballs or cayenne pepper around the parameter of your yard (away from your Doodle) and plant repellent herbs like mint or lavender.

Once you get control of the rodents in the area, you will find that your dog will relax and not feel compelled to dig in the yard anymore.

Dig Box

Last on our list is providing your dog with a safe place to dig. This safe place could be a designated yard for them to dig out of harm’s way.

It could be a sandbox or pool filled with dirt. Some Doodles love to dig for fun.

It doesn’t matter if you provide them with all the toys and attention in the world. Their favorite activity could be digging. Getting them to stop can sometimes be impossible when this is the case.

If you can’t beat them, join them. Providing a safe place to dig is an excellent compromise for your dog.

You will not have to worry about their safety, and your Doodle will still get to enjoy their favorite activity.

You can even make it into a game for them by hiding their favorite toys in the sand for them to find.

This dogs dig box is a great enrichment activity while you are away.

This simple trick can also save you and your dog a lot of heartache. When you notice your dog digging, immediately stop it and direct them to the dig box area.

If they use the dig box, reward them with a treat and praise. Since Doodles are known to be intelligent and easy to train, they will react positively to this training in no time.


As you can see, there are many ways to stop dog digging. You must pinpoint why your Doodle might be digging to correct the problem.

This could take some trial and error and require a combination of techniques.

But, if you stick with it, your Doodle and you will have a stronger bond and a better understanding of each other.

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