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Tips That Can Help Your Doodle Dog Live Longer!

Tips That Can Help Your Doodle Dog Live Longer!

Have you ever wondered, How long do Doodle dogs live? Most Doodles only live 10-15 years. But did you know that there are a few simple tips to help your Doodle dog live longer?

We all wish that our dogs would live as long as we do. The saddest part of every pet owner’s life is saying farewell to the best dog.

If you follow these tips, your Doodle could live well past 15 while still acting like a puppy.

Vet Visits

The best way to ensure you have a healthy Doodle dog is to visit the vet regularly.

A checkup every six months is a great way to ensure your dog gets all their vaccinations and wellness checks.

These wellness checks can catch diseases or health concerns before it is too late for treatment.

Your dog will be in the best condition health-wise, and your vet can recommend how to improve their health.

In addition to vet visits, getting pet insurance might be worth it. That way, if any issues arise, you can get your dog the help he needs when he needs it.

Please talk with your trusted vet today about what insurance they take or plans they might offer.

Dental Exams

dog dental exam
Dog Dental Exam

Another way to keep your dog healthy is regular dental exams. Once a year, your Doodle should get a dental exam and cleaning.

These exams help prevent gingivitis and gum disease that is common in dogs. If your Doodle’s mouth feels fresh and pain-free, it could lead to a longer lifespan and healthier eating habits.

You could even take this a step further and brush your dog’s teeth at home at least once a week.

Using a special kit like these Arm & Hammer Dog Dental Care Kits could significantly increase your dog’s life.


Third on our list is diet and weight. Feeding your dog high-quality food rich in nutrients is proven to increase the years your dog is with you.

These diets are low in sugar and high in protein. They also have a balanced amount of fruits, vegetables, and complex carbs.

These diets are great for a healthy Doodle dog. They provide balanced nutrition and give them energy throughout the day.

A healthy diet also will help keep your dog’s weight in check. Dogs who are obese develop heart conditions that can shorten their lifespan.

But, with a fit lifestyle and diet, you could increase your Doodle dog’s lifespan by at least five years.


One great way of giving your Doodle a healthy life is exercise. Doodles love to move and be active. And without it, you could end up with a depressed and overweight Doodle.

Giving your dog at least an hour of one-on-one playtime could increase your dog’s lifespan. It will keep the heart-healthy, weight off, and improve their mental well-being.

Mental Stimulation

Next on the list of tips to help your Doodle dog live longer is the need to unlock your dog’s mental abilities.

Doodles are known for their high intelligence and ability to learn. Keeping your dog’s mind sharp will increase its lifespan significantly.

Training courses, puzzles, and agility training are great ways to keep them thinking. Your dog will love having tasks to do, which can keep them from getting bored.

Also, utilizing puzzles for when you are away will keep their sanity. A dog that has enough mental stimulation will be happier and live longer.

6 Grooming Appointments. Grooming appointments keep your dog feeling clean, and your grooming will notice if there is any cause for concern. Your groomer will get to know your dog over the years.

They will notice if there are differences in coat type, lumps, or even eye problems. Diseases affecting these areas are gradual, so you may not notice them immediately.

But your groomer will see your Doodle every 6-12 weeks. During each groom, your groomer will do a full hands-on inspection.

This inspection is to keep your dog safe in case of any injuries or problem areas with the skin. They pay attention to details ordinary people may miss.

A grooming appointment could catch something before it becomes an issue.


Another great way to increase your Doodle dog lifespan is to be dog-proof. This proofing means removing any electrical cords or harmful chemicals from your dog’s reach.

And, you may want to inspect all plants around the home because some could be poisonous to your dog if eaten.

Keeping things like candles and essential oil diffusers out of the way prevents fire and toxic conditions.

You may also want to inspect your fence regularly. Keeping all holes fixed and gates in working order will prevent accidents or your dog from getting loose.

All of these things will keep your dog safe and avoid accidents that can follow when your dog gets out.

Spay and Neuter

Another one of the tips to help your Doodle dog live longer may or may not be a link to spaying/ neutering your dog, and increasing its life.

Some argue that it prevents things like cancer later in life. Others say not fixing your pet could cause unnecessary stress when you do not breed them.

But, even if you do not believe this research fixing your Doodle could be good. It prevents unwanted pregnancies and accidental litter that may end up in a shelter.

Keep Stress Down

Anyone could tell you stress is unsuitable for the body or the mind. And the same is true for dogs. Stress can lead to physical and mental illnesses in dogs, like people.

When you keep your dog’s anxiety low, you also boost immunities and improve mental health. Your dog will feel great and live a longer, happier life.

One way to keep stress low is to identify and try to avoid significant stressors. Exercise can also help lower stress and use stress-reducing tools for occasions that may be unavoidable.

Longer Living Breeds

Preceding on the list of tips to help your Doodle dog live longer is to choose Doodle Dogs that live the longest.

Generally, all breeds that are smaller in size live longer than their larger counterparts. Doodles that weigh 25 pounds and under can live up to 15 years!

And, lucky for you, most Doodle breeds come in small or micro sizes. So, you can enjoy the aspects of your favorite breeds without compromising your lifespan.

Breed Health Conditions

Another way to help your Doodle live the longest life possible is to be aware of health conditions they are prone to.

When you understand what to look out for and the warning signs of health conditions, you can get help faster.

Each breed has different health conditions that they are prone to, so knowing these before your dog becomes ill can help.

Some conditions are hard to detect, and this is where regular visits to your vet can help. They can run blood tests and do more extensive checkups to prevent common conditions from getting out of control.


And of course, a great way to increase your Doodle dog lifespan is to use a great breeder. Using a reputable breeder known for producing high-quality pups could cost a lot at first.

But, they can save you thousands in the future. Breeders should always pair two dogs together that pass health screening first, and they will provide you with the records.

They know how to choose parent dogs that will make superior pups with no health defects. And, overall, their goal is to make the breed more reliable and healthy.

Quality Time

Most important of all is to spend quality time with your dog. Your Doodle is the happiest when they are right by your side.

They live to please you and to make you happy. Owning a Doodle is to hold the most loyal dog breed in the world. Nothing else matters to them if they don’t have you and your attention.

It could make all other preventative measures a waste because they aren’t happy.

Quality time doesn’t have to be something extravagant. It could be a simple walk or going to a new park. It could be lounging by the pool or snuggling up in bed watching Netflix.

They want your time, love, and affection. And that is the biggest key to Doodle dogs that live the longest.

In Conclusion

These are plenty of ways to help your Doodle dog live longer. But, we hope that this list gives you a great starting point for making your dog the healthiest and happiest Doodle on earth.

And, even though they might not live our whole lives, we can live theirs. And that makes it an even greater responsibility to make it the best.

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