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Things You Need To Know About Aussiedoodles

Things You Need To Know About Aussiedoodles


Let’s explore things you need to know about Aussiedoodles. With so many fantastic Doodle breeds out there, it may be hard to find a perfect match. There are features to love about every Doodle breed, and not to love. But, have you ever heard of Aussiedoodles? These vivacious Doodles have recently won their way into America’s heart. They are a fantastic breed for many pet owners, but are they right for you?

Energy Level

  • Aussiedoodle puppies are known to be very high energy. Before getting an Aussiedoodle, consider the amount of time that you have to exercise your dog. The Aussiedoodle will require about 90 minutes of exercise a day! A lot of people are not able to give their dog this much exercise a day, which makes them a bad fit to be Aussiedoodle parents. Exercises for your Doodle could be walks, a jog, heavy physical activity, or even agility training.


  • Next on the list of things you need to know about Aussiedoodles. A lot of people look at getting a Doodle because of their high intelligence, and that is no different from an Aussiedoodle. They are quick to train and love a good challenge. You will see your dog figuring out how to open doors and cabinets faster than you can lock them up. Your Doodle will need a lot of mental activity as well to keep from getting bored. Be prepared to buy lots of puzzles and attend training classes to keep their minds sharp.


  • How to Groom a AussieDoodle

    How to Groom an AussieDoodle

    Another aspect concerning things you need to know about Aussiedoodles is that people overlook with Aussiedoodle puppies is that they need grooming. You should brush your dog every couple of days to keep him detangled. Also, your dog will need grooming by a professional every 6-12 weeks. This particular trip to the groomer will give them a beautiful hair cut, bath, nail trim, and so much more. But, this could be an extra cost that many overlook.


  • Your Aussiedoodle will love you with every fiber of it’s being. They will be some of the most loyal dogs that you have ever owned. They crave and thrive off attention and cuddles. Your Doodle will also want to go with you wherever you go, and with a face like theirs, how could you say no? You will never be alone again with an Aussiedoodle.

Need Large Spaces

  • While an Aussiedoodle can sometimes live in apartments, it is best for this breed to have a larger living space. Since they require so much room to move about, they can often feel claustrophobic in small living quarters. In smaller areas, you might find that your dog is anxious. This will lead to chewing or marking behaviors. So if you are looking at an Aussiedoodle, consider your living arrangements first.

Fenced In Yard

  • Speaking of large spaces, your Aussiedoodle will also need a decently sized yard. While some Aussiedoodles do ok without a yard, it does make it more difficult to get exercise. A lawn that has a fence large enough can provide your dog with a lot of extra activity. Especially when away for long periods at work, a yard that they have access to can help relieve stress.

Herding Instinct

  • One more of the things you need to know about Aussiedoodles is that since the Aussiedoodle is a hybrid of the Australian Shepard and Poodle. This gives them a powerful herding instinct. Without proper training, you may notice that your dog will try to herd small children or animals, and even you. They can nip at your heals to get you moving like the sheep his ancestors once corralled. So, to combat this trait, you will need to play a lot of retrieving games like fetch or Frisbee.

Need Company

  • Another vital factor to consider as part of the things you need to know about Aussiedoodles is that they require a lot of company. For families that spend more than 8 hours a day away from home, this can be challenging. Since your Aussiedoodle is so loyal and intelligent, they do require a lot of attention. If you work for prolonged amounts of time, you might consider hiring a dog walker or Doggy Daycare. These services can provide them the care and exercise they need to be happy and healthy.

Other Pet Compatibility

  • Next of the things you need to know about Aussiedoodles is that they do great with other dogs in the home. They typically love the company and friendship that other dogs will give. But, as a word of caution, they are a herding dog. So, smaller dogs and other pets might not be a good match for them. They will have the instinct to corral small dogs and can pose a threat to other small animals in the home.

Size And Lifespan

  • aussiedoodle puppies

    Aussiedoodle puppies

    Did you know that there are two Aussiedoodle types? When most people think of Aussiedoodles, they think of the standard size. An Aussiedoodle full-grown can grow to be 40-70 pounds and live 10-12 years. But, there is a lesser-known size, the Mini Aussiedoodle. These Minis only grow to be 10-15 pounds with a life expectancy of 12-15 years. These mini breeds have all the same characteristics as a standard but in a tiny cute fluff package.

Amount Of Food

  • One small aspect to consider when getting an Aussiedoodle is to figure the price of food into your new monthly costs. Since Aussiedoodles are a high energy dog, they do require a little more food to eat than the average dog. The more active your dog’s lifestyle, the more he will eat. This diet should be high-quality food to keep your dog healthy and active.


  • Before you bring your new Doodle home, it is also good to take a good look at common medical conditions. Aussiedoodles are prone to developing hip dysplasia, eye disease, epilepsy, and thyroid issues. When picking your breeder, always ask for medical reports from both parents to reduce the chances of your puppy developing these later in life.

Love Water

  • If you bring an Aussiedoodle home, there is one thing that you should know. They LOVE water! Your Aussiedoodle will love to spend hours playing in dog pools or the sprinkler. You will never see an Aussiedoodle that has had enough of romping in the water. They love to chase, splash, and swim as much as their hearts will let them. So, be prepared to buy a mini pool for your dog during the summer months.

Love Training

  • If you think your dog loves water, just wait until you see how much they enjoy training. By nature, these dogs love to have a task to complete. They will hone in on their skills and intelligence to complete any task that you give. This intelligence makes constant training and learning new tricks a great way to provide mental stimulation. Your dog will quickly climb to the top of his class and learn all kinds of neat tricks.

Great Therapy Dogs

  • Aussiedoodles are known to be very in tune breeds. They pick up on emotions faster than you can let out a sigh of depression. Your Doodle will attach himself to you and show you all the love in the world.
  • And they make excellent service dogs since they pick up on tasks quickly. Your Aussiedoodle will be able to retrieve medications, pick things up for you, or even alert others if you need help.


  • While all Doodles are hypoallergenic, that does not mean what you might think. Hypoallergenic means that they do not shed. The lack of shedding is why you will need to get them groomed every 6-12 weeks. If you are allergic to dogs, you will still be allergic to Aussiedoodles. That is because you are allergic to the dander, saliva, and urine proteins that dogs create. Your Aussiedoodle will always have dander. Even if he does not shed, there is no way to stay away from saliva with their kisses.

Hard To Find

  • Aussiedoodles have taken off in the designer breed world in the last ten years. Since they are still relatively new to the game, it can sometimes make it hard to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders. But, when you do find one, take a detailed tour of the facility to make sure of their legitimacy. Never make deposits on a puppy until you have seen both parents and ensure that all dogs on the premises are healthy and clean.
  • Finding a breeder can sometimes prove difficult, and finding an Aussiedoodle in a shelter can be even slimmer. If you are looking to adopt, ask around for Doodle rescues or Aussie rescues. They might have one available. And, if you can’t find one at a shelter, you could always ask reputable breeders about adoption programs for dogs that are not bred anymore.


  • If you are still with us and love Aussiedoodles, be also prepared for the cost for one. A reputable breeder can sell their pups for $2,300 up to $10,000, depending on your area. A lot of people have a hard time paying that much upfront for a dog, but with that price comes excellent breeding. Your dog should come fully vaccinated, proof of lineage, proof of medical background, and assurance that your dog is bred with dignity.

In Conclusion

So, do you think that you are up for owning Aussiedoodle puppies? We hope that you have enjoyed our list of this beautiful breed. If you liked this article, don’t forget to follow our page for more exciting Doodle information.

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