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The Best No Mess Water Bowls for Doodle Dogs

The Best No Mess Water Bowls for Doodle Dogs

With the Best Mess-Free Dog Water Bowls for Doodle Dogs, we will discuss a few options and how they work. Vitalumos Dog Water Bowl

If you have a Doodle, you know that sometimes they can be sloppy drinkers. Some will play in their water dish, dive nose first, and some will leave the water bowl wholly covered in water and drool.

While we can’t control some aspects of their drinking habits, we can try to help them.

The Best Mess-Free Dog Water Bowl for Doodle Dogs is the Vitalumos.

This Slow Feeder Water Dispenser Bowl is great for dogs who have longer beards that seem to get soaked with every drink.

This impressive bowl has a system that has a floating plate on the top with a paw print shape in the center.

This paw print hole is where a small amount of water can come through for your dogs.

It is a perfect amount to drink from, and the entire bowl holds 50 ounces of water, making it great for larger dogs.

Large enough to last all-day dishwasher safe prevents large gulps and splashing. Keeps their faces clean easy to disassemble. Most dogs learn to use it quickly.

A con is that it needs regular deep cleaning and does not prevent Doodles from knocking it over

Now, let’s talk about the cons.

Many ratings talk about how poorly designed this bowl is because of mildew and things growing inside of the water dish.

We labeled regular cleaning as a con because customers could not visibly see what was growing in the water dish.

But, to play a little devil’s advocate for the company that designed this dish, you should clean your dog’s water dish daily.

Water goes stagnant quickly, and refilling it does not prevent that. Veterinarians recommend cleaning your dog’s water dish daily with soap and hot water.

Since this dish is easy to come apart and dishwasher safe, we think that gives this dish a thumbs up for all Doodle owners.

If you get this dish, take the floating plate apart and clean it thoroughly with soap and water along with the rest of the bowl. This way, no dogs will get sick, and no bacteria can grow.

Heavy-Weight Splash-Free Stoneware Water Bowl

This American Made Splash-Free Stoneware Pottery Water Bowl is not only beautiful, but it is also practical.

It is crafted from stoneware clay for dogs that like to play with their water bowls and knock them around. These bowls come in a large size that holds 48 ounces of water.

They weigh 4 pounds, making it incredibly hard to pick up or knock over with light play. They also have a high inverted lip that prevents splashing and from your, Doodle getting their beard wet.

This stoneware is handcrafted, so it has a fantastic look you can’t find anywhere else. It is also dishwasher safe with drainage holes in the top for drying. It even says that it is excellent for RVs!

Holds 48 ounces of water. Heavy to prevent tipping. Inverted lip to stop the water from splashing out dishwasher safe.

Doodles will still be able to play in these. It does not prevent their beards from getting wet

Though this water dish is excellent, if your dog is a sloppy drinker or knocks over his bowl, it won’t prevent playing or their faces from getting wet.

Your dog can still dive nose-first into the bowl or even put his paws into the dish to play.

Though handcrafted items are always unique and a great way to support small businesses, it also means that they are a little more expensive.

At just under $60, this is a steep price for some people, but it could be worth it.

SereneLife Non-Skid Bowl

This simple spill-proof bowl is next on our 5 Best Mess-Free Dog Water Bowls for Doodle Dogs. It uses a two-part system that is easy to clean and almost entirely spill-proof.

It works when your dog bowl screws into a special mat to lock it in place. That mat then gets placed on the ground where it suctions cups to the floor.

Your dog will no longer be able to scoot the SereneLife Non-Skid bowl or pick it up. This suction feature is great for growing clumsy Doodles who tend to knock their dishes over.

Pros: Great price, skid-proof and spill-proof, No more knocking over the water. It’s dish dishwasher safe

Cons: Not for dogs who play or are messy drinkers

While this bowl is great for dogs who knock over the water, your Doodle will still drip and play.

Since this bowl doesn’t have a dipped lip, your bearded Doodle will still have issues getting his face wet while drinking.

If your dog loves to take a nose dive into the bowl, nothing prevents that from happening with this non-skid bowl.

Also, since this bowl is smaller, you might have to refill it a couple of times a day, depending on the size of your Doodle.

Smaller Doodle breeds can usually go all day on one bowl, but larger ones like the Bernedoodle will drink much more than this bowl can provide.

This bowl is only on our list because it has an innovative idea that could work for calmer or smaller Doodle breeds.

Slopper Stopper Drip-less Water Bowl

The Slopper Stopper is a must-have for all Doodle breeds. This stainless steel bowl uses a plastic lid with a funnel-like feature in the center.

This funnel is where your dog will drink out of. The lid’s unique design ensures your dog’s face and floppy ears do not get wet while drinking.

It also makes it almost impossible for your dog to play in their water dish. The stainless steel bowl is easy to clean and prevents bacteria from growing, and the top is clear to see all dirt inside the container.

There is a size for every dog since they go by weight. Smaller dogs have a shorter muzzle and need a lower funnel.

These bowls are the most inclusive of all breed sizes on the market. This large bowl can hold up to a gallon of water, making it the biggest water dish on our 5 Best Mess-Free Dog Water Bowls for Doodle Dogs.

Pros: Larger size, easy to clean, cute stand sold separately. The lid is made from clear plastic and keeps beards dry. Doodles can’t play in the water.

Cons: Higher price!

Neater Feeder Deluxe

Last on our list is the Neater Feeder. This food and water dish set sits inside a compartment with raised sides. This will help contain some of the mess.

This dish set won’t prevent your dog from getting water all over her face. The raised sides will slow your Doodle down when finished. 

So whatever water does drip falls into the area closed off. This Neater Feeder also has a drain in the bottom that will collect all water and hide it out of sight to clean up later.

This bowl set is terrific for containing the brunt of the mess. This water and food bowl set does a great job of preventing spills, containing messes, and keeping your dog from playing.

You might still have small messes with sloppy drinkers, but this bowl will save you much time cleaning up.

Pros: You get two bowls. Drain to catch all spilled water stored out of sight and raise sides to slow your dog down. Catches spills and most drips. It keeps your dog from scooting bowls.

Cons: Your pet’s face will get wet.

In Conclusion

Now that you have taken away the indoor swimming pool. It’s time to get a great outdoor doggy pool for some fun! We all know that most Doodles love to have some water time fun.

This is why they play in their bowls. Maybe a beard trim can also help alleviate some of the water mess.  The Best Mess-Free Dog Water Bowls for Doodle Dogs has a dish that is right for you.

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