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Standard Poodle Rescue In Michigan – Full List

Standard Poodle Rescue In Michigan – Full List

Should you are looking for a good Standard Poodle rescue in Michigan or the neighboring states, you have come to the right place.

We will take you through some of the best rescues in Michigan, where you can find a quality Standard Poodle. Keep reading to learn more.

Standard Poodles are intelligent and playful dogs that can be an excellent addition to any family.

However, getting a reputable breeder for these adorable dogs can be challenging.

Some people opt for adopting them to save on the costs and give the dogs a second chance to live happy lives.


Michigan Standard Poodle Rescue

The Michigan Standard Poodle Rescue was established in 2014 by Barb Morina. She founded the organization after helping to rescue a Poodle that needed help.

Since then, she has helped to rescue hundreds of Poodles and settled them in permanent dog-friendly homes.

If you want to adopt a Standard Poodle from the organization, you must be based in Michigan or its surrounding states.

The organization does not ship its dogs. Therefore, you will have to pick up your furry friend yourself.

After Barb had rescued and rehomed two Poodles, she got an email that informed her of an illegal puppy mill in Michigan.

Her organization rescued twelve dogs that she nicknamed “Dirty Dozens.” The twelve dogs became members of the Michigan Standard Poodle rescue, and the organization started to grow.

If you want to adopt a dog from them, you will be required to fill out an application form.

Once they approve your application, they will match you to a Standard Poodle.

This can take some time as they consider their pets before making a match. 

The Michigan Standard Poodle Rescue also offers surrender services.

They also advise people to contact them before taking their furry friends to a dog shelter.

Some shelters can be confusing and scary for dogs, and there is no guarantee that they will end up with the best owner.

They will offer your Standard Poodle a safe environment where it will smoothly transition into a new home.

Once a dog is rescued, they take good care of it. Their dogs are tested for worms, neutered/spayed, and treated against medical conditions.

They also offer them up-to-date vaccines. Besides, the dogs receive proper grooming and bathing. 

Michigan Standard Poodle Rescue Details

  • Location/Address: Bay City, Michigan
  • Website: Michigan Standard Poodle Rescue
  • Phone Number: (989) 450-4009
  • Email Address:

Poodles, Doodles, And Friends Of Ohio


Poodles, Doodles, and Friends of Ohio is a dog rescue based in Ohio.

They serve dog enthusiasts in the neighboring states, such as Michigan. They rescue and place dogs in dog-loving families and safe environments.

Poodles, Doodles, and Friends also accept surrenders from dog owners who no longer want their dogs.

They give the dogs a fresh start in new homes. Once a dog is rescued, it is offered the necessary medical care.

The dog is also neutered and vaccinated. The organization has an impressive team that will help you to rehome your dog if you are interested in the surrender option. 

They work to help dog enthusiasts set up an account for their pets, look for suitable replacements, and finalize all dog adoption proceedings.

Standard Poodles are athletic and need to be trained for competitions. If you want to adopt a dog, you will be required to fill out an application form. 

If your application is approved, you will be paired with several Standard Poodles until you get a perfect match.

The adoption fees vary depending on the age of the dog. You will be charged between $275 and $350 for an adult Standard Poodle and $300 to $400 for a puppy.

Other fees include the extra costs for grooming, neutering, dental care, and any other treatment and examinations done on the dog.

The organization will ensure that you go home with quality and healthy Standard Poodle.

They will also make a follow-up to see how your new furry friend is doing. You can reach them through a phone call or email for any inquiries.

Poodles, Doodles, And Friend Of Ohio Details

Western Reserve Poodle Club

The Western Reserve Poodle Club is based in Cleveland, Ohio. However, it serves dog lovers in neighboring states, such as Michigan.

It is a volunteer organization with affiliations with foster families, veterinarians, shelters, and other rescue teams located across the USA.

The groups work together to safely rescue and rehome Poodles, including Standard Poodles in need of new homes. 

The Beginning

The organization was founded in the 1960s by a group of people who had similar interests in Poodles.

They aim to train their dogs to excel at hunting, obedience, agility and tracking while at the same time enhancing human intervention by encouraging quality breeding and participation. 

Before they approve the adoption process, you will be required to fill out an online application form and provide honest answers to their questions.

This will help them to identify a Standard Poodle that will suit your preference and needs.

When they do not have enough space at the rescue, they send their dogs to foster homes, where they are offered love, a serene environment, and appropriate care to help them transition to their permanent homes. 

All their dogs may be adopted sometimes, and you may be required to wait in line.

Therefore, you will have to be patient if you want a quality dog from them.

The rescue may also refer you to a reputable breeder or a Standard Poodle owner willing to surrender their dog.

However, they do not stand as guarantors for dogs outside the rescue. 

All dogs at the rescue are neutered/spayed, tested, and treated for heartworms and other conditions.

They are also groomed and vaccinated to ensure that you get a healthy pet.

The adoption fees vary from $150 to $300 depending on the costs incurred for tests and vaccination.

Since they do not ship their dogs, you will have to visit their location to pick up your furry friend.

Western Reserve Poodle Club Details

Peppy’s Poodle Rescue Inc

Last on our list of Standard Poodle rescue in Michigan is “Peppy’s Poodle Rescue Inc.” This Ohio-based dog rescue was established in 2015.

It rescues and rehomes dogs in Ohio and other neighboring states like Michigan.

They help rescued dogs to find dog-loving families and forever homes that cater to their needs.

Peppy’s Poodle Rescue also take the rescued dogs to foster families, where they are provided with care and love until they find a new owner or family.

They give special care to their Standard Poodles. Besides, they undergo grooming, examination, and treatments.

Their dogs are also vaccinated once they are rescued from their high-kill shelters. 

To adopt a dog at Peppy’s Poodle Rescue, you will be required to fill out an adoption application form.

The adoption fees vary depending on various things, such as the availability and age of the dog.

If your application is approved, they will schedule a meet and greet, where you will be introduced to your soon-to-be dog.

They do not ship their dogs. Therefore, you will have to visit their location to pick up your Standard Poodle.

They will give you your dream pet and ensure even make a follow-up to see how your new friend is doing.

For any inquiries, you can reach them through a phone call or email.

Peppy’s Poodle Rescue Inc Details

How To Choose A Standard Poodle Rescue In Michigan


Any dog, whether mutt or purebred, puppy or an adult, comes with some uncertainty.

You may not know the behavioral or medical issues your puppy might face a few years after adoption.

Therefore, it can be a bit challenging to choose a good rescue that will offer you a healthy and quality Standard Poodle.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a Standard Poodle rescue in Michigan:

  • The rescue must be certified and licensed by the relevant bodies.
  • Choose a rescue that has been in the business for several years. Such a rescue can easily be trusted.
  • A good rescue should provide the necessary information about their dogs, including vaccination and treatment records.


You can save a life of a Standard Poodle and make a difference when you adopt one.

By adopting a dog, you will also be saving some money.

If you are looking for a good Standard Poodle rescue in Michigan, you can consider one of the options on our list. 

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