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Standard Poodle Rescue In Florida – Full List

Standard Poodle Rescue In Florida – Full List

Here we will review some of the best Standard Poodle rescues in Florida. This is where you can find a quality Standard Poodle. Keep reading to learn more.

If you are looking for a Standard Poodle rescue in Florida, you have come to the right place.

The Standard Poodle is one of the most intelligent and obedient dogs. This adorable dog combines an adventurous spirit and playful enthusiasm.

However, getting a quality Standard Poodle can be a challenge.

You can get one from a reputable breeder or adopt one from a dog rescue.


5 Best Standard Poodle rescues In Florida

Here is a list of the top Standard Poodle Rescues in Florida:

  • Florida Poodle Rescue
  • Coastal Poodle Rescue
  • Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida
  • VIP Rescue of Central Florida
  • Glimmer of Life Foundation

1. Florida Poodle Rescue


First on our list of the best Standard Poodle rescues in Florida is “Florida Poodle Rescue.”

The organization, founded in 1994 and has rescued Poodles in the state and found new homes for them.

hey are one of the oldest dog rescues that focus on the breed.

The organization was launched by two women.

Patricia Bonati and Martha Harrington were passionate about the welfare of abandoned dogs.

Since its establishment, the organization has rescued more than 10000 Poodles and settled them in their new homes.

They rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome abandoned, neglected, abused, unwanted, and lost Poodles.

In addition to Standard Poodles, they also rescue Miniatures and Toys. 

They have an in-house vet who usually examines all their rescued dogs.

After the examination, the dogs are given all the necessary medical care, including dental procedures and preventive medications.

They are also offered updated vaccinations. Besides, they neuter/spay and microchip their pets before allowing them to leave for their forever homes.

They provide their dogs with treatment for heartworm and various surgeries.

They include broken bone repairs, facial reconstruction, hip surgery, and cataract surgeries.

The organization has more than 100 volunteers who cater to the needs of the rescued dogs in their foster homes. 

If you want to adopt a dog at Florida Poodle Rescue.

You must visit their website to see the available dogs and select the one you want.

You will be required to fill out an online adoption form.

Florida Poodle Rescue Details

2. Coastal Poodle Rescue

Coastal Poodle Rescue specializes in rescuing only Poodles.

It was founded in March 2004 by an experienced and dedicated group of volunteers.

They aimed at rescuing abandoned, unwanted, and abused Poodles and Poodle mixes and finding new homes for them. 

To solve this problem, they created a regional rescue group.

They focus their services in the state’s eastern corridor from Duval to Dade County.

The organization is run by volunteers who are all passionate about dogs. 

They work with professional groomers and veterinaries to ensure that the rescued dogs are neat and healthy.

Once a dog is rescued, it is offered any necessary treatment and its vaccines updated.

The dog is also spayed/neutered. The organization does not give out untidied or unhealthy dogs for adoption.

The dogs undergo a vet examination before being taken to their new homes.

They are placed in foster homes to adjust before being adopted. In addition, they are provided with good foster care, including socialization skills, potty training, and behavioral training.

The foster-based care helps the organization evaluate every dog for behavior and temperament issues. 

Furthermore, Coastal Poodle Rescue educated the public about the benefits of owning a Standard Poodle dog.

It will also help you understand how your furry friend reacts to other animals, children, and strangers.

They use this information to find perfect homes for their rescued dogs. 

Coastal Poodle Rescue Details

3. Poodle And Pooch Rescue Of Florida

Poodle and Pooch Rescue is a popular rescue in Florida whose motto is “saving dogs in need.”

The organization was founded in 2008 and has since then rescued more than 5000 dogs.

They have a group of volunteers who are passionate about dogs and derive joy in saving pets that need help.

In addition to neglected, abused, and unwanted dogs, the organization also rescues dogs with different health needs.

Once the dogs are rescued from their high-kill shelters, they are provided with the necessary vet care.

The dogs are also placed in foster homes where they are shown the affection and love they deserve. 

Poodle and Pooch Rescue does not have a central location where you can meet their rescued dogs.

Pets remain in foster homes where they receive medical support, love, and care until they are ready for adoption.

The organization also ensures that its dogs go to dog-friendly homes and families that will cherish them.

The rescue has low administrative costs.

Therefore, this allows them to spend about 97% of their donations directly on dog care. Including grooming, medications, food, vet bills, and other pet-related expenses.

It is easy to adopt a Standard Poodle from them. So, all you have to do is visit their website and fill out an application form.

They will get in touch with you and ensure that you own your dream dog.

Poodle And Pooch Rescue Of Florida Details

4. VIP Rescue Of Central Florida

VIP Rescue of Central Florida rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes small breed dogs, including Standard Poodles.

Also, this organization rescues and rehomes these dogs in Central Florida.

They also have several core values, such as educating the community about homeless dogs and the overpopulation of pets. 

They also have made dog adoption easy with their four-step adoption process.

First, you must visit their website and identify the Standard Poodle you want. All rescued dogs are neutered/ spayed before they are allowed to leave for their new home.

Just browse their website to pick your desired dog.

The next step is completing their online application form. They usually respond quickly to adoption applications. Once you fill out an application form.

They will schedule a meet and greet, where you will be introduced to your soon-to-be canine friend. The final step is to welcome your furry friend to your home.

VIP Rescue Of Central Florida Details

5. Glimmer Of Life Foundation


Last on our list of the best Standard Poodle rescues in Florida is “Glimmer Of Life Foundation.”

It also is a non-profit dog rescue based in South Florida dedicated to saving small breed dogs, including Standard Poodles.

The organization saves the lives of sick and injured dogs in need of lifesaving medical treatment.

This dog rescue specializes in catering to the needs of ill, abandoned, and homeless dogs.

Once the dogs are rescued, they are provided with medical care and rehabilitated. They are also offered a safe, loving, and permanent home. 

Glimmer Of Life Foundation only gives out their dogs to pet-loving individuals and families.

They will also ensure that the dogs are fit for adoption and healthy before giving them out. So, like other dog rescues on our list.

It is easy to adopt a dog from the Glimmer Of Life Foundation. Therefore, all you need to do is head to their website and fill out an adoption application form online.

They will also schedule and meet and greet where you will be introduced to your to-be furry friend.

Glimmer Of Life Foundation Details

Reasons To Get A Standard Poodle

  • Low shedding: If you want a low-shed dog, then a Standard Poodle is an excellent option. These dogs are usually low to no shedding.
  • Super smart: The Standard Poodle dogs are naturally super smart. This means they are easier to train and to socialize with other pets and kids.
  • Hypoallergenic: These dogs shed less compared to other breeds. This means less dander to fly around and trigger allergies.
  • Super soft: Standard Poodles have very soft fur. You will enjoy relaxing with them while petting them.


Adopting a Standard Poodle from a dog rescue instead of buying one is a good gesture to save you money.

By adopting a dog, you will also be giving it a second chance to live happily and experience love again. 

If you are looking for a good Standard Poodle rescue in Florida.

You also can consider one of the options on our list. These rescues are also reputable and can be trusted.

So they will ensure that you adopt a neatly groomed, safe, and healthy Standard Poodle you have been dreaming of.

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