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Should I Give My Doodle Dog PCR Hemp Oil?

Should I Give My Doodle Dog PCR Hemp Oil?

CBD has taken the world by storm faster than the Doodle craze. But did you know that your Doodle could also benefit from hemp seed oil? A lot of the same benefits for people as the same for dogs. But what oils are the best? Should I give my Doodle dog PCR hemp oil? Today we are going to discuss the ins and outs of hemp oils. 

Should I Give My Doodle Dog Hemp Oil?

What Is CBD Oil For Dogs? 

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which comes from the hemp plant. It has many uses in cosmetics and medicinal purposes. CBD is the purified oil naturally found in the hemp plant flowers. While CBD oil is beneficial, it loses other properties that can also be beneficial during the purification. 

What Is PCR Hemp Oil For Dogs? 

PCR stands for phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil harvested from the entire Sativa L. plant. In the extraction process, the plant leaves, stems, and flowers are all used to get the oil. PCR is different from CBD because it carries a truly full spectrum of all the oils found in hemp plants. Pure CBD can only contain CBD located in the flowers. PCR contains not only CBD, but also cannabinol, cannabigerol, cannabichromene, and sometimes THC. The combination of all these compounds makes a type of full-spectrum oil. In fact, most full-spectrum CBD companies are changing their terminology to be more accurate. 

With all of these added oils, your Doodle will be able to absorb the CBD and get the most use out of it. But what do these other compounds do? 

  • Cannabinol is a significant factor in anti-inflammatory treatments and helps with better sleep.
  • Cannabigerol is also anti-inflammatory but also has shown to slow cancer and relieve eye disease.
  • And Cannabichromene helps with GI tract issues.

Will It Make My Doodle High? 

While some PCR hemp oil contains some THC, it is not enough to make your dog high. If you select a PCR with THC, it will only include a minimal amount of about 0.03%. The added THC does not help in absorption per se, but the presence of it guarantees the highest amount of active cannabinoids as possible. THC present in a PCR hemp seed oil means that it has been purified just enough without losing the other amazing properties of the hemp plant. 

PCR Hemp Oil Benefits

Should I give my Doodle dog PCR hemp oil? Well, let’s look at some of the PCR hemp oil benefits. If your Doodle has an issue with any of these problems, then you could see great results by trying PCR. 

Hip And Elbow Dysplasia 

Since hemp oil for dogs is mainly used as an anti-inflammatory, every Doodle could benefit from it. All Doodles are prone to developing hip and elbow dysplasia as they age. Some larger breeds can start developing issues before they are four years old. And dogs that are high energy and run a lot could develop joint problems before many others. The use of PCR hemp oil for dogs could help relieve pain and inflammation. 


Arthritis is related to joint dysplasia and can affect a dog of any age. Arthritis inflammation can make it hard for your Doodle to move around like they used to. PCR hemp oil benefits can include relieving arthritis pain. 


Doodles are notorious for developing separation anxiety. Giving your Doodle a full-spectrum CBD oil, like PCR, can help relax them. You can give your dog the hemp oil an hour before you leave, and you can see amazing results. Owners have said that the oils have helped cure their dogs of separation, social, and storm anxieties. 


In some studies, they have shown that PCR oils can help slow down cancer cells. While these studies are not conclusive, CBD tests had shown that the spread of cancer is slower than before CBD was administered. If you choose to try these treatments, you should consult your veterinarian. 


Some Doodles are prone to getting seizures from a young age, thanks to their Poodle lines. Seizures can sometimes be controlled with medication, and with a high-quality PCR hemp oil. While not everyone sees results with these treatments, it can be something to talk with a vet about. You don’t want to try these treatments without speaking to a vet first because there can be harmful side effects that can make seizures worse. 

GI Tract Issues

And if your Doodle has a sensitive stomach, hemp oil can help. The anti-inflammatory properties in hemp can help calm a sensitive stomach. It can also help prevent things like Crohn’s disease and chronic diarrhea. 

Finding The Best CBD For Dogs

Now that we have answered, “Should I give my Doodle dog PCR hemp oil?” Now we can talk about what to look for. When looking for PCR oil for dogs, you will want to buy quality products. And since the CBD is not a regulated industry, it is easy to get fakes. So we are going to walk you through what to look for before purchasing a full-spectrum oil for dogs. 

#1 Talk To A Vet

Before starting any treatment plans, always check with your vet. If your Doodle is on any medication, the CBD could react with it and cause illness. Once you have the vet, OK, then you can start looking for your perfect oil. 

#2 Be Careful Buying From Amazon

Amazon may be the worst place to get your CBD or Hemp oil from. The website has rules against selling real CBD on its platform, but some have found a way around this. Some users have labeled their products as hemp oil, which is not the same as CBD.

Look for a favorable seller of Hemp Oil for Dogs with over 100 reviews. So you will spend your money on a product that will not have any benefit to your dog. 

#3 Lab Results

The next thing that you should look for is third-party lab results. Some companies will claim that they have lab results to prove their spectrum content, but you should be able to see these results before buying. Never buy CBD online without seeing lab results, and double-checking that they are from independent labs. 

#4 Full-Spectrum

In these lab results, you should see a guaranteed analysis of all forms of cannabinoids in it. The lab results should show CBD, CBN, CBG, CBC, and THC contents. And remember that pure CBD is not a full-spectrum PCR oil. You need all of these to have any benefits. 

#5 Has THC

You know that a PCR oil is legitimate if it has 0.03% THC in the mix. The small amount of THC is safe for animals, and will not get your dog high. But it means that your PCR hemp oil was derived using the best methods and with the most benefits. You also don’t want too much THC, as this can be harmful to your dog. 

#6 Organic

Another thing to look for is that it is organic. Hemp plants absorb everything from the soil and water used to grow it. If the land and water are polluted with chemicals, the CBD it produces will be contaminated as well. 

#7 No Essential Oils

Essential oils are organic, but they are also harmful to your dogs. Essential oils are not suitable for your dog’s digestive tracts and can poison them in high amounts. 

#8 Water-Soluble 

Having a hydro PCR CBD makes it completely water-soluble. Water-solubility is crucial because the body easily and quickly absorbs it. It also is gentler on the stomach. 

#9 Start Small

Once you find your perfect PCR oil, try the smallest dosing first. Starting small will allow you to increase dosing without adverse effects. It also allows you to find the ideal dosing for maximum results. 

Where To Buy Your PCR? 

Where you buy your PCR is just as important as what to look for. In most cases, buying from a legitimate CBD website is a great option. These websites can specialize in all things CBD, or just pet CBD. Another great option is to visit your local CBD shop. Most of these shops also carry great pet brands that meet all the requirements above. As long as the business and brand have excellent reviews and are legit, your Doodle should reap the benefits. 

Possible Side Effects

Now that you know what makes a PCR oil high quality, you need to identify possible side effects. When you give your Doodle the first dose, you will want to be home all day to watch for these side effects:

  • Excessive lethargy and sleeping all-day
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased drinking 
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • In cases of THC sensitivity mental impairment is possible
  • And seizures 
  • Hives or rashes

If your dog experiences any of these, stop use and talk with your veterinarian. With severe reactions and allergic reactions, you will need to discontinue use. But in other more mild reactions, decreasing the dose can alleviate symptoms. 

Are You A PCR Hemp Oil Convert?

Should I give my Doodle dog PCR hemp oil? With so many great benefits, why haven’t you done this sooner? Full-spectrum CBD oil can be the next miracle drug for your dog and all their ailments. 

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Should I Give My Doodle Dog PCR Hemp Oil?

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