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Pyredoodle vs Shepadoodle

Pyredoodle vs Shepadoodle

Today we are going to compare the fantastic Pyredoodle vs Shepadoodle. Both of these Doodles make great companions for different lifestyles.

Doodles are America’s most beloved dogs. Their popularity has risen recently, which has led to several new Doodle breeds.

By the end of this article, you will know more about each breed and how it will fit in with your family.



One significant way that all Doodles are different is their origins. Each Doodle has a slightly different heritage that gives them unique traits.

Pyredoodles, for instance, are a cross between the Great Pyrenees and a Poodle. The Great Pyrenees can find it’s roots in the Pyrenees Mountains that lie between Spain and France.

These dogs are also nocturnal watchdogs to protect herds from predators. The first Pyredoodle came into existence around the 80s and has since taken off in popularity for its sturdy build and ability to guard.

The Shepadoodle is a German Shepherd and Poodle Mix. German Shepherds are also herding dogs originating in Germany but were found all over Europe.

These dogs are loved for their intelligence and attention to detail. It wasn’t long before nations everywhere adopted them as police force dogs.

The first Shepadoodle came about in the 60s as a hypoallergenic option for those officers that suffered from allergies. It wasn’t long before the public caught wind and began breeding their own.


Next, in the comparison of the Pyredoodle vs Shepadoodle, when you are choosing a dog, you will want to pay close attention to the breed’s temperament.

The temperament will be what the breed acts like as a whole. And choosing the exemplary character for you and your household will prevent a mismatch and result in surrender at the shelter.

Pyredoodles are known to be very loving and devoted dogs. They will protect you and your home at all costs. The Pyredoodle is also known for its high intelligence and ability to assess situations.

And they are a great judge of character in people and other animals alike. These Doodles take on a lot of characteristics from their Pyrenees side and can sometimes lean more nocturnal too.

A Shepadoodle is a very intelligent, reliable, and loyal companion. Shepadoodles love to be by your side all day and night.

Like the Pyredoodle, they too can be very protective of you and your home. When you bring a Shepadoodle home, you also bring a warm and welcoming friend into your life.

pyredoodle vs Shepadoodle
pyredoodle Puppy

Energy Level

Comparing the energy level in this Pyredoodle vs Shepadoodle article is they both are known to have moderate to high energy levels.

These Doodles need to have a task and execute it. They need to have a lot of room to run around and play and require at least one 60-minute walk a day.

While neither dog is considered overly hyper, they need many playtimes to burn off excess energy. But they are also perfectly content being by your side and enjoying your company.

Whether you spend most of your day at home relaxing or if you are the adventurous type, both of these dogs will be right at your side. Your interests are their passion.


Doodles of all kinds are easy to train. But you have to know each of the breed’s characteristics to succeed.

The Pyredoodle loves to please its owners. They will do just about anything for praise and a treat.

And since the Pyredoodle has its heritage in herding and hunting, they catch on quickly to any task you throw at them.

The Pyredoodle’s biggest weakness is that they are often shy if not socialized properly. So training your Pyredoodle to be comfortable around other people and animals is a must.

A Shepadoodle is explicitly bred for training. Your Shepadoodle will crave those training classes and tasks.

They are quick to learn and excel in all areas of training. This is what makes them such great police and therapy dogs.

Since both Doodles have high intelligence, be prepared to give them activities when you are gone. These dogs love puzzles and require stimulating toys when they are at work.

Hiring a dog walker or doggie daycare is even recommended to give your dog a break from being alone. They require just as much mental stimulation as exercise to stay healthy.

Coat Types

Next, when comparing Pyredoodle vs. Shepadoodle, coat types regarding mixed breeds can be hard to predict. Pyredoodles can have either a shedding or low-shedding coat.

The low-shedding coat types are usually thick and double-coated. At the same time, the shedding type tends to be thinner and much coarser.

Since the Great Pyrenees and Poodle genetics are more dominant, it can be hard to predict what kind of coat these puppies will have.

The Pyredoodle will mostly come in cream and white colors, though sometimes you can find them in many other colors if a colored Poodle is used for breeding.

The Shepadoodle can be just as tricky to predict sometimes. Your Shepadoodle can have a straight coat type that sheds a moderate amount or a wavy type that only sheds a little.

The wavier the coat is, the less it will shed in most cases. The Shepadoodle most commonly comes in black, tan, gray, or cream colors.

However, some multigenerational Shepadoodles can come in many colors.


Since these Doodles have similar coat types, they will require the same amount of grooming.

You must brush your Doodle every day to every other day, depending on how long you keep their coats.

Some Doodles with shorter coats can even go a whole week without brushing. But this also depends on activity levels.

Your Doodle must also see a professional groomer every 6-12 weeks. They will pamper your Doodle with a bath, hair trim, sanitary trims, and nail grinds.

This is to keep your Doodle looking and feeling healthy. If you allow your Doodle to go too long without proper grooming, you can increase the chances of matting which can only be solved by shaving.

Starting your puppy as early as possible will help them grow accustomed to the process. It can be very stressful for a puppy’s first grooming appointment.

So, take it slow and socialize your pup with their groomer early on. It is never too early for a little grooming and pampering.

Size & Lifespan

The Shepadoodle also comes in a couple of sizes. A standard Shepadoodle will grow up to be 50-90 pounds, and a mini will only get 30-50 pounds.

Mini Shepadoodle results from a German Shepherd mini Poodle mix to give them a slightly smaller size. In rare cases, you can even find a toy Shepadoodle bred from a mini Shepadoodle and a toy Poodle.

These Doodles are not widely accessible and do not carry most German Shepherd traits. The great thing about these Doodles is that they live 12-14 years, sometimes even longer.

Medical Conditions

All breeds carry genetic factors that can lead to medical conditions if not cared for correctly. And that is no different for any Doodle breed, no matter how healthy they seem.

Pyredoodles are prone to eye disease, hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer, and Cushing’s disease.

Shepadoodles are prone to blood clot disorders, skin diseases, and hip dysplasia. You can prevent most diseases by choosing a proper breeder, diet, and exercise.

Reputable breeders will genetically test all their breeding dogs for common ailments to prevent these diseases from occurring in later generations.

They will not breed two parents that have known diseases or traits.


Another factor to consider when buying a puppy is the price. While you can always find cheaper puppies online, let’s look at the cost of quality-bred puppies.

Pyredoodle puppies can cost anywhere from $650-$2,400. And a Shepadoodle can cost $250-$1,800.

This may seem like an enormous difference between the two and within the breeds themselves.

But, when you consider a higher price tag, you will be getting an excellent quality, healthy, and superior puppy it is worth it to spend more now than to pay in medical bills later.

A puppy on the lower end of this scale is probably not bred to any standards and may even come from a backyard breeder.

The price difference between the Pyredoodle and the Shepadoodle also depends on how rare they are. Pyredoodles are more expensive because the Great Pyrenees are not as common as they once were.

So, this makes it harder to find and breed with ethical standards. The German Shepherd, on the other hand, is quite common, which brings the cost down.

In Conclusion

Both the Pryedoodle and the Shepadoodle have some fantastic attributes. Which one will you choose, and why?

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