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PupJoy vs Pet Treater – Pros And Cons

PupJoy vs Pet Treater – Pros And Cons

Today we are back at it again, reviewing some of the most well-known pet subscription boxes. Getting a subscription box can feel a little risky. We want to spoil our pooches. But we also don’t want to throw money down the drain on things our dog won’t like. So next on our list is comparing PupJoy vs Pet Treater – pros and cons. 


What Is It?

PupJoy is a fantastic subscription service with several different buying options. Each box has various products and prices so you can adjust to your needs. You can choose between a Discovery box, Power Chewers, 6-inch Bully box, or a 12-inch Bully box. And contrary to what you might think, they aren’t just puppy toys. 

The Discovery box contains two treats, two toys, and a natural chew. And all of this for only $29.99. Power Chewers also get two treats, two durable toys, and meaty dog bones for only 34.99.

And both of the Bully boxes come with 12 bully sticks, either 6 or 12 inches long. For a 6-inch box, you will pay $34.99 a month and $54.99 for 12-inches. If you don’t know what a bully stick is yet, they are a dog chewers best friend. 

Pros Of The PupJoy Box

No matter what box type you get, there are a few universal pros and cons for each. We will start with all of the incredible things that we love about PupJoy. 

One Of A Kind

Nothing is more disappointing than getting a subscription with toys from a big box retail store. You won’t find many of these toys in pet stores around the country. And each toy is dog tested and approved. 

Size Customization

When you build your dog’s profile, one thing that stands out is that they ask about your dog’s size. If you have a small dog, you will only get toys and treats that are size appropriate for them. And the same goes for medium and large dogs. As a pet owner, that is reassuring since nothing is more disappointing than a toy your dog can’t play with. 

100% Guarantee

When looking at PupJoy vs Pet Treater – pros and cons, take a close look at the guarantee. PupJoy offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you or your pet doesn’t like a toy, get a replacement with no questions asked. That makes getting a surprise subscription box so much better. 

Online Store

Did you or your pet fall in love with anything in your box? You might be disappointed when a favorite treat runs out or a toy breaks. Never fear! You can head right over to the PupJoy store and reorder all of your favorites. 

Helping Pets In Need

PupJoy is partnered with Bissell Pet Foundation. So with every purchase, you will help a pet in need. Between adoption events, spaying and neutering, and microchipping, PupJoy wants every pet to find a home. 

VIP Members

For only $30 a year, you can become a VIP PupJoy member. With this membership, you get free shipping on all orders, 10% cashback, special offers, and a referral program. If you decide that you like PupJoy, becoming a VIP member is the best way to save money on every purchase. You even get savings on your subscription boxes. 

Customization On Products

Not only do you have plenty of choices between subscription boxes, but there’s also more. When you sign up, you create a profile for each pet. In these profiles, you can list everything from favorite treats and toys to chews. You can let PupJoy know of any treats your dogs can’t have due to allergies. And you can even go so far as to mark that you only want dog toys from the USA. This is probably the most customization you can get in a subscription box. 

Build Your Own Delivery 

Even with all of the customization available, there is always more with PupJoy. If you like to know exactly what comes in your box, building your own is a great option. You can put what you want in the cart and how often you wish to receive them. Everyone loves this type of subscription. 

Cons Of PupJoy

Now we are going to move on to the cons. There aren’t many with this brand. But there are a few that you should consider. 


Unlike most subscriptions, you do have to pay for shipping with everything you get from PupJoy. That is unless you are a VIP member. Suppose you are a little unsure about PupJoy. It’s understandable not to enroll as a VIP just yet. But you can register at any time and update your subscription services to get free shipping. 

Little Pricier

When comparing PupJoy vs Pet Trainer – pros and cons, price is always a factor. PupJoy is a little more expensive than Pet Trainer. But when you consider everything you get and how much they cater to you, it’s worth it.

pet treater

What Is It?

As you can guess, Pet Treater is another pet subscription service. They have options between four box options. And all of them are at super affordable rates. 

First, a Dog Pack contains 3-4 various products ranging from toys to dog treats to grooming supplies. This box is only $15 a month. Then at only $18 a month, you can get either a Treats Only or Toys Only box. With your Treats Only box, you will get 3-4 tasty treats made in the USA or Canada. And with a Toys Only box, you get 3-4 fun and adorable toys. 

And finally, there is a Deluxe box. In this Deluxe package, you will get 5-8 products. These will range from toys and treats to grooming and apparel. And you get all of this for only $25 a box!

Pros Of The Pet Treater Box

Now that you know everything about PupJoy, it’s time to talk about Pet Treater. This subscription is simpler, but it still has some great pros. 

Wide Variety Of Products

With Pet Treater, you aren’t limited to only toys and treats. You could also get puzzles, grooming tools, apparel, and more. You could even get dog poop bags to use on walks. Some people like these types of subscriptions because it allows you to try products you wouldn’t usually. So if you need to bathe your dog, you might have a new shampoo to try. 

Catering To Size

Another thing we love about Pet Treater is that they adjust your products to your dog’s size. That’s amazing for people with abnormally small dogs or large breeds. You won’t get stuck with toys and treats that are too awkward for your pet to enjoy. 

Online Shop

Find something you love? Visit Pet Treater’s online shop to purchase more. You will never run out of a favorite treat or worry about a lost toy again. You might even see some things in the shop just for you that you have to have. 

Charity Foundations

Not only does Pet Treater partner itself with the Brown Dog Foundation. It also donates treats, toys, and a blanket to dogs in shelters. These puppies are waiting for their new homes, and bringing these comforting things with them is a big help. 

Cat Boxes Too!

There aren’t many boxes out there that have options for all pet types. But with Pet Treater, you can get boxes for your cats as well. It’s a one-stop-shop for all your fur babies. So you can spoil them in one place. 

Cons Of Pet Treater

All great things have a negative side to them as well. And that is no different with Pet Treater. Below we have a few cons you should consider before subscribing. 

No Returns

Unless there is a defect in the product, or it comes damaged, there are no returns or refunds. So if your dog doesn’t like the products sent, all you can do is hope for better in the next box. 

Limited Allergy Catering 

Unlike other boxes, Pet Treater doesn’t have any easy customization for dog allergies. We aren’t sure if calling customer service to make notes on your account is a possibility. But if your dog has any allergies, it might be best to get a Toys Only box. Otherwise, you might end up with a bunch of treats that your dogs can’t eat. 

Not For Heavy Chewers

And for the last subject on PupJoy vs Pet Treater – pros and cons. When you subscribe to Pet Treater, you can get a lot of unique products. But unlike PupJoy, there are no heavy chewer options. And since they don’t give refunds, it can be a significant risk. You could opt for a Treats Only box for only $18 to solve this problem. But it might be better money spent to get the Power Chewers box from PupJoy. 

So Which Is Right For You? 

PupJoy is excellent for people who like to have a lot of control over their subscriptions. But it is a little pricier. If you are on a budget but still want to spoil your pet, Pet Treater is the better option. In either case, we know that both companies provide some great options. You can’t go wrong with either of these subscription boxes. 

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PupJoy vs Pet Treater - Pros and Cons

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