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PupBox vs Rescue Box – Pros And Cons

PupBox vs Rescue Box – Pros And Cons

Getting a monthly subscription box for dogs can be just as exciting for you as your puppy. They are great ways to give your dogs fun treats and toys. And if you are lucky, there might be a surprise for you too! Sure, it might be a new shampoo to use on your puppy. But it’s still fun. So what box should you invest in? Today we are going to compare the PupBox vs Rescue Box – pros and cons. 


What Is PupBox? 

A PupBox is a revolutionary subscription that with products and also training materials based on age. You get 5-7 things that range from dog toys and treats to accessories in each box. And you can get all of this for only $39 a month. 

Pros Of The PupBox

Now that we know what the PupBox is, we can see why it’s so great. Take a look at all of these fantastic reasons why you need PupBox today. 

Created By A Professional Trainer

PupBox has curated training tips by professionals. Have you ever heard of the famous pet trainer Andrea Arden? You might have seen her on Animal Planet’s show Pet Expert. She has also written award-winning books such as Barron’s Dog Training Bible and Train Your Dog The Lazy Way. So you know that the content in this box is easy to follow and works. 

Allergy Options

PupBox understands that pet allergies can be a real concern. Nothing is more heartbreaking than getting a box full of dog treats that your pet can’t have. That’s why when you create your account, they ask about allergies that your pet may have. Don’t see your pet’s allergy listed? Add it in the notes, and PupBox will be sure not to send you treats containing those ingredients. 

Based On Size

The PupBox is for puppies, so it’s only natural that they ask how large your dog will get. So as your puppy grows, they will send you toys according to their size. Puppy growing faster than you thought? No problem. Just head on over to your account profile to change your dog’s current weight. 

Coat Type Consideration

A dog’s coat type changes the type of grooming supplies you need. You can’t give a short-haired dog the same tools as a hypoallergenic one. So when you create your profile, they ask you about what coat type your puppy has. Your box will contain only grooming products that you can actually use, so nothing goes to waste. 

Birthday Boxes

On your dog’s first birthday, you will be surprised with a special birthday box. Is there a better present than a box of goodies and treats? Your puppy will feel special, and you will love the added touch that PupBox gives. 

For Adults Too

Just because your dog is over a year old doesn’t mean they can’t get PupBoxes. You can still get 4-7 products and an advanced training guide. So the fun doesn’t stop when your puppy turns one. 

Referral Program

One of the biggest Pupbox vs Rescue Box – pros and cons differences is in the referral program. When you refer a friend to PupBox, they get 50% off their first box, and you get one free. So get to referring your friends! You could get boxes months after your subscription has ended. 

Skipping Months

Sometimes our subscriptions come at inconvenient times. Whether it’s summer travel or busy times, PupBox is willing to work with you. Give customer service a call or shoot them an email. They will gladly skip a month and resume services when you are ready. 


And of course, let’s not forget about the PupShop. You can repurchase all of your dog’s favorites or even order past boxes. Your puppy will always have a stock of his favorite treats and toys. And if you find products that you like, you can always reorder. 


Lastly, we love that you can save money by enrolling several months at a time. A single month costs $39, but if you register for a full 12 months at once, you will only pay $29. But if you don’t want to make that kind of commitment, don’t worry. You can also choose between a three and six-month plan. 

Cons Of The PupBox

Like all good things, there is also a negative side. Let’s take a look at a few cons together. You might find that these don’t bother you that much. 

No Tough Options

PupBox believes in embracing your puppy’s natural destructive tendencies. They recommend only giving toys and chews under close supervision. And should your puppy destroy it, simply clean it up and throw it away. They don’t replace the toys and don’t have a tough chewer option. 

If your puppy tends to destroy toys quickly, this might seem like a waste. In some cases, PupBox can make notes on your account to only send more durable toys. But these toys don’t compare to some of the other rigid chewer boxes

No Cancellations

Once you enroll in a subscription, there are no cancelations. For instance, if you cancel your subscription five months into a 12-month plan, you don’t stop the payments. You will continue to get the last seven boxes, but it will not auto-renew. 

No Returns Or Refunds

Another huge con about the PupBox is that they don’t give refunds or exchanges. If there is a defect in one of their products, customer service will gladly make it right. But you can’t get a refund on a canceled subscription or broken toys. This is a significant difference from other subscription services. 

rescue box

What Is A Rescue Box? 

Rescue Box is the subscription service that keeps giving back. In each box, you receive five products that range from toys to accessories. And in return, Rescue Box feeds 142 bowls of food to pets in need. All of this for only $29.95 a month! 

Pros Of The Rescue Box

What could be better about this dog subscription box? A lot more, that’s what. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to find out. 

Themed Boxes

We love the adorable themes that these boxes come in. Whether it’s a lounge by the pool or a holiday theme, they are all charming. And while we know our pets don’t get the themes, it makes great pictures and talking points with guests. 

Based On Size

Is your dog either extremely small or large? You can choose between small, medium, and large dogs with this dog box. So you don’t have to worry about getting toys that don’t fit your dogs. Your dog’s toys will always fit comfortably in their mouths. And any accessories sent will work without a problem. 

Free Shipping

If you are here in the USA, shipping is free. So there are no hidden fees with the Rescue Box. $29.95 covers the box, shipping, and helping a pet in need. Making this subscription not only cheaper but also does more for the community. 

Online Shop

Rescue Box is brought to you by The Animal Rescue Site. So anything you purchase from them provides for pets in need. You can repurchase some of your dog’s favorites. And you can also shop for apparel and decor for yourself. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Boxes For Cats

And let’s not forget that some of us might have other pets. Rescue box also has subscriptions for cats. Your cat could get a variety of catnip toys, treats, and kicker boxes. So there is fun for all the fur family. 

Cons Of The Rescue Box

When comparing PupBox vs Rescue Box – pros and cons, you might notice some pretty significant differences. The Rescue Box is a simpler box, and therefore it has some obvious downsides. Here are just a few. 

No Customization

The biggest downfall to the Rescue Box is that it has no customization. Everything you get is a surprise and not tailored to your dog’s needs. So if your dog has allergies, they can’t guarantee you will get treats your dog can have. They also have no customization as far as super chewers or even likes and dislikes in the box. Everything you get is prechosen for that month and sent to everyone. 

Unclear Returns

If you get something you don’t like in the subscription box, it’s unclear about the return policy. On their FAQ, they state that they accept returns on qualifying purchases. But they never say what their qualifications are. We assume that they don’t accept returns or exchanges on their box products unless it was defective. 

Which Is Right For Me? 

The PupBox vs Rescue Box – pros and cons will show you what box is best for your needs. If you have a puppy that needs a little training, the PupBox might be best for you. A $39 package is cheaper than training classes, after all. But if you have an older dog that isn’t too picky, the Rescue Box might be best. Rescue Boxes are better for dogs with no special needs and light chewers. And let’s not forget that the Rescue Box does a lot for charity, so that’s another big pro. 

What it all boils down to is, what are your needs? And what is most important to you in your dog subscription box?

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