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Top Pros And Cons Of Owning An English Boodle

Top Pros And Cons Of Owning An English Boodle

One of the lesser-known Doodles is the English Boodle. These dogs are a hybrid of the English Bulldog and Poodle. We know what you might be thinking, What are those like? These dogs are perfect for anyone who loves Bulldogs but needs something that sheds less. But before you get one of these adorable Boodles, let’s take a closer look. Here are the top pros and cons of owning an English Boodle. 

Pro #1: Hypoallergenic

Bulldogs have such a sweet temperament, but they shed so much. One of the best pros and cons of owning an English Boodle is their coat. By mixing an English Bulldog with a Poodle gives it a nice hypoallergenic coat. An English Boodle hypoallergenic coat comes in mostly straight to wavy. But if you have an F1B, the coat is even curlier. 

Having a low shedding coat is fantastic for many reasons. One benefit of hypoallergenic dogs is that they don’t trigger allergies, asthma, and eczema. There is also the added benefit of less hair to clean. So you can let your dogs on the furniture and cuddle them without shedding. 

Pro #2: Temperament

An English Boodle temperament is sweet and affectionate. They love to be near their favorite people all the time. Boodles are also playful and love to be on the go. Their favorite activities are any activities that you love to do. Since they are so eager to please, they happily partake in anything you do. 

Pro #3: Moderate Energy Levels

The English Boodle doesn’t need lots of walks and activity to be happy. With a 45 minute walk daily, your Boodle will be healthy and entertained. They are just as happy cuddling up with you on a rainy day on occasion as well. 

You will find that Boodles aren’t overly hyper and don’t need 24/7 exercise to be content. As puppies, they have slightly more activity and need lots of playtime. But they mellow out around a year and a half, making them the perfect dog for the average person. 

Pro #4: Family Dogs

The English Boodle dog is the perfect family pet. No matter if you have small toddlers or older children, these dogs should be on your radar. You will love how gentle and understanding these dogs are with kids. Their temperament makes them a fantastic candidate for anyone looking to grow their family as well. 

Pro #5: Size

English Boodle full grown size is anywhere from 15-50 pounds. Depending on where you get your Boodle, breeders use different sizing. Some breeders will cross a Standard Poodle with a Bulldog, hence the larger weight. But other breeders prefer only to breed smaller bulldogs with Mini Poodles. 

Currently, there is no standard on what a Mini English Boodle weights. So if that is something you want, talk with your breeder. They can point you in the direction of the best parents for a Mini Boodle. And many breeders will have pictures of past litters at birth and when they are all grown up. 

Pro #6: Healthier

We have all heard of the Doodle hybrid vigor. And for the most part, there is no such thing as hybrid vigor. But Boodles are somewhat of an exception when it comes to defects such as Brachycephalic Syndrome. English Bulldogs are known for their short and flat noses. But not many owners know that these types of noses are the leading cause of heatstroke and breathing difficulty. 

An English Boodle has a considerably longer nose with open nostrils. Which means they don’t suffer from Brachycephalic Syndrome as often. And the ones that do have shorter noses don’t have it as severe as a purebred Bulldog. 

Pro #7: Intelligent

Your English Boodle is eager to please and highly intelligent. They catch on to phrases quickly and perform basic commands well. You might even find that they catch on to your everyday vocabulary and seem to understand what you are saying. When you combine this with their lovey personalities, they can almost seem human-like. 

Pro #8: Rare

More pros and cons of owning an English Boodle is that they are hard to find. Having a dog that is hard to get has some definite positive sides. For one, you probably won’t see another English Boodle at the dog park. But it also means that they aren’t so popular that they are over-bred. 

Boodles are least likely to come from backyard breeders and puppy mills since they aren’t at the top of the Doodle radar. But this doesn’t mean that they are immune. Remember to do all your research and tour any breeding facility before putting a deposit down. 

Pro #9: Low Barking

We all know that neighbor who has a dog outside barking early in the morning. When you own an English Boodle, you won’t be that neighbor. Boodles are famous for their laid back nature and low barking. 

Pro #10: Watchdog 

Don’t let the quiet nature of the English Boodle fool you. They make excellent watchdogs and let you know of anything suspicious. Boodles take protecting the home seriously and read the situation well. You won’t find them senselessly barking at every noise they hear. 

Pro #11: Lifespan

Having a best friend around for as long as possible is always our goal. And while we wish dogs lived as long as people. Luckily the English Boodle lives a long and healthy lifespan of 10-12 years. It might seem like it goes by in a flash, but that is an incredible amount of time. 

Pro #12: Colors

And finally, our last pro is that the Boodle comes in so many different colors. Whether your dream dog is silver, red, or even multi-colored, there is a Boodle for you. 

Con #1: Grooming

As with every Doodle, the most tedious part is grooming them. You will spend time every day brushing and grooming your Boodle to prevent tangles and mats. For this job, you will need a variety of bushes and combs to make the job easier. Not only will it take about 20 minutes daily, but it also takes a bit of money. 

In addition to daily brushing, your dog will need a haircut every 6-8 weeks. Your groomer will take this time to give your Boodle a bath, nail trim, and hair cut. All of which keeps your Doodle in excellent health and improve movement. 

Con #2: Separation Anxiety

The English Boodle is very prone to separation anxiety. So if you don’t have someone home all day, it makes owning them a challenge. But it’s not impossible; it just takes a little creativity. 

When you are gone for work, we suggest giving your Boodle various toys to keep them busy. These are unique toys that they only get while you are gone. It’s also a good idea to rotate these toys out every week to keep your dog interested. 

Another option is doggie daycare or a dog walker. Most boarding facilities have daycare packages for full or half days to save money. Or you can hire a trusted neighbor kid to walk your dog when they get home from school. Either case gives your dog the entertainment, affection, and socialization that your English Boodle craves. 

Con #3: Stubborn

While the English Boodle is incredibly smart, they are half bully. That means most Boodles are bull-headed at some point or another. Typically in the “teen years” of a Boodle’s life, they start becoming stubborn. They will act as if they have never had training. Some might even resort to destructive behaviors that you have already corrected. 

It might seem like these times last forever. But, trust us, they do end. Once your puppy fully matures around a year old, this stubborn streak calms down. Some of this is due to mental maturity and partly due to being fixed at this time. 

To get through this, it is vital to stay consistent and only use positive reinforcement. If you lash out, you could worsen the problem. And therefore make the tough time last longer. 

Con #4: Not For Beginners

English Boodles are not for a first-time dog owner. Most people find the stubbornness of a Boodle too much to manage. Without the right mentality and experience, your Boodle could get out of control. If you have had dogs before, a Boodle might be an excellent choice for you. 

Con #5: Price Range

The price of Boodle puppies ranges by location and color type. But most breeders price their puppies at $800-$2,500. This price range is where having a rare dog can be bad. The more uncommon your dog is, the more it costs. You will likely have to wait for a while, even to get a puppy. 

Con #6: Medical

Though the English Boodle is a healthier breed, they are still prone to disease. Most Boodles are prone to obesity, joint and hip damage, Addison’s disease, and epilepsy. Not every dog will have these issues. But knowing what they are prone to can help you choose healthy puppies.

Do You Want A Boodle? 

After reading these pros and cons of owning an English Boodle, what do you think? Are Boodles the perfect pet for your family? 

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Pros and Cons of Owning an English Boodle

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