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Pros And Cons Of Owning A Maltipoo

Pros And Cons Of Owning A Maltipoo

In this article, we talk about the pros and cons of owning a Maltipoo! If you are the same as many other Americans, then you have been captivated by the Doodle parade. Everywhere you go, there seems to be another Poodle hybrid.

You might have seen a small cream-colored energetic one called a Maltipoo. You think nothing could stop you from going to your nearest Maltipoo breeders and rescues to find one. But, you might want to take a closer look. Let us look at all the Maltipoo pros and cons before making your decision.

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Pros Of Maltipoos

Like most people, you may want to hear all the excellent reasons to own a Maltipoo.


One of the best qualities of the Maltipoo is little to no shedding. This low shedding coat is excellent for several reasons like:

  1. Less likely to trigger seasonal allergies
  2. Great for people with asthma
  3. Less clean up around the house from hair fallout

But, don’t let this term fool you. This does not mean that if you are allergic that these dogs are for you. You will still be allergic to their dander, saliva, and urine proteins.

Great Temperament

Maltipoos are known to have a mild temperament. They are sweet, affectionate, and gentle. Maltipoos are also loyal and enjoy life with a happy demeanor. But you may have heard some male or female pros and cons. While ultimately, it depends on a dog’s personality, there can be slight differences.

Males are viewed as more loving, while females are more independent. Males are slightly bigger than females, but only by a few pounds. Females mature faster than males, and on average, are considered mature by six months. But with this maturity, females become spoiled and learn how to get their way.

Perfect Size

Your Maltipoo, on average, will weigh 15-20 pounds. But, if you want an even smaller Maltipoo, getting one that is half Toy Poodle can make a cross that only gets 10 pounds. Their small size makes them excellent for smaller homes or even apartments.

However, beware of any breeder trying to sell you a “teacup.” These are not a recognized size by the AKC. Anything that a breeder promises smaller than 8 pounds will most likely to have health complications.

Color Variations

Another excellent quality of the Maltipoo is that they come in every color imaginable. So if you have always dreamed of a specific color dog, chances are you can get one in the Maltipoo breed. These colors can make having a Maltipoo fun and unique.


One great pro for the Maltipoo is that you can find a breeder virtually anywhere. Maltipoo breeders can be found all over the US, and multiple breeders may be in your area. Being common can be great because you can do extensive research on the breeder you have chosen, and visit. Since the Maltipoo is so common, your city may even have a Maltipoo rescue that may be available to be adopted.


Maltipoos are not known to be overly intelligent. But, they are easy to train with the right rewards. They are very food-driven, and this can help speed up the training process. With regular practice, your puppy will learn in no time.

Great With Kids

If you have children in your home, you may have great luck with a Maltipoo. Maltipoos are known to be very gentle and sensitive to children. They are understanding and know when they need to be calmer for young ones. Maltipoos do exceptionally well for kids eight and up.

Since younger children are a little rougher, they can easily harm a small dog. If your Maltipoo feels threatened, they are more likely to bite. No matter what age, keep all children supervised around pets.

Energy Levels

Your Maltipoo will love to play and bounce around the house. They love games and outdoor activities as much as the next Doodle breed. They need daily exercise to keep themselves healthy. But, they do not require the intense workouts of larger breeds.

A quick walk around the neighborhood, along with a game of fetch, will wear your Maltipoo out. Since they only have moderate energy levels, they will do fine with a day or two of staying inside.


Maltipoos are known for how emotional they can be for their owners. They love to be around you all the time. And, when you hurt, they can feel it. Your dog will want to comfort you and make it all better. Nothing relaxes a person like spending time with your best friend. Their sensitivity also makes them great for therapy dogs.


And our last pro is how long Maltipoos live. Your Maltipoo can live anywhere from 12 to 16 years. You may even be able to spend more time with your puppy with proper care. So you will get a considerable amount of time, even if it doesn’t seem long enough.

Cons Of Maltipoos

Like every other breed, Maltipoos have a few characteristics that might be negative. These characteristics will make or break it for if they are a good fit for you. If you can make it through this part, nothing is stopping you from your dream dog.


Maltipoos have the fantastic benefit of being hypoallergenic. But, this means that they are also high maintenance for grooming. How to groom a Maltipoo is to brush them with a slicker brush every day. You will brush them from head to tail, focusing behind the ears and on their stomachs. You will also want to have special brushes in case of mats.

On top of home grooming, you will also have to pay a groomer every 6-8 weeks. They will get bathed, brushed, and a haircut along with any other extras you need. This grooming is for life, so that can get expensive.


Maltipoos are known to have a stubborn streak in them. Especially females are more high strung and unwilling to listen. Stubbornness can make training a little complicated, but with patience, they will learn.


I know we put common in the pros column, but it can have cons as well. Since they are so common, it can be hard to find a reputable Maltipoo breeder. They are more likely to come from backyard breeders and puppy mills. It is also a known fact that Maltipoos are prone to being poorly bred and overbred. Doing a lot of research will help you find a reputable breeder.


If you wish to have a dog that does not bark a lot, the Maltipoo may not be for you. Maltipoos can be very territorial for their size. So you may find that they bark at every sound and movement outside. This can be bothersome to neighbors if you live in an apartment building.

Separation Anxiety

Maltipoos love being the center of attention. And if you work long hours, they may not fare well. Your dog will develop separation anxiety quickly if you separate yourself from them for most of the day.

While this does not mean you can’t have a Maltipoo, it means that you will have to take preventative measures. Investing in a dog walker a couple of times a day or even a doggy daycare can help relieve separation anxiety.

Medical Conditions

Since Maltipoos are a mixed breed, they are prone to getting diseases from both parents. Some common health issues include:

  1. Hip and elbow dysplasia
  2. Epilepsy
  3. Diabetes
  4. Eye disease
  5. Tooth and gum disease
  6. And colitis

While with proper breeding, you can decrease the likelihood of illness, it is not 100%. Health testing, using the parents, to determine the probability of the bad traits passing on. And a reputable Maltipoo breeder will have these done before breeding has happened.


Another con to Maltipoos is how much they cost. Maltipoos can cost as much as $2,000, depending on your area. With this price, you should be sure that you are getting a healthy puppy bred in excellent conditions.

While you can find cheaper puppies around the $400-$800, these are more likely to come from a mill or backyard breeder. Your puppy could have underlying health conditions that will not surface until after a year old.

Newer Breed

Maltipoos are still considered a new designer breed. It makes them highly sought after, and yet we still do not know a lot about them. We can not be sure of which traits they will pick up from their Poodle or Maltese heritage. They are unpredictable on coat types and sizes most of the time. And there could be medical conditions they are prone to that are not yet discovered.

Early Socialization

If you intend to have your puppy around several people and children, early socialization is vital. They will need to be trained around children and strangers to prevent aggressive behaviors. It will also help with reducing the stress your dog will have in new areas and situations.


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And our last con is that Maltipoos tend to eat a lot. You will find that they always seem hungry if not fed a proper diet. They also can become obese quickly with their appetites. The top dog food for Maltipoos is one that is high protein and well rounded. You will want to choose one that is of high quality, and with this comes a higher price.

Do You Still Want One?

If you made it through this list, you might be a prime candidate for a Maltipoo. Getting past appearances and loving them for their faults is what makes you a good owner. But, if you don’t think the Maltipoo is for you, stay tuned!

There are lots of Doodles and poos to choose from. We may have your perfect pet coming up.

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