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Pros and Cons of Owning a Jackapoo

Pros and Cons of Owning a Jackapoo

The most recent Doodle to take the world by storm is the Jackapoo. They are intelligent dogs with a great personality. You may be considering one for you and your family. But, before jumping in and contacting your breeder, you may want to investigate more. While these Doodles are amazing, they might not be the perfect fit for your family. Today we will look all the pros and cons of owning a Jackapoo. 


To get a better idea of how the Jackapoo behaves, you need to look at their origins. These origins will help you determine your Doodle’s personality and why they behave in specific ways. 

All Doodles have a common ancestor of a Poodle. The Poodle is a fantastic hunting dog from the French/German border. They are a very loyal breed that trains well in anything you could imagine. It didn’t take long before people realized their abilities as a companion dog. Nobles from all over Europe then began breeding smaller and smaller Poodles. That is where we get the mini and toy sizes we have today. 

Jack Russell Terriers are the “Jack” in this Doodle. Jack Russells came from England in the 1700s. They were primarily a fox hunting dog that chased fox out of their dens. The Jack Russel has stamina and bravery like no other. The Jack Russell is obedient and a working dog through and through. They are the happiest with a task and out exploring the world. 

The Jackapoo is a companion dog that made its debut in 1990. They are a friendly dog with a strong spirit. And now that we know the origins of this breed, we can take a closer look at all its attributes. 

Pros Of Owning A Jackapoo

First, we will start by talking about all the reasons why you should own a Jackapoo. We will talk about all their finest qualities, and where they get them. This is the easiest part of selecting a dog breed for your home. 


Jackapoos can have either a straight, wavy, or curly coat. The wavy and curly coats are considered hypoallergenic. But what does that mean? It means that your Jackapoo will shed considerably less than a purebred Jack Russell. However, it doesn’t mean that if you are allergic to dogs, you won’t be allergic to these Doodles. 

Having a hypoallergenic dog is excellent for many reasons. If you have asthma or seasonal allergies, it can keep flare-ups at bay. Having a hypoallergenic dog is also great because it means less clean up from shedding. 


Another exceptional aspect of the Jackapoo is their temperament. Your dog will have a strong soul and mind, and nothing gets past them. And while they might seem to be energetic 95% of the time, they have a soft side. They are incredibly loyal and pick up on how you are feeling. Jackapoos can be affectionate and gentle when you need them the most. They are your most reliable best friend, and they won’t let you forget it. 


The Jackapoo has a sharp wit and training ability. They take commands quickly and enjoy the learning process. Your Jackapoo will do great with basic training, but will also crave more. You may have to take on training regularly to keep their minds active. Jackapoos also do well with tricks and agility training

Good With Kids

Jackapoos is a wonderful family pet. They love with such intensity that nothing can break their loyalty to you. They do well with kids if they are socialized young, and the children behave. We recommend Jackapoos for children eight years and up for this reason. By eight, a child will understand boundaries reasonably well, and can be trusted not to hurt a dog. Likewise, Jackapoos don’t put up much tolerance with accidents. So it is better to train and socialize from an early age and make sure everyone knows their boundaries. 


If you are looking for a Doodle with a long lifespan, Jackapoos is your best bet. Jackapoos have an average lifespan of 12-15 years. And it is not uncommon to see these small dogs live to be almost 20. That is always great news to hear about your best friend. 


The Jackapoo size is also a big pro. With a small size of only 13-25 pounds, they can adapt well with all living conditions. Smaller sizes can be great for small living spaces and small children. The smaller breeds live longer and cost less on average than giant breeds. These little dogs have so many benefits to any family. 


Doodles are notorious for being overpriced. Some Doodles can cost over $2k in some areas, and this has turned a lot of people away. But, the Jackapoo has an average cost of only $800. That is considerably cheaper than some other Doodle breeds out there. They are more affordable to get and to take care of than other larger breeds. 


The Jackapoo is not known to be highly territorial, but they do sound an alarm if something fishy is going on. They will protect their homes and everyone in it. Jackapoos can be a great security feature for some households. 

Not Common

Jackapoos have an excellent quality that no one thinks about. They are not common at all. When people think of smaller Doodles, the Jackapoo is probably very low on the list. This is a fantastic pro because it means that they are not on backyard breeder radars. Jackapoos are less likely to come from bad breeders because not a lot of people are looking for them. You should still, however, be very careful when choosing a breeder and always take all necessary precautions. It is less likely, but not impossible. 

Cons Of Owning A Jackapoo

Now that we will talk about all the reasons, you shouldn’t get a Jackapoo. These are all the parts of being a dog owner that make it hard, and sometimes a bad fit for your family. These cons are all the things that owners wish they knew before diving in. 


If you ask any dog groomer in the USA what breed they hate grooming the most, it will likely be a Doodle. Your Jackapoo will need to have regular visits to the groomer every 6-12 weeks for a trim and coat maintenance. These trips keep your dog healthy and well maintained. They do get expensive, but this is not why groomers hate Doodles. 

Grooming maintenance begins at home. Most Doodle owners skimp on what they do at home because they don’t see the need for it. But, you do need to have a daily grooming routine to keep your Jackapoo feeling and looking beautiful. You will need to brush and comb your dog daily as a part of this routine. Without it, your dog will be so unkept that your groomer will have no other choice but to shave your dog. If you can’t commit to the grooming needs of a Doodle, they are not the right choice for you. 

High Energy

Jackapoos are notorious for their high energy. They will need to have at least one long walk a day, or several short ones. Jackapoos also do better in homes with a yard for extra stimulation. This high energy makes them a bad fit for people in apartments, but if you are willing to go on several long walks a day, it’s not impossible. 

In addition to physical energy, the Jackapoo needs a lot of mental stimulation. This stimulation can come from games, puzzles, or training. Your Jackapoo will get bored quickly, so it is best to keep a wide variety of things to do. 


Jackapoos might be a high alarm, but they can also bark a lot. If your residence is in a neighborhood where there is a lot of outside commotion, the Jackapoo might see fit to bark non-stop. Their barking is another reason they are not the best dogs for apartment living. 

Separation Anxiety

Your Jackapoo might seem independent and fearless, but in reality, they need you. Your Jackapoo will prefer to have you around for the majority of the day. If you work long hours or travel a lot, they could develop separation anxiety

High Prey-Drive

Since the Jackapoo has a lot of hunting genetics, they can have a strong prey-drive. They will chase smaller animals and sometimes little children. You will need to be sure that you train them on how to channel this instinct. And even with training, they might not be an excellent fit for people with cats, small animals, or babies in the house. 


While the Jackapoo might have superior intelligence, that doesn’t mean they always listen. Jack Russells have a bit of a stubborn streak, and they have passed that on. Jackapoos will try to push boundaries and see what their limits truly are. It is essential to stay calm and always use positive reinforcement. They will learn their place soon. 

Medical Concerns

All breeds are prone to medical concerns, and Doodles are no different. Knowing what medical conditions that your Jackapoo is prone to can help you pick a reputable breeder. It can also help you see the early signs of these diseases before they are too much to manage. 

Jackapoos are prone to:

Addison’s Disease
Thyroid disease
Eye diseases
Joint damage
Blood clotting disorders
Skin allergies
And Obesity

Most of these diseases can be ruled out with simple blood tests taken by the parents. A reputable breeder will not breed two dogs together if their risk of passing on disease is too high. You can also lower these risks with proper diet, exercise, and check-ups by your vet. 

In Conclusion:

Do you still want a Jackapoo? If you can look at all the cons on this list and not be phased, you are a great candidate. Next on your list to-do is check out your local breeders. Spend some time one on one with the breed before making the decision. That quality time will determine if your family is the right choice for a Jackapoo. 

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