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Pros and Cons of Owning a Huskypoo (Husky Doodle)

Pros and Cons of Owning a Huskypoo (Husky Doodle)

Whether you call them a Huskypoo, Siberpoo, or Husky Doodle, one thing is for sure. They are an amazingly adorable breed that everyone wants. But what makes them so unique? Does it really take a special person to be able to get a Huskypoo? Let’s talk about all the Pros and Cons of Owning a Huskypoo (Husky Doodle). By the end of this article, you should have a better idea if they are a perfect fit for you. 


Husky Doodle or Huskypoo Temperament

  • The Huskypoo is known for their fun-loving personalities. They enjoy games and having something entertaining at all times. When you own a Huskypoo, it is almost like having a 3-year-old toddler. They bounce around from one activity to the next without slowing down. But, when they do slow down, they are showing you how much they love you. Your Huskypoo will be extremely affectionate and perceptive of your mood. 


  • A Husky mixed with a Poodle is a great combination because they make the Huskypoo hypoallergenic. Everyone knows that a Husky is notorious for shedding. They seem to walk through a room and leave a trail of hair. But, you will never have to worry about this with the Huskypoo. They have very minimal shedding as long as you keep up with their grooming and diet. This is a tremendous positive for people who suffer from minimal allergies or are asthmatic. 


  • Both the Husky and Poodle are highly intelligent. So, it only makes sense that a hybrid between them is smart too. Your Husky Doodle will be easy to train with all the right techniques. 
  • First, you will want to get a good workout in before a training session. Exercise will wear them out and make it easier for your Doodle to focus. 
  • Next, you will want to use their eagerness to please to your advantage. A positive reinforcement technique works best for Huskypoos. 
  • And finally, be patient. It might take a little while for your dog to get what you want. But, once your bond is strong, they will crave a training session like treats. 


  • Another significant aspect of Huskypoos is that they come in a variety of sizes. The average Huskypoo full grown will weigh 45-60 pounds. But, some breeders will use mini and toy Poodles to produce smaller sized Doodles. Huskypoos are a relatively new breed, so these smaller sizes are not standardized. But, if you talk with your breeder, they should be able to show you past litters to compare sizes. 
  • If you decide on a mini or toy Huskypoo, it is essential to research your breeder. Backyard breeders are known to sell runts or sick puppies as smaller breeds for more money. 

Good With Kids

  • While it is never a good idea to leave children alone with animals. The Huskypoo is known to be very kind to children. They love to play with children and enjoy their presence. They don’t get scared quickly from their loud yells or sudden movements. But, we do not advise Huskypoos for children under 8. This is because Huskypoos tend not to watch where they are going. They are not a calm dog, and could easily knock over and hurt young children. 


  • Doodles are known to be very loyal. With Huskypoos being half Husky, this makes them even more so. Huskies bred to be a faithful and loyal companion in the Artic. They depended on their owners for survival, and vise versa. When you combine this with a Poodle’s loyalty, your Huskypoo will not leave your side. They always prefer to have you close and never alone for very long. 


  • Another pro for the Huskypoo is how common they are. Being common is excellent because you won’t have to travel far to find a breeder. Almost every major city will have at least one Huckypoo breeder, so you won’t have extra fees to transport your new puppy. It’s also great because vets will know a lot about the breed and what to look out for in their annual exams. 


  • And finally, since Huskypoos are so common, it also makes them cheaper. The average price of a Huskypoo is $850-$1,200. This price can vary on location and even what type of Huskypoo you get. Some smaller sizes could cost you even more, but be careful of where you are getting them. This may seem like a high price, but for a Doodle mix, it is a steal. 


  • Every breed has a few drawbacks to it. These negative aspects are what makes or breaks the breed choice for a new owner. If you think you have enough experience to handle these, then a Huskypoo could be the right fit for you. 

Destructive When Bored

  • Huskypoos need a lot of interaction to keep them from getting bored. Your Huskypoo will need a lot of toys and playtime throughout the day. If you are gone for a little while, you will need to give them unique toys and puzzles to play with. Training will be a lifetime process, and they thrive off it. Without these precautions, your Doodle may find himself chewing through anything and everything. 


  • Another pretty big con to Huskypoos is that they are stubborn. They might be some of the most intelligent dogs that you have ever met. But, that doesn’t mean they will listen. They need an experienced owner to be patient with them and train them well. 

Energy Levels

  • If you don’t like to take two, sometimes three walks a day, then a Huskypoo isn’t for you. They need a lot of activity throughout the day. Without it, your dog will get bored, as mentioned above. They can also become depressed and obese if you allow them to. High energy dogs can be a hard pet to have if you naturally do not like to move around a lot. But, it can be a great motivator if you are trying to be more active! Your Huskypoo will let you know precisely when you have been sitting around for too long. 


Like any breed, there are some medical conditions you should be aware of before purchasing. Husky Doodles are known to have some pretty severe medical conditions like:

  1. Joint problems
  2. Eye disease
  3. Digestive tract disorders
  4. Allergies
  5. Thyroid issues
  6. Epilepsy 
  7. And many more…
  • Before putting a deposit on any puppy, make sure you see a full medical report from both parents and puppy. These issues are widespread and sometimes prevented with a proper diet and adequate breeding. 


  • A significant negative to the Huskypoo is their life expectancy. The Huskypoo lifespan is only 10-13 years. You might be able to prolong their life a little longer with proper care, but there is no guarantee. Since these dogs are so prone to medical problems, they aren’t expected to live for very long. 


  • If you thought getting a hypoallergenic Husky mix would make grooming easier, you thought wrong. Huskypoos require even more grooming than purebred Huskies. You will need to brush your dog every day to keep their coats manageable. Not only will you have to have an array of grooming supplies, but you will also spend a lot on salon appointments. 
  • Grooming salons typically charge more for larger dogs and dogs with a lot of hair. So you will have to spend a pretty penny every 6-12 weeks to keep your Doodle looking good. Huskypoo grooming alone can turn away a lot of prospective owners.

Newer Breed

  • Having a newer breed can have some pretty significant disadvantages. The Huskypoo is still very unpredictable in how they will look and behave. A litter can have polar opposites in coat types and temperaments. This unpredictability can be hard for owners to pick the right puppy from a litter. And, it gives breeders too much room for misinformation to make a quick buck. 


  • We added common to the cons list because it can have some significant drawbacks. Since the Huskypoo is so common, it makes them prone to being ill-bred. Backyard breeders and puppy mills make a killing off these designer dogs. Since there are no standards for them yet, they are often improperly bred. This is also why the Huskypoo is more prone to medical conditions. It is vital to choose a reputable breeder and pay a little more to ensure your puppy will live a healthy life. 


  • Our last con is how allergic to the world Huskypoos seem to be. They are prone to a lot of food allergies, environmental allergies, and skin allergies. You will have to pay close attention to what your dog eats and what you bathe them in. Your Doodle will need to have a high-quality diet, and sometimes even allergy testing is necessary. 

So, What Do You Think?

Do you still want a Huskypoo after everything you read? If you are an experienced owner, and you don’t see the cons as anything too big, the Huskypoo might be the perfect dog for you. They are an incredibly smart and loving breed despite small negatives. With the right owner, they will flourish and thrive, giving Doodles a good name everywhere. 

But, if you don’t think the Husky Doodle is the right breed for you, take a look around our page. We have information on several Doodle types, and there is always more to come. 

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