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Pros and Cons of Owning a Bordoodle?

Pros and Cons of Owning a Bordoodle?

If you are considering a Bordoodle, you may want to know the ins and outs of the breed before purchasing one. Not every breed is for every family, and it is essential to do your research first. Luckily for you, we have done all the research necessary! We are going to walk you through all the Pros and Cons of Owning a Bordoodle to see they are right for your family. 


When you look at any breed, it is essential to look at the breed’s origin. Origins are especially true for hybrids. The Bordoodle is not a purebred dog and technically is not a breed that can be registered. The first Bordoodle was most likely bred here in America during the designer dog boom. There are no exact origins on why they created this hybrid, but we are glad that they did. 

So, if the Bordoodle is a hybrid, what is it? Well, they are half Border Collie and half Poodle mix. Most of these Poodle mixes were created to be a hypoallergenic companion dog. Border Collies are known for their great intelligence, energy, and ability to focus on a task. The original Border Collies came from the British Isles and made great farm dogs. They herded sheep and made themselves useful in other farm tasks. This is where the name comes from; in Scottish, the word collie means useful. 

Poodles defended from the French and German borders, where they made useful hunting dogs. They loved to hunt and were loyal to their masters. The Poodles waterproof coat and low shedding made them great for water sport. It wasn’t long before people caught on to the idea of having them as companion dogs too. So, people began refining the breed to create miniature and toy sizes for nobles and royalty. 

Pros Of Owning A Bordoodle

Now we are going to look at all the fantastic qualities of a Bordoodle. These characteristics are the main reason people gravitate to the breed. You may know a few of these yourself, but you may also learn a thing or two. 


One of the best traits of a Bordoodle is their temperament. Your Bordoodle will be loyal, intelligent, and social. They love to play, learn, and prefer to be in the company of people. They love all people, even strangers, so you will never have to worry about them being shy. These companions are the perfect mix of their parent breeds. 


Bordoodles are so popular because of their hypoallergenic coats. They are known to be little to non-shedding, which is excellent for multiple reasons. For one, you will never have to worry about excessive hair on your furniture. Bye-bye lint rollers and daily vacuuming. Having a hypoallergenic dog is also great for asthmatics since hair can trigger attacks. Some people with mild allergies even say that they are perfect for them. 

But a word of caution to anyone with severe allergies. If you have adverse allergic reactions, you most likely will with Doodles too. 


Bordoodles are known to be some of the smartest dogs in the world. Their knowledge comes from both the Poodle and Border Collie. Border Collies are rated #1 on the smartest dog lists, and Poodles are ranked #2. If this doesn’t make an intelligent dog, we don’t know what does. Bordoodles train quickly and love a challenge. They are super focused and love training sessions to stimulate their minds. 

Don’t Bark A Lot

If you are seeking a Doodle that doesn’t bark a lot, a Bordoodle may be what you need. They are generally very friendly and don’t feel the urge to bark every time they hear a noise. This low barking is excellent for you and your neighbors. 

Sizes Available

Did you know that Bordoodles come in several sizes? Most Bordoodles weigh between 30-60 pounds, but some breeders have started breeding mini sizes to accommodate people in all situations. These minis have no clear definition of size, but they are bred with Miniature Poodles to make them smaller than average. They can be hard to find and predict, so make sure to always see pictures of past litters before deciding on one. 

Energy Level

Some Doodles have a terrible reputation of being ADHD. We know that this is not possible in dogs, but more of the result of lack of exercise. Most Doodles require hours of play to keep them happy. But this is not true with the Bordoodle. Bordoodles are considered medium energy dogs. They are entirely satisfied with one 45-minute walk a day and some playtime in between. 

Good With Kids

Bordoodles are known to have good interaction with kids. They might not be the best for children under the age of 8. But with kids that know boundaries, they do well. The reason for not doing well with young children is because sometimes they have a high herding drive. They will have the instinct to herd after children smaller than them. But overall, Bordoodles love children and are kind, gentle, and calm with them. 


Bordoodles are one of the lucky Doodles that have a longer lifespan. The average life of a Bordoodle is 12-15 years. With proper diet, exercise, and routine check-ups, your Bordoodle could live even longer than this. That’s good news for everyone because we want to spend as much time as possible with our furry friends. 

Cons Of Owning A Bordoodle

No one likes to talk about the bad in Doodles. But these negative characteristics are what make or break the breed for anyone. So, we will dive right in. And if you find yourself ok with all these, the Bordoodle is a perfect match for you. 


All Breed Grooming Guide
All Breed Dog
Grooming Guide

Anyone with a Doodle will tell you that grooming them is their biggest fault. You will have to have a variety of grooming combs and brushes to keep them looking their best. You will also have to spend time every day brushing your Bordoodle to make sure that they don’t mat. And let’s not forget the money you will spend every 6-12 weeks to get them professionally cut and bathed. These are needed because their hypoallergenic coats do not shed, so it will require trimming. 

Separation Anxiety

Some Bordoodles are so loyal to their owners that they get anxiety when they leave. They will start to panic when the owners are gone for too long throughout the day. This can be worrisome for people who work fulltime hours and can’t bring their dogs with them. In some cases, hiring a walker or doggy daycare would be the best option. Or for people who only work part-time, you will want to buy lots of toys and puzzles to keep them busy. 


All breeds have the potential of developing any disease. But some can be more prone than others to get them. Bordoodles are prone to getting:

  • Eye disease 
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • And epilepsy

These are just a few that are the most common. With proper breeding and health tests, you can pick a puppy that has the lowest probability of getting them. 

Herding Instincts

Some Bordoodles have stronger instincts to herd anything smaller than them. These instincts make them not suitable for small children and sometimes other small animals. These instincts are not aggressive, but since they can focus for extended periods than most dogs, they won’t give up. Your toddlers and cats would not appreciate this. And while it is not advisable, it is not impossible to make these living situations work. It will take a lot of training and constant supervision. 

New Breed

Some people like to have more unique breeds because they are less common. But having a new breed can have some negative connotations to them. For one, it is hard to predict how any of them will be. There is no study yet to find out as much about them medically as other breeds. And being a new breed can also leave room to be lied to by a breeder. Some breeders will take advantage of the naivety and make up anything you want to hear to sell puppies at a higher price. 


And lastly, one con can be the cost. The average Bordoodle will cost anywhere from $1,100-$2,000. Some Bordoodles can cost more based on location, color, and size. And since these Doodles are not very common, you will likely have to spend a good chunk of money to get the dog. Some people make several trips to the breeder to view the facility and see the puppies before purchasing. If you live further away, these trips can be costly. If you don’t have a breeder in your state, you may have to have one flown in. For many, this is not a problem to have a healthy and perfect puppy. But for some, this is a big turn off. 

Are You Still With Us?

If so, congratulations! You are the perfect person to own a Bordoodle. You should own a Bordoodle if you can get through this whole list and not see any cons. They make great companions for any owner, no matter how experienced. 

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