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Pros And Cons Of A Lhasapoo

Pros And Cons Of A Lhasapoo

Lhasapoo. Say it with us, lah-suh-poo. Aka: Lhasadoodle. What is this dog breed? Why it’s one of the top trending Doodles on the web right now. They aren’t very common, but they are gaining speed like a train. A Lhasapoo is cute, charming, and intelligent. There are so many good things we can say about this breed. But don’t take our words for it. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a Lhasapoo. That way, you can see we aren’t too biased.

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What Is A Lhasapoo?

Despite what you might think, Lhasapoos are not a breed of their own. Instead, they are a hybrid of a Lhasa Apso and a Poodle. Lhasa Apsos are fun dogs with a great temperament. They are known for their lively spirits and playful demeanors. But they are also very fearless and protective dogs, and they will protect their families to no end.

And Poodles are a hunting breed known for their intelligence and sweet temperaments. But the Poodle is world-famous for its water-proof hypoallergenic coat. People want these Poodles turned Doodles for these low-shedding abilities.

When you combine both of these breeds, you get one of the best dogs on earth. But let’s look at the pros and cons of a Lhasapoo to prove it to you.

Pro #1 Lhasapoo Temperament

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The most notable aspect of the Lhasapoo is its personality. Your Lhasapoo is extremely intelligent, loving, and protective. Your little Lhasapoo will always be right at your side with loyalty in his eyes. It doesn’t matter if you like to play all day and cuddle up in the evening. Your Lhasapoo is the happiest when they get to be next to you.

Pro #2 Hypoallergenic

Another reason people love Lhasapoos over many other Doodles is that they are hypoallergenic. Since both the Lhasa Apso and Poodle have virtually no shedding, your Lhasapoo will be the same. So if you have allergies or asthma, then you have nothing to worry about with these Doodles. Plus, you will have so much less to clean up after them compared to shedding dogs.

Pro #3 Intelligence

Do you want a dog that is easy to train and eager to please? Look no further. Your Lhasapoo has two brilliant parents that combine for one smart pup. With consistent training, your puppy will catch on to potty training and basic commands without a problem.

Some owners even say that their Lhasapoos seem to understand more than they should. You will find that your dogs catch on to common phrases, routines, and everyone else’s personalities. Your Lhasapoo will know who will give them the treats and how to get seconds from unsuspecting family members.

Pro #4 Moderate Energy

Another big pro for the Lhasapoo is that they are moderate energy dogs. Instead of needing lots of exercise every day, these pups are good with a 30-45 minute walk daily. This is a perfect amount of time to keep your dog happy and maybe even get healthy yourself. But if you live an active lifestyle where you run or go out exploring, these little guys keep up. The Lhasapoo is also great for apartments as long as you walk them regularly.

Pro #5 Protective

One thing about the Lhasa Apso that everyone loves is that they are perfect watchdogs. They might be small, but these dogs love their families and make it their mission to guard and protect. At least as much as a small dog can. And they have passed this down to their Lhasapoo offspring. Your Lhasapoo will alert you of sounds, intruders, or things that seem off.

They are also highly perceptive of people, and many times they will let you know of sketchy people. It isn’t uncommon for a usually outgoing and social pup to become wary of certain people. Sometimes your dog has to warm up to new people, but in other cases, they might be picking up on unusual demeanors.

Pro #6 Small Size

One more pro to add is that the Lhasapoo is a fairly small dog. Lhasa Apsos generally stay between 11-18 pounds. And breeders usually use Mini Poodles for this cross to keep them between 10-15 pounds. However, some breeders use a Toy Poodle to create even smaller Lhasapoos.

These small sizes are perfect for every living situation: apartments, tiny houses and yards, kids, and senior adults. No matter where life takes you, these small dogs will fit right in. Not to mention smaller dogs cost less than larger ones. You will save the most in food and grooming expenses with a little Lhasapoo.

Pro #7 Long Lifespan

Another perk of small dogs is that they live a long time. How long do Lhasapoo live? Most Lhasapoos have a 10-15 year life expectancy, much longer than most large breeds. And that’s what we all want from our furry friends. The longer they can spend their lives with us, the better. We just wish it were longer.

Pro #8 Price

One thing you will love about the Lhasapoo is that they are some of the cheapest Doodles. How much is a Lhasapoo? Many reputable breeders will sell these puppies for just under $1,000. You could have your dream doodle for less than you expected. So you can spend the rest of your savings spoiling them!

Pro #9 Kids

And finally, we come to kids. One of the pros and cons of a Lhasapoo is that they are good with kids, but there is an exception. These dogs do best when around older kids. The best age for these Doodles is about 8-years-old. At 8, a kid has excellent control of their motor skills and understands how to handle children. Kids younger than this could hurt your small Lhasapoo or the other way around.

Con #1 Grooming

Now it’s time to talk about a few negative things when you get a Lhasapoo. The number one complaint that most owners have is that they require a lot of grooming. Since Lhasapoos have non-shedding coats, it means that their hair grows continuously. So, your Doodle will need a hair trim every 6-8 weeks. That also means that you will have to spend a decent amount of money every couple of months for your pups new do.

But grooming doesn’t stop there. Another task for Lhasapoo owners is to brush their dogs regularly. Brushing is essential for Doodles of all kinds to keep their coats conditioned and tangle-free. If your dog goes too long without brushing, it will become matted to the skin. Mats are uncomfortable and pull at the skin. The only way to resolve these issues once they get too severe is to shave your Doodle down. And no one wants that.

Con #2 Need Lots Of Socialization

Another con of Lhasapoos is that they need lots of socialization. Most dogs need socialization with people and other pets to get them used to all situations. This is important because it makes your dog comfortable in all conditions. But Lhasapoos tend to be on guard all the time. Without the proper socialization, your dog can quickly become anxious and snappy. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, you will want to do this before it becomes a problem.

Con #3 Barking

Small dogs usually get a bad reputation for being yappy. And unfortunately, there is some truth to that. Lhasapoos are known for their warning barks: noises, strangers in the house, people on the lawn all deserve a bark. But you have to understand that this comes from a good place in their hearts. They are protectors first, and they are just trying to defend what’s theirs. With a bit of socialization and training, you could irradicate the problem.

Con #4 Health

Doodles might have hybrid vigor, but it doesn’t mean they are immune to disease. The most common health problems are:

  1. Hip dysplasia
  2. Patellar luxation
  3. Cataracts
  4. Renal disease
  5. Cushing’s disease
  6. And Epilepsy, to name a few.

Now we aren’t saying that all Lhasapoos will have these problems. With a reputable breeder, they will do everything they can to prevent diseases in their puppies. DNA tests, proper bloodlines, and no inbreeding are all critical in keeping the Lhasapoo healthy.

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Con #5 Separation Anxiety

One con that most people don’t consider is that intelligent dogs need a lot of company. If your dog spends more than 8 hours home alone, they could develop anxiety every time you leave the house. Some will bark and howl while you are gone. Others will start to chew furniture, dig the carpet, or even become aggressive during the part of your routines when you leave.

Lhasapoo will need special precautions to prevent anxiety from getting out of control. Walks on your lunch break will keep your dog happy and healthy. There are also doggie daycares where your pup could have a home away from home. As long as they feel loved and enriched, your Lhasapoo will do just fine.

One Thing Is Clear

When you look at the pros and cons of a Lhasapoo, the pros outweigh the cons. A Lhasapoo is a beautiful puppy to get for any family. And they just keep getting better. As your puppy grows, they become a part of your family. That’s something you can’t replace.

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