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Preparing For A Goldendoodle Puppy

Preparing For A Goldendoodle Puppy

What You Need To Know

Getting your first puppy can be overwhelmingly exciting. However, there’s no doubt that preparing for a Goldendoodle puppy properly can be challenging. 

After all, bringing a new furry family member into your life is serious business. Luckily, we’ve compiled a guide of everything you need to know before bringing your Goldendoodle puppy home. Below, we’ll discuss what supplies you should have on hand, along with what you can expect from your puppy’s first days home. 

Understanding Goldendoodles

It’s essential to understand the specific needs of the Goldendoodle breed before you bring home your fluffy puppy. While Goldendoodles are generally very friendly towards people and other dogs, they do have a strong prey drive.

This means that if you have cats or other small animals, you’ll want to make sure that you socialize your puppy around the other pets as early as possible. You can also expect your Goldendoodle puppy to pull towards birds, squirrels, or anything moving outside. You’ll need to prioritize leash training to make sure that your puppy grows up well-mannered. 

These social dogs love being around people, so make sure that your family is ready to accommodate your Doodle’s social needs. Goldendoodles are affectionate and gentle, even around small children. 

That being said, every dog is different. You’ll need to make sure that you properly train your Doodle to become a well-adjusted adult dog. The good news is, most Goldendoodles inherit the Poodle’s intelligence, making them quick, astute learners. 

Puppy-Proofing Your House

Before bringing home your puppy, you’ll need to make sure that your house is ready to accommodate your new family member. Here are a few of the ways you can make sure your puppy will feel right at home. 

Setting Up Your Doodle’s Den

Every dog needs a place that they feel they can call their own. One of the best ways to do this is by setting up a crate that’s large enough for your pooch to be able to turn around and sit up straight. Make sure you have pee-pads located near your dog’s den— Your puppy will only be able to hold their bladder for about an hour or two at a time when you first bring them home, so if you don’t have access to a private backyard, you’ll definitely need to have a lot of these on hand. Make sure their crate has something soft to lay on along with some of your puppy’s favorite toys. 

Think Like A Dog

Goldendoodle puppies have a habit of getting into things that they shouldn’t. Make sure your puppy doesn’t have access to anything on the floor. Try to remove any electrical cords, shoes, or anything that’s on eye level with your pooch. You’ll need to make sure you’re watching your puppy as much as possible. 

An unwatched puppy almost always means trouble— Remember, dogs only know what we want them to chew and what we don’t want them to chew based on what we teach them through positive reinforcement. 

Coordinating Your Puppy’s Routine

Puppies require a lot of work, so make sure you disperse the responsibilities evenly amongst your family members before bringing your Goldendoodle home. For example, who is watching your dog throughout the day? Who is responsible for feeding time and potty breaks? Figuring this out ahead of time will save you a lot of headaches down the road. 

Finding People Your Can Trust

Before bringing home your Goldendoodle, it’s vital to make sure that you have selected your puppy support system. Make sure you have your pooch personnel selected and ready to go when you bring home your puppy. 


The veterinarian is one of the most influential people in your dog’s life. Make sure to ask people you trust if they have any veterinarian recommendations for experts in your area. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to make sure you set up your puppy’s first appointment with the vet within their first week of coming home to make sure that they’re adjusting correctly. 

Dog Trainer

Though Goldendoodles are very smart and trainable, it’s a good idea to have a high-quality dog trainer picked out just in case you need guidance down the line. Compare services online and ask for recommendations amongst other fellow dog owners. 


Your Goldendoodle most likely won’t be able to go to the groomer until their puppy vaccine series is completed, but make sure you preemptively pick out a dog groomer. Even if you plan on grooming your Goldendoodle yourself, it’s a good idea to sit in on a session with a professional at least once to reduce the margin of error. 

Supply Checklist

Here are just a few of the things you’ll want to have on hand for your expected Goldendoodle. 

First Days Home: What Can You Expect?

The big day is finally approaching! If you’re on your way to pick up your Goldendoodle puppy, here are some of the things you can expect once you return home. 


It’s not uncommon for puppies to experience an adjustment period once you come home for the first time. The puppy may seem shy or even frightened, but don’t be discouraged. With positive experiences and care, your Goldendoodle’s real personality is bound to come out within the first month. 

Take caution to make sure that your puppy doesn’t have negative experiences— This period of their lives is particularly impressionable, so you’ll want to make everything as positive as possible. 

Establishing a Routine

When you come home for the first time, you may be tempted to teach your dog all of the tricks you learned on doggie forums and videos. However, recognize that the first week or so should be dedicated entirely to establishing your puppy’s everyday routine. Puppies thrive on schedules and need to have a rough idea of when they can expect food, playtime, and potty time. 

Scheduling Your Vet Visits 

Preferably within a week, take your puppy to the veterinarian for their first visit. Make sure you leave enough time to go to the vet every two weeks or so for the next three months— Your puppy will need to finish their vaccine series gradually to stay healthy. 

What Changes When You Have A Puppy?

To make sure that you’re properly prepared, here are a couple of ways you can expect your life to change after bringing home your Goldendoodle. 

You’ll Lose Sleep

Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot you can do to avoid this. Your puppy can only hold their bladder a few hours at a time, so it’s likely that they’ll need to be taken out during the evening. Moreover, dogs’ internal schedule is more or less consistent— If your puppy is used to getting up around 8 am on a weekday, this pattern will continue to the weekend, even if you’re used to sleeping in. 

You’ll Be More Active

Goldendoodles require a lot of activity, so expect to go outside often on long, exciting walks. Your doodle will love bonding over playtime with you. 

You’ll Make New Friends 

No one can resist the allure of an adorable Goldendoodle puppy! You’ll find that your puppy will start conversations amongst neighbors and any dog lovers. 

You Might Lose Some Furniture

Unfortunately, it’s very likely that your puppy will have an accident on your favorite rug or chew up your coffee table leg. Make sure you use these opportunities to train your puppy what they can and cannot chew. Also, stock up on enzyme-based cleaner and paper towels to keep your home as clean as possible. 

Your Schedule Revolves Around Your Pooch

Puppies need a lot of attention, especially highly social breeds like the Goldendoodle. Your family will have to make sure you have someone home to watch over your puppy constantly to make sure he grows into a well-mannered adult dog. 

You Make A Life-Long Best Friend

Though it’s a lot of work in the beginning, you’ll instantly have a built-in forever friend by bringing a sweet Goldendoodle puppy into your life. 

Goldendoodles are bound to change your life in a whole number of ways, but they are oh so worth it. Having a Goldendoodle is no doubt one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have. These loveable bundles of joy will make great additions to any family and will grow with you throughout the years. Enjoy this precious time with your puppy! 

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