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Our Story

Hi, thanks for stopping by our website to learn more about DOODLE DOGS.

My name is Lisa and this blog started after my family and I decided to adopt our first Doodle Dog, which we chose a Bernedoodle and named her MAIZY

This is me and my little Maizy (Bernedoodle) who isn’t that little anymore. She’s actually about 75lbs and the sweetest thing and is why I’m so in love with DOODLES.

My daughter an I shot a quick video going over what we learned from our road trip bringing Maizy home for the first time. We learned a ton 🙂

Since adopting our Bernedoodle, we fell in love with the Doodle breeds and decided to post useful articles on the blog from what we learned ourselves.

I also started my own line of Lover Doodle swag to help other owners show off their love for these wonderful pets.

You can check out the Lover Doodles Etsy shop here and Receive 20% OFF – Use Code “DOODLE20“.

If you have any questions, you can always email me at

Or if you want to send some pics of you fur babies…that would be AWESOME!

We want this to be a resource for all new and current Doodle Dog owners.

I hope you enjoy our blog and find it useful.

Enjoy your fur baby 🙂

Lisa (Proud Doodle Mom)