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My Top Goldendoodle Breeders In Virginia

My Top Goldendoodle Breeders In Virginia

Choosing a breeder can be hard work. But luckily for all you Virginia residents, you have my top Goldendoodle breeders in Virginia. These breeders are tried and true with outstanding reviews. But more than that, they exceed our expectations of what a breeder needs. Let’s take a look now. And if you find one that interests you, follow the link to their homepage. Your new puppy is waiting for you. 

Bellas Goldendoodles

Louisa, VA

Fist on my top Goldendoodle breeders in Virginia is Bellas Goldendoodles Louisa, VA. At Bellas, they breed not only standard Goldendoodles but also minis. All of the parents are health tested and vet cleared for breeding. 

You can see all of the parents with personal descriptions on their website. All of the parents have excellent temperaments that combine to make amazing puppies. When you buy from Bellas, you know that your puppy is bread to be sweet, kind, and an all-around family dog. 

This small kennel takes exceptional care of the parents and makes sure that they are comfortable. All mommies get a private nursery to raise their pups until they are a few weeks old. But at that time, they get daily handling by all staff and family members. Puppies have also been dewormed, vaccinated, and vet cleared before they go home. 

On the Bellas Goldendoodles website, they strive to inform all pet parents about caring for Doodles. Their FAQ page has so much great information about their breeding process and how to care for them. They tell you everything about what temperament they breed for and different generations that might be best. And if you ever have questions about your Goldendoodle, they are happy to help. 

And since Bellas Goldendoodles doesn’t breed often, you will need to get on the waiting list quickly. Spots are limited, and puppies go fast. Head on over to their reviews if you don’t believe us. 

Debs Doodles

Locust Dale, VA

There are so many positive things to say about Debs Doodles. For one, we love all the videos on the landing page. You can see the love that Deb has to make personal videos of the grounds and puppies. On top of a fantastic website, all of the dogs are well taken care of. 

Parent dogs have great temperaments and genetics. You can see their pictures and descriptions with a little about how the dog’s personality is. We love this because you know what the dog looks like, and also estimate how large the puppies will be. And all pedigree and DNA tests are available online to prove legitimacy. 

At Debs Doodles, your puppy will be born in a loving home. They experience daily routines and people to get them acclimated to life in a new home. Deb also ensures that all puppies get introduced to grooming, house training, and some crate training

All of these things make moving to a new home more comfortable for your pups. This Goldendoodle Virginia breeder has love and care as the focus of their small business. 

Another thing that we love about Debs is that she is regularly posting videos and pictures. The goal in mind is to see and get to know your puppy before picking them up. 

But no holds are put on a puppy until pickup day when you meet them in person. Your puppy will come with a two-year guarantee, microchip, and all vaccines and deworming. And if you need help with getting your puppy home, they can help assist you by flying your new pet out to you. 

Magnolia Hills Doodles

Powhatan, Virginia

This 10-acre horse farm is a puppy’s dream home. If you are looking for Goldendoodle, Fredericksburg, VA, this farm is just an hour and a half to the south. And once you see the nursery and care that this family puts into breeding their Goldendoodles, you’ll never look back. You might even ask if you can live in the nursery. 

All parental dogs are in excellent health and have DNA tests to prove it. You will love looking at their profiles and getting to know more about their personalities. And when your puppy is born, they will start in the house with the family. At two weeks, they move to the nursery. But don’t worry, they still have constant daily interaction. 

At Magnolia Hills, they take great pride and care to use Early Neurological Stimulation. The idea here is to expose the puppy to as many stimuli as possible to get them ready for your home. Little things like grooming and potty training are introduced by four weeks old. And by seven weeks, crate training has begun. 

You can expect that your puppy has vaccines, dewormed, and comes with a one year guarantee. But, at Magnolia, they go a step further. This breeder has two Facebook pages for their business. One is for updates on current litter and what’s going on at the farm. 

The other is for pet parents that have already bought their puppy. You become apart of the community when you choose Magnolia Hills Doodles. And that is why it is on my top Goldendoodle breeders in Virginia. 

Virginia Beach Goldendoodles

Virginia Beach, VA

Next on our list is Virginia Beach Goldendoodles. At Virginia Beach, you can expect quality puppies and a breeder that cares. They believe that dogs are an essential part of a family. And even though they sell puppies, they think that each one is apart of theirs. 

You can tell this belief because of the excellent care they give. Each adult dog is fed a holistic food and supplemented with a raw diet. They even extend this to puppies by providing them a high-quality holistic food. 

Your puppy will be born inside the home and raised with daily life. Care is given to the puppies through all hours of the day. When your puppy comes home, they are already used to the hustle and bustle of life. They are also acclimated to meeting other dogs, pets, and children. All of this makes being separated from the litter a little easier. 

At four weeks old, you can schedule a visit to meet the puppies. You will get updates periodically and can see Facebook updates on the litter. With all of this, you feel like you know the litter from the beginning. And if after you have brought them home, you have questions, the breeder is there ready to help. 

All of this care is great. But what about a guarantee? Well, Virginia Beach Goldendoodles give you a one year guarantee. They have done extensive DNA testing on all of their breeding pairs to ensure that your puppy has superior genetics. 

They can guarantee that no genetic disorders will debilitate your dog. But that’s only half the battle. After you bring your puppy home, you need to keep up with their health and proper diet for a long life. 


Abingdon, VA

For Mini Goldendoodles West Virginia, you need Honeydoodles. This breeder has a passion for placing puppies in the best suitable homes. Not only do you need to fill out an application, but there is a phone interview as well. 

You might be thinking that’s a little excessive. But the goal is to learn as much about you and what you want in a dog before buying. Getting the right dog the first time prevents puppies from going into shelters later. 

These puppies are all born at home to a Vet tech trained for any medical situation. Just taking a look at the parent profiles lets you see the best matches for your family. Your puppy will be born in an environment with people, kids, pets, noises, and smells. That means that your puppy won’t cower in fear when you bring them home. 

When you choose Honeydoodles, you will get a week by week update. Watching the litter grow and getting to know their personalities helps with selecting the best pup for you. And if that’s not enough, you even have the option to FaceTime the litter and see first hand what they are like. When the day comes to bring your pup home, finally, you get a blanket, sample of food, and the next deworming cycle. 

Of course, you also get the vet records, shots, and a two-year guarantee. This guarantee is that your puppy is in perfect health because the parents are also in exceptional health. Each parent is DNA tested that they are free of genetic mutations that could affect your puppy as they age. All you need to do is keep them healthy when you bring them home. Take a look at their Facebook page to see Goldendoodles Abingdon VA today.

Did You Find Your Breeder?

My top Goldendoodle breeders in Virginia are tried and true. They have great reviews and standards. Anyone of these breeders will help guide you to make the best decision for your family. After all, adding a new member to your growing family is a big deal. And they take it just as seriously as you. 

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