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Mini Goldendoodle Breeders In PA – Full List

Mini Goldendoodle Breeders In PA – Full List
Goldendoodle Breeders

If you are looking for the best Mini Goldendoodle breeders in Pennsylvania, you have come to the right place.

For the most part, this article will take you through some of the best breeders in the state that will offer you a quality Mini Goldendoodle puppy. So keep reading to learn more.

Generally, finding your desired dog can be an overwhelming and lengthy process. Consequently, finding a breeder that will offer you exactly what you want can be difficult.

Mini Goldendoodles are intelligent and friendly dogs; you must consider their personality when buying one.

Bear River Doodles In Pennsylvania

To begin with, our list of Mini Goldendoodle breeders in Pennsylvania is “Bear River Doodles.” This reputable Goldendoodle breeder is located in South Central, Pennsylvania.

In addition, this breeder specializes in Medium, Mini, and Standard Multigenerational Goldendoodles.

Furthermore, most of the breeding dogs at Bear River Doodles live in their home as family members. Other puppies live in guardian homes but come to raise their pups in their home.

They raise their litter in their home and introduce them to different sounds they will hear when they finally move to their permanent homes.

Moreover, puppies’ sounds include car sounds, household sounds, cats, and children.

Socializing your Mini Goldendoodle puppy to various sounds early will make it less fearful and anxious later in life. The dogs are also trained and socialized with other pets.

Subsequently, the price of a Mini Goldendoodle at Bear River Doodles starts at $3000. You must also pay a $100 application fee that is non-refundable.

The fee is applied to the total purchase of the puppy. so, to reserve a Goldendoodle puppy from a specific litter, you must pay a $250 non-refundable reservation fee.

Therefore, each Mini Goldendoodle puppy has a two-year health warranty against genetic illnesses. Their puppies are vaccinated before they are sold out.

Bear River Doodles In Pennsylvania Details

Homespun Doodles In Pennsylvania

Goldendoodle Breeders

Homespun Doodles is a reputable breeder in Lebanon County. The organization has been around for several years.

Over the years, it has won a reputation because of the healthy and quality dogs it breeds. They breed Labradoodles, Bernedoodles, and Goldendoodles.

Its mission is to ensure dog lovers have healthy, home-ready, and well-adjusted puppies for their families. They have multigenerational and F1B Goldendoodles.

The size of their puppies ranges from Petite and Mini to Medium. Most of the breeding dogs at Homespun Doodles live in their home.

Others live in various guardian homes across the state but come to whelp in their home. GANA registers all dogs. Therefore, you can be sure that their puppies meet the required breed standard.

They have a website where you can see some of the available Goldendoodle puppies. Every puppy has individual pricing on the website.

You must visit their website and fill out an application form to purchase a dog. They will contact you to schedule a meeting if your application is approved.

All dogs at Homespun Doodles are on up-to-date doses. If you buy a Mini Goldendoodle puppy, they will provide you with all the necessary information about your bet.

They will also contact you to see how your new friend is doing.

Homespun Doodles In Pennsylvania Details

Jonesing For a Doodle PA

This popular breeder started about 15 years ago with a love-struck match on the streets of D.C.

It was founded by Barbara Jones, who was walking on the street when she saw an exquisite dog walking on the other side.

The majestic stature of the cream Standard Goldendoodle made her fall in love with it. She also discovered how intelligent and kind the dog was.

Today, the organization specializes in standard, medium, and mini Multigenerational Goldendoodles. All their pets live in their homes. Their dogs are also registered with GANA.

The puppies are vaccinated, trained, and socialized with other pets and children before being sold out.

Therefore, this reputable breeder will likely offer you a healthy, quality, and well-socialized Mini Goldendoodle puppy.

Each Goldendoodle puppy at Jonesing For a Doodle costs an average of $2600. Their puppies also come with a two-year health guarantee against genetic illnesses.

If you want to buy a puppy from them, they will also require a $200 administration fee for a spot on their waiting list.

They have a friendly and passionate staff that will welcome you and provide you with all the necessary details about their puppies.

If you buy a Goldendoodle puppy from them, they will guide you on how best to raise your furry friend.

For more information about their services, you can contact them through email. You can also visit their website to see some Mini Goldendoodles on sale.

Jonesing For a Doodle PA Details

Norwood Goldendoodles In Pennsylvania

Norwood Goldendoodles are located in Bethel, Pennsylvania. They breed both Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle puppies.

Their F2, F1B, and F1 Goldendoodle dog sizes range from Mini to Standard. 

They keep all their pups at home. The pups are kept in a comfortable and climate-controlled kennel area. All of their dogs are trained and socialized with adults and children.

This is one of the best options if you are looking for a Goldendoodle breeder that will offer you a well-trained and well-socialized puppy.

As the puppies grow, they are introduced to unfamiliar environments to ensure they are comfortable with different surroundings.

The puppies are also groomed and on up-to-date doses. The organization will ensure that you only take home a healthy and quality puppy that your family will like.

You can visit their website to see the puppies they have. They will put you on the waiting list if your desired puppy is not there.

You must pay a $300 non-refundable deposit fee to book a space on their waitlist. Every puppy comes with a two-year health guarantee against genetic illnesses.

Norwood Goldendoodle In Pennsylvania Details

Keystone Classic Doodles

Keystone Classic Doodles have earned a reputation for breeding quality Goldendoodle puppies that are healthy, intelligent, and with a charming disposition.

Their pups grow up to become great support dogs and family companions.

Their puppies are raised in a spacious facility in New Columbia, Pennsylvania. These beautiful puppies enjoy care and love throughout their stay at the facility.

The climate is controlled, and their kennels are kept clean to ensure maximum comfort. They are also monitored throughout the day by the caring and loving staff.

All puppies at the kennel are socialized with other pets. They are also allowed to play with children. Besides, the puppies are trained before they are sold out.

They are introduced to various sights and sounds. The parent dogs at Keystone Classic are AKC registered. They are also certified free from genetic health testing.

In addition, they have their elbows and hips certified for hip dysplasia through the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals. 

If you buy a Mini Goldendoodle, they will give you a written health guarantee against genetic defects. It will also come with an updated record of its health, including dewormings and vaccinations.

Keystone Classic Doodles Details

Dog Gone Doodles

Goldendoodle Breeders

Last on our list of Mini Goldendoodle breeders in Pennsylvania is “Dog Gone Doodles.”

The facility was founded by Brian Kasbee and his family and has been breeding Goldendoodle puppies for over ten years.

They produce gentle Mini Goldendoodles with superior intellect and playful disposition. They usually breed all sizes and colors.

However, they are mainly focused on F1bb and F1 generations. Their puppies are raised on a large spacious property where they are allowed to jump and play around.

They are socialized through puppy culture, Early Neurological Stimulation, and Bio-sensory training.

The parent dogs are selected after extensive research and careful consideration.

They are tested for genetic health defects, and each has its eyes, heart, elbows, and hips checked by the CERF and OFA. They also come with a 24-month health guarantee.

Dog Gone Doodles Details


Whether you are looking for a best friend or a hiking buddy, a Mini Goldendoodle is one of the best dogs you can get.

These friendly and intelligent dogs will make great family companions. If you are looking for a Mini Goldendoodle breeder in Pennsylvania, you can consider one from our list above.

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