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Labradoodle Rescues in Colorado – Full List

Labradoodle Rescues in Colorado – Full List

What we have below is a list of the different Labradoodle rescues in Colorado and may just have the perfect Labradoodle ready for you to take home.

Adopting any rescue dog is a worthwhile thing to do. These dogs deserve to have a second chance at having a happy home that will care for them, and there’s no doubt that the Labradoodle has a lot of love to give.

But you do need to know where to go when it comes to wanting to adopt a Labradoodle, and that’s where we plan on helping you out.

When it comes to rescue organizations in Colorado that can help you with adopting a Labradoodle, then the good news is you do have several to contact. 

So, let’s get on with the list.

Labradoodle puppy

IDOG Rescue

So the first organization we need to mention is IDOG Rescue even though this organization does operate across the entire country.

But the key here is the fact that they link in with so many foster homes and organizations that it’s easy to then find a Labradoodle in Colorado waiting for adoption.

You do need to work through their quite extensive adoption process, and this takes time. However, it’s all because they do want to always make sure that they link the perfect dog with the perfect family. 

This organization will ask various questions, and you need to understand that your application does not come with a guarantee of success.

They can even help you adopt a puppy, but you must act quickly as puppies end up adopted very quickly indeed.

So contact them, go through the process even if the appropriate dog is not in their network, and then wait for them to link you up with your new family member.

Farfel’s Farm and Rescue

Farfel’s Farm and Rescue does not focus on Labradoodles, but they do help rescue hundreds of dogs from high-kill shelters over the course of each year.

The sheer number of dogs they rescue does mean there’s every opportunity for them to come across a Labradoodle, so it’s a good idea to get in touch with them.

One thing you know is that this rescue organization is very popular. It does mean the dogs they bring into their facility do not tend to hang around for too long.

That means you have to act fast even if a Labradoodle is not actually available at the time.

Each dog they rescue has a trip to the vet for a health check. They make sure each dog is well cared for and has had all their vaccinations.

They also then spend time working on socializing with the dogs to ensure they can settle into their new homes with absolute ease. But you may find you cannot adopt a Labradoodle when you first contact them.

However, that’s a good reason for you to still go ahead and complete the adoption process to ensure you can then take a Labradoodle home when one does indeed enter their facility.

Retriever Rescue of Colorado

Even though their primary focus is on the Retriever, they do come across several Labradoodles thanks primarily to them having that Retriever part in their heritage.

This organization is not one of the biggest in Colorado, but that’s no reason to then ignore them.

Instead, you should know they offer a high level of care to each dog that enters their facility. That does mean they undergo extensive health checks and any medication or vaccinations are then given to each dog.

At the same time, they work at trying to socialize dogs and deal with any behavioral issues. That improves the chances of the dog finding it easy to settle into their new home when they get to the adoption process.

Also, you can work with the organization as a foster home, but their adoption process always remains open. However, understand you may need to wait a while before a Labradoodle appears.

white labradoodle puppy

RezDawg Rescue in Colorado

RezDawg Rescue in Colorado does seek to rescue as many dogs as possible across Colorado. However, they do not focus on Doodles or Labradoodles, but that’s no reason not to contact them.

Based in Lafayette, the organization will work with you when you let them know in advance of your desire to adopt a Labradoodle.

That is why we do recommend getting in touch with them and completing their adoption form to ensure you are in the perfect position to take a Labradoodle home when they encounter one.

Each dog they rescue will also undergo extensive health checks. That does mean they end up at a vet who makes sure they have had all their vaccinations and any medical issues are then attended to.

All of this does cost money, so you will need to pay a fee to complete the adoption process. However, the fee is there to help this non-profit organization to continue to help other dogs in need of rescue.

Summit Dog Rescue

Summit Dog Rescue is yet another rescue organization based in the Boulder area where they do not focus on simply one single breed. Instead, their intention is to rescue as many dogs as possible from various poor situations.

Thanks to their network, they do come across the occasional Labradoodle, but it’s also important to let them know of your desire to adopt one in advance.

By simply letting them know you would like a Labradoodle, they will certainly look out for one on your behalf.

But just letting them know of your intentions will not always lead to you adopting one. Instead, you will need to complete their application process, and that does not come with a guarantee.

They will want to know all about your background, where you live, and previous experience of caring for animals. It helps if you have references regarding this, as they can then determine you will indeed care for one of their dogs.

This takes time, so it’s best to go ahead and complete the adoption form even when a dog is not in their facility.

cute young labradoodle

Adopting a Rescue Dog

So each organization listed above has the potential of helping you to adopt a rescue Labradoodle.

However, you must go through the adoption process, and repeat this with every single rescue organization.

Now, they do have a tendency to request the same information, as they all want the same thing for their dogs, but the length of time it takes can vary.

So, we do recommend contacting as many organizations as possible and completing their adoption form as quickly as you can.

The Adoption Form

At the heart of this is the adoption form, and it’s relatively straightforward for you to complete.

The main thing is for the organizations to learn more about you and where you live. They need to know their dog will then stay in a safe environment.

They will also require proof you can have a dog in your home. This requirement applies mainly to people living in a rental property. In that case, you may need to provide proof from your landlord.

As well as where you stay, they also need to know about other people in the home, and also your experience of caring for pets.

That’s not to say that they will not adopt to people without experience. However, it does help your application when they know you cared for other pets correctly.

There’s No Guarantee

Finally, you have no guarantee that your application will then pass their requirements, so there will always be the possibility you cannot adopt a rescue dog from certain organizations. However, that doesn’t mean you should then give up.

Making sure you have the ability to provide the dog with the correct home environment is at the root of everything.

You need to let the organizations see that the dog will love it at your home and that you have the time and ability to dedicate yourself to them.

 But do also keep in mind there’s no guarantee that a Labradoodle will actually be in any of their facilities when you apply.

That is where having some patience will pay dividends, and we recommend contacting as many as possible before you go ahead and give up.

Also, keep in mind they will have a fee included in the adoption process. This helps them to cover the costs associated with caring for the dogs, and also the vet bill that is required to ensure they are in perfect health before adoption.

It will all be worth it in the end when you can take your rescue dog home with you and introduce them to your family.

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