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Labradoodle Rescue Massachusetts – Full List

Labradoodle Rescue Massachusetts – Full List

If you are looking for a Labradoodle rescue in Massachusetts, you have come to the right place. We will take you through some of the best dog rescues in Massachusetts, where you can adopt a quality Labradoodle. Keep reading to learn more.

Labradoodles are friendly, curious, and intelligent dogs. They can be an excellent addition to any family. However, it can be a bit challenging to find a reputable breeder to buy your Labradoodle or a good dog rescue to adopt one.

Labradoodle Rescue Massachusetts

Forever Home Dog Rescue Massachusetts

First on our list of the best Labradoodle rescues in Massachusetts is “Forever Home Dog Rescue.” It is a volunteer-operated organization that rescues unwanted and homeless dogs from high-kill shelters and abusive situations. Their goal is to find loving families and homes for dogs rescued around the Medford, Massachusetts, area.

The organization specializes in raising different breeds of dogs, including Labradoodles. Most of the rescued dogs come from the southern states where the existing laws do not favor animal rights. Many pets are put down via euthanasia. Stray, abandoned, and unwanted dogs undergo euthanization after three days in a southern shelter due to limited room capacity.

In 2009, Forever Home Dog Rescue started taking in local dogs through its Pets in Limbo Out There program. The program was initiated to re-home local dogs displaced by the economy. The organization also has a rescue fund to cover veterinary fees for dogs that have been turned away by other dog rescues because of injuries.

All dogs at Forever Home Dog Rescue live in their foster homes in the South and New England. Their pets range from 3 months old puppies to mature dogs of all sizes. The adoption fees usually start from $350 to $475 and include quarantine charges, neuter/spay procedures, transport, and veterinary services fees.

It is easy to adopt a dog from Forever Home Dog Rescue. You need to visit their website and fill out a dog adoption form. If you adopt from the Northeast or South, they have a four-week trial period. They will take buy the dog and refund your fee if it does not fit in well within the period.

Forever Home Dog Rescue Details

Great Dog Rescue New England

Labradoodle dogs

Great Dog Rescue is an all-bread, volunteer-operated organization based in Massachusetts. The organization was established in 2003. Since then, they have rescued more than 13000 abandoned and homeless dogs and connected them with their forever-loving homes.

Many of their Southern Great dogs ride north to their foster and forever homes monthly. When they reach Woburn, they get a vet check and are quarantined for about 48 hours as per state regulations. Most Southern dog adoptions are long-distance and are facilitated through an exchange of information about the dog, pictures, and videos. They will ensure that you speak with the dog’s foster parent before adoption.

If the dog is based in a New England foster home. They will make arrangements for you to meet your soon-to-be furry friend. The adoption fee is $550 for puppies and $495 for adult dogs. The adoption process is simple. Like most dog rescues, you will need to fill out a dog adoption form. 

Great Dog Rescue will ensure that their Labradoodles go to friendly and dog-loving homes. Their dogs are vaccinated and offered the necessary treatment once they are rescued. Therefore, you can be sure of adopting a quality and healthy Labradoodle from them. You can contact them via a phone call or their email address.

Great Dog Rescue New England Details

Save A Dog Rescue Massachusetts

Save A Dog Rescue is an all-volunteer, all-breed dog rescue organization in Sudbury, Massachusetts. The rescue was founded by David Bernier and her wife, Shirley Moore. This was in response to the devastating effects that pets go through in a kennel life.

To save such dogs, they started to foster and build a network of foster parents. They could open their hearts and homes to dogs from big-city and local shelters. Since 1999, the rescue has rescued thousands of dogs from their high-kill shelters and settled them in their forever-loving homes.

The adoption fee at Save A Dog Rescue starts at $300 for senior dogs, $425 for adult dogs, $450 for adolescent dogs, and $550 for puppies below six months. The adoption process is simple. You will have to visit their website and fill out an adoption form. They will require you to provide some details, such as your location. 

If your application goes through. They will schedule a meeting where you will meet your soon-to-be furry friend for the first time. All their dogs are vaccinated and treated before being released to their new homes. They will ensure that you go home with a healthy dog of your desired breed. If you are looking for a dog rescue that will give you a quality Labradoodle. This is one of the best choices.

Save A Dog Rescue Massachusetts Details

Worcester Animal Rescue League

Indeed, Worcester Animal Rescue League is one of the oldest dog rescues. It was established by a group of horse welfare advocates in 1912. Since then, the organization has grown and expanded to care for, love, and protect cats and dogs in Central Massachusetts. They specialize in rescuing several breeds of dogs, including Labradoodles.

They work with different organizations to take in neglected, abandoned, abused, and stray dogs when space is available. Once the dogs are rescued, they receive a vet’s clearance from their hometown. They are also socialized through foster programs before being taken to Worcester. 

Worcester Animal Rescue will ensure that their dogs only go to loving families or homes. They will also ensure that all dogs are vaccinated and treated before being released to their forever homes. To adopt a dog from the organization, you will be required to visit their website. Next, fill out an application form. If the application is approved. They will schedule a meeting where you will have the opportunity to meet your soon-to-be dog for the first time.

Although, all dogs at Worcester Animal Rescue League are trained and socialized with other pets. On the contrary, if you adopt a dog from them. They will make a follow-up to see how your furry friend is doing. In fact, you can contact them through a phone call or email address for any questions about their services.

Worcester Animal Rescue League Details

Northeast Animal Shelter

Labradoodle Rescue Massachusetts

In addition, Northeast Animal Shelter is a popular non-kill, non-profit dog rescue in New England, Massachusetts. Moreover, it is about 35 minutes north of Boston, Massachusetts, and is accessible to all of New England. Furthermore, they rescue all breeds of dogs, including Labradoodles, from their high-kill shelters.

Once a dog is rescued and taken to its facility in Salem. It is offered the necessary care and medical treatment. Their staff will then begin a search for the best match. They are wormed, spayed/neutered, and inoculated at the right age. In addition, the dogs receive grooming, special diets, and obedience training.

The adoption fees at Northeast Animal Shelter are $150 for senior dogs. $350 for unaltered dogs. $325 for mature dogs. In fact, the fee for altered adult dogs is $450. $450 for teen puppies and unaltered puppies. $550 for altered puppies. Also, they have an active website where they usually update their list of dogs looking for new homes. Subsequently, You can visit the website to fill out an application form.

Northeast Animal Shelter is a dog-loving rescue that will ensure its dogs go to friendly and dog-loving homes. Once they approve your application, they will schedule a meeting. Furthermore, they will guide you on how best you can raise your puppy. They will even make a follow-up to see how your little furry friend is doing. So if you are looking for a dog rescue in Massachusetts with great customer support. This is one of the best options. Subsequently, they usually provide all the necessary information about their dogs.

Northeast Animal Shelter Details

Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton

Baypath Humane Society was established in 1977 by a group of Hopkinton residents. In this case, it was started as a response to the higher number of stray dogs in the location being sold to labs for experiments in the 1970s.

Generally, they have grown to provide treatment, human care, and shelter for stray and unwanted cats and dogs. In fact, they are open for adoptions every day and take in all breeds of dogs. To adopt a dog from them, you must be a homeowner and be at least 21 years old.

The adoption fees start at:

  • $300 for senior dogs.
  • $400 for adult dogs.
  • $450 for adolescent dogs.
  • $500 for puppies younger than six months.

Baypath Humane Society Details


There are many Labradoodles in Massachusetts looking for new homes. So, if you are interested in adopting one, you can consider one of the rescues on our list above. Because these rescues are reputable and will ensure that you get a healthy and quality Labradoodle.

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